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Malays, the Original Owners of Tanah Melayu.

November 28, 2009

Despite the terms of SOCIAL CONTRACT agreed upon by major races prior to the independence of Persekutuan Tanah Melayu in 1957, and the inclusion of the terms of Social Contract into the Federal Constitution, there have been increasing voices of dissent against the MALAY-CENTREDNESS of the Constitution, especially among the opposition-inclined non-Malays. Major points of dissent include the SPECIAL POSITION of Malays and the bumiputras of Sabah and Sarawak.

Failing to shake the STRONG FOUNDATIONS of the Federal Constitution, they are now attempting to work their way around, by questioning whether the Malays were truly the original owners of this Tanah Melayu. They are trying hard to create a perception that the Malays are ALL originally from neighbouring Indonesia, and that the original people of Malaysia are only the Orang Asli. Through certain blogs, they are putting up questions like who were the first to arrive in Tanah melayu, the CHINESE, the INDIANS or the INDONESIANS. To them, the landing here of Indonesians is the same as the landing here of Malays. The main problem with this group of people is they tend to shy away from ACCEPTED FACTS OF HISTORY. Its is perhaps to their advantage to leave facts of history as POINTS OF CONTENTION rather than POINTS OF FACTS.

It is not difficult to understand that for some, its PAINFUL  to be reminded again and again the facts that their forefathers were brought in by the British to work as coolies in tin mines and rubber estates, at a time when their forefathers’ homelands were not able to provide them decent living, if not unbearable to live in.  And it is HURTFUL  to them to be reminded that the coming of their forefathers during the British rule was compatible to the coming of Indonesian and Bangladeshi workers to our country today.

Those who are creating the perception that the Malays are ALL from Indonesia are UTTERLY IGNORANT of our regional history. No doubt, Tanah Melayu and other islands of Indonesia were part of larger entity known as the MALAY ARCHIPELAGO. And no doubt, before or after the formation and independence of the Republic of Indonesia from the Dutch in 1945, there were free to-and-fro movements of Malays within various parts of the Archipelago. This explains the fact that certain Malays who settled down in Tanah Melayu were from different parts of present day Indonesia, eg. the Minangs are from western Sumatra, the Javanese are from the island of Java , the Banjars are from Kalimantan and the Bugis were from the Island of Sulawesi.

However, majority of Malays were and are NATIVES of Tanah Melayu. The Malays who were  natives of Tanah Melayu established older Malay kingdoms, hundreds of years before the coming of Parameswara, the Malay/Hindu prince from Palembang in Sumatra, the former ‘epi-centre’ of the  declining Malay kingdom of Seri Vijaya. The native Malays established their settlements around major river mouths like Pekan(Sungai Pahang), Kuala Trengganu(Sungai Trengganu), Kota Bharu(Sungai Kelantan), Kuala Kangsar(Sungai Perak) and Kuala Selangor(Sungai Selangor).

Whilst the Malay settlements developed into ports and towns, the Orang Asli continued with their normadic life in the jungles of Tanah Melayu. Every year, they would choose different parts of the equatorial jungles, to be burned down and cleared for cultivation of rice and other fruits. After the harvest, they would move to other areas of the jungle, in search for other fertile lands for cultivation. They never settled down in any place, and never registered their territorial rights over any part of the dense jungle.

Based on the above, its not difficult to establish the ORIGINAL OWNERS of this part of the world known as Tanah Melayu, Persekutuan Tanah Melayu and MALAYsia. Between the Malays and the Orang Asli, the Malays were the first to set up POLITICAL STRUCTURE within the region. The Malay Kingdom of Langkasuka, located over an area covering present day Kedah and Patani in southern Thailand, were known to have ruled over the whole of Malay Archipelago between 2nd-5th AD.  One of the earliest explorers, the Greek Ptolemy who sailed through the Malacca Straits in 2nd AD,  confirmed the existence of Malay settlements governed by Malay chiefs along the east coast of Sumatra and the west cost of Tanah Melayu. The ‘epi-centre’ of Malay rules then shifted to the Malay Kingdom of Seri Vijaya, centred in Palembang, Sumatra which flourished between 5th-12th AD. This was followed by the Majapahit Empire(12th-14th AD) and later by the Malay Sultanate of Malacca(14th-16th AD).

Besides the major ‘epi-centres’ of Malay rule, there were independent Malay kingdoms and sultanates established all over the Malay Archipelago, including the Malay Sultanate of Patani in southern Thailand, Malay Sultanates of Brunei which used to rule the whole the island of Borneo, the Malay Sultanate of Sulu in southern Philipines, the Malay Sultanate of Samudera Pasai in Acheh Sumatra, the Malay Sultanate of Deli in Medan Sumatra, and other Malay Sultanates in Malay lands of Sulawesi, Kalimantan and others.

Malaysians of Chinese and Indian forefathers, most of whom granted  citizenship of Persekutuan Tanah Melayu in 1953, not long before the first General Election in 1954, should not try to deny political history of the region in discussing Malaysian politics of today. Malays would uphold firmly the MALAY-CENTREDNESS of our Federal Constitution, which took into consideration the historical, political, religious and cultural backdrop of our region. And they would not tolerate any effort to DISTORT facts of history that the Malays were the ORIGINAL OWNERS of Tanah Melayu, Persekutuan Tanah Melayu and MALAYsia.


Chin Peng – Never a Malaysian

November 27, 2009

After over 50 years of independence, and the PEACE, STABILITY and PROSPERITY prevailing under successive BN Governments, Malaysia is has become one of the most attractive places on earth to live life.

So much so, despite having spent 30 years of his later part of life in China, giving commands to his army  of communist terrorists, in Malayan and southernThai jungles, Chin Peng is prepared to swallow whatever PRIDE still left in him, to appeal to the Malaysian Government to allow him to be back in Malaysia, and to die in Malaysia.

Under the PEACE TREATY between the Malaysian Government and the Malayan Communist Party  signed Haadyai, sothern Thailand in 1989, all communists who are Malaysians are allowed to re-settle in Malaysia. Those who were allowed back included leaders of the 10th regiment, the only Malay regiment, out of over 10 regiments of PKM, like Abdullah CD and Shamsiah Fakeh . being Malays, they were AUTOMATIC citizens of Persekutuan Tanah Melayu and Malaysia.

However, most of the Chinese living in Tanah Melayu prior to the formation of Persekutuan Tanah Melayu in 1948 were IMMIGRANTS. Most only were granted citizenship in 1953, just prior to the first General Election in 1953.

When the Malaysian Government refused to allow Chin Peng back in Malaysia, despite the terms of the Peace Treaty, I’d suspected that the most likely reason would be his NATIONALITY.

Today, as reported by Utusan Malaysia, a well-decorated former Police Special Branch officer revealed that Chin Peng NEVER APPLIED for Malaysian citizenship. Meaning he has never been Malaysian.

While his other Malaysian comrades were allowed back, Chin Peng is not allowed back just because he is not a Malaysian, and has no right to settle down in Malaysia.


Tajuk: Chin Peng Tidak Pernah Warganegara Malaysia.

Selepas lebih 50 tahun kemerdekaan, di bawah Kerajaan BN silih berganti, Malaysia telah menjadi sebuah negara yang AMAN, STABIL dan MAKMUR, dan menjadi salah satu tempat paling menarik di dunia untuk menjalani dan meneruskan kehidupan.

Bagi Chin Peng, walaupun dia telah menjalani kehidupan lebih 30 tahun di China, dari mana beliau mengarahkan kira-kira 5,000 anggota tenteranya, yang terkenal dengan panggilan ‘Pengganas Komunis’ yang beroperasi di hutan tebal Persekutuan Tanah Melayu dan selatan Thailand, Chin Peng bersedia untuk menelan apa sahaja harga diri yang masih tinggal dalam dirinya, dengan merayu kepada Kerajaan Malaysia supaya dibenarkan kembali ke Malaysia, dengan alasan untuk mati dan dikuburkan di Malaysia.

Berdasarkan PERJANJIAN DAMAI 1989, semua anggota Pengganas Komunis yang mempunyai kewarganegaraan Malaysia dibenarkan pulang untuk meneruskan kehidupan di Malaysia. Mereka yang telah pulang termasuk beberapa ketua Regimen Ke 10, satu-satunya regimen Melayu dari lebih 10 regimen PKM, seperti Abdullah CD dan Shamsiah Fakeh. Mereka yang berbangsa Melayu adalah warganegara Persekutuan Tanah Melayu dan Malaysia secara otomatis.

Sedangkan, kebanyakan dari kaum China di Malaysia sebelum penubuhan Persekutuan Tanah Melayu pada tahun 1948 adalah golongan IMMIGRAN yang belum mendapat taraf warganegara. Kebanyakan dari kaum Cina hanya mendapat taraf kerakyatan pada tahun 1953, sedikit masa sebelum Pilihanraya Umum pertama 1954.

Apabila Kerajaan Malaysia menghalang hasrat Chin Peng untuk kembali ke Malaysia, saya telah menjangka ia ada kaitan dengan status kewarganegaraan beliau.

Saya tidak terperanjat dengan pendedahan oleh seorang bekas pegawai Cawangan Khas polis bahawa Chin Peng TIDAK PERNAH memohon untuk menjadi warganegara Malaysia.

Walaupun ramai dari rakan seperjuangan Chin Peng dari mereka yang memiliki kerakyatan Malaysia telah dibenarkan pulang ke Malaysia, Chin Peng tidak ada hak untuk pulang ke Malaysia, kerana beliau TIDAK PERNAH menjadi warganegara Malaysia.

Mursyidul Am Needs Guidance

November 24, 2009

The false sense of INVINCIBILITY of Nik Aziz has come to an abrupt end. Yesterday, he  finally directed his son-in-law, Abdul Ariffahmi, to resign as the CEO of the Perbadanan Menteri Besar Kelantan. BUT, only after being ADVICED by top PAS leadership.

Only days earlier, Nik Aziz cancelled an earlier ACCEPTED VVIP Haj package ‘sponsored’ by a businessman believed to have lucrative business deals with the Kelantan State Government or its companies. The estimated 65K per person package was meant for Nik Aziz and wife, his son-in-law and wife, and 6 other people believed to be close associates of the Kelantan MB.

And, barely a few weeks earlier, Nik Aziz caused a STORM when he called for a PAS EGM, to expell whom he considered as ‘pro-UMNO’ leaders, including Nasharuddin Md. Isa, the Deputy President, Mustafa Ali, the Secretary General, Dr Hassan Ali, the Selangor PAS Chief, and… many believed, Hj Hadi, the President, himself. To defuse the situation, Hj Hadi cleverly organised a SPECIAL SEMINAR, instead of an EGM. Many believed, it was just to give face to Nik Aziz, without actually taking serious note of his ADVICE.

Nik Aziz may have outlasted his traditional wisdom, and may have overstayed his supporters loyalty and respect. He is becoming more of a LIABILITY to the party. He has no more moral standing to provide RASYID, literally means GUIDANCE, to PAS. He is infact the one who is in need of guidance.

Relevance of MCA

November 24, 2009

Malaysian Chinese Association(MCA) is one of the co-founders of the Alliance Party, the SEED of the present Barisan Nasional(BN) coalition, the 14-party ruling coalition in Malaysia.

In a way, the BN works like the United Nations(UN). The UN bring together over 190 countries, big and small, into ONE WORLD NATION. The BIG BROTHERS of the UN are the permanent members of the Security Council – France, China, Russia, UK and USA -who make decisions on ‘war and peace’ issues of the UN. Despite its shortcomings, since its formation in 1945, the UN has been able to maintain relative PEACE in the world, by resolving conflicts among its member nations. The UN allows even small nations to have their grievences against bigger and stronger nations heard.

Component parties of the BN represent respective races and ethnic groupings scattered accross the country. The majority Malays are represented by UMNO, while major minority races of Chinese and Indians are represented by MCA and MIC respectively. So are the major indigenous ethnic grouping of Sarawak and Sabah.

Whilst the UN maintain peace and resolve conflicts among its member NATIONS, the BN maintain peace and resolve conflicts among RACES and ETHNIC GROUPINGS in Malaysia.

MCA is the only CHINESE POLITICAL PARTY in Malaysia. As long as the Chinese of Malaysia value their CHINESENESS, MCA will remain relevant in Malaysian political landscape.

Being the second largest party after UMNO, a strong and effective MCA will be pivotal in ensuring PEACE, STABILITY and PROSPERITY in Malaysia.

Races and Regions

November 19, 2009

Major religions of the world concur that the human beings started from God-created Adam and Hawa(Eve). According to Islamic traditions, every time Hawa gave birth, it would be a pair of male and female ‘twins’. The rule then was, the pair born as twins were not allowed to marry each other. Meaning a male from one pair can only marry a female born from other pairs. That was how HUMAN RACE started and proliferated.

Over unknown periods of time and multiplicity of circumstances, the descendents of Adam and Hawa dispersed wider and wider accross the length and breath of this PLANET Earth, and over longer periods of time, developed into  into distinctive tribes and races.

Regions of the world opened up, settled and ruled by the distinctive tribes, and their territorial identification recognised by others, soon began to be  identified with the dominant respective tribes and races. The lands of the English were named England, the land of the French were called France and the lands of the Spanish were known as Spain.

In what we presently call Asia, great civilisations were developed by different tribes and races. The lands of the Indian civilisation were known as India, the lands of Chinese civilisation were named China, the lands of Japanese were called Japan.

Our corner of the world we presently call Southeast Asia were opened up, settled down and administered by several tribal and racial entities. The Thais were rulers over the mainland kingdom of Thailand, the Lands of the Thais. Thailand seperates the mainland of Southeast-Asia from a peninsular to the south of it. The Peninsular was opened up, ruled and developed by the Malays, well before any history book was written, and ages before Arab and Chinese explorers sailed through the Straits of Malacca.  The peninsular was known as the Malay Peninsular(Semenanjung Tanah Melayu), before the name was changed to Federation of Malay States(Persekutuan Tanah Melayu), and later Malaysia. 

The Malay Peninsular is  part of the larger mass of lands and islands  comprising Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, southern Thailand and southern Philipines, collectively known as the MALAY ARCHIPELAGO.


Tajuk: Bangsa-Bangsa dan Wilayah

Semua agama-agama utama dunia bersetuju bahawa keturunan manusia bermula dari Adam dan Hawa yang telah dijadikan oleh Allah swt, Tuhan Pencipta Alam. Mengikut ajaran Islam, pada awalnya, setiap kali Hawa melahirkan anak, ianya ialah secara berkembar, seorang lelaki dan seorang perempuan. Mengikut peraturan semasa itu, seorang anak lelaki tidak boleh berkahwin dengan perempuan kembarnya, tetapi hanya boleh berkahwin dengan anak perempuan dari kembar yang lain. Demikianlah bagaimana keturunan manusia mula berkembang dan membiak.

Setelah melalui tempoh yang tidak diketahui sesiapa lamanya, dan berbagai kejadian alam yang berlaku, keturunan manusia telah bertebaran ke seluruh pelusuk alam. Kesukaran perhubungan, perbezaan iklim dan persekitaran, serta faktor-faktor biology akhirnya membawa kepada pembentukan kelompok-kelompok manusia yang mempunyai budaya, bahasa dan adat resam berbeza.

Kelompok-kelompok manusia yang bertebaran ke serata dunia, dan mula membentuk identiti bangsa dan budaya tertentu mula menguasai wilayah-wilayah tertentu, yang kemudiannya diberikan nama tertentu, biasanya berkait-rapat dengan bangsa-bangsa yang mendominasi dan ‘memerintah’ wilayah-wilayah berkenaan. Wilayah yang didominasi bangsa English(Inggeris) diberi nama England, yang dikuasai bangsa French(Perancis) dinamakan French(Perancis) dan yang diperintah oleh bangsa Spanish(Sepanyol) diberi nama Spain(Sepanyol).

Di ceruk dunia yang sekarang ini kita panggil Asia, telah terdapat tamaddun-tamaddun besar. Tamaddun bangsa India bertapak di benua kecil yang dinamakan India. Tamadun bangsa Cina subur di tanah besar Cina. Tamaddun bangsa Jepun berkembang di tanah matahari terbit Jepun.

Terdapat juga tamaddun-tamaddun besar di wilayah yang sekarang kita panggil Asia Tenggara. Bangsa Siam atau Thai telah wilayah yang  dipanggil Thailand, atau tanah bangsa Thai. Thailand menghubungkan tanah besar Asia Tenggara dengan suatu semenanjung di selatannya. Semenanjung ini telah diterokai, diperintah dan dimajukan oleh bangsa Melayu, sejak sebelum buku-buku sejarah ditulis dan sebelum pelayar-pelayar Arab dan Cina mula melayari Selat Melaka. Semenanjung ini telah dikenali dengan nama Semenanjung Tanah Melayu, sebelum bertukar kepada nama-nama lain seperti Persekutuan Tanah Melayu dan Malaysia.

Semenanjung Tanah Melayu pula adalah sebahagian dari tanah-tanah dan kepulauan yang membentuk wilayah lebih besar mencakupi Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapura, Brunei, selatan Thailand dan selatan Filipina yang terkenal dengan panggilan KEPULAUAN MELAYU.


My Opener

November 19, 2009

Fellow Malaysians,

After ‘terrorising’ other blogs for over a year, now its time for me to start my own blog, and be prepared to be ‘terrorised’ by others. All postings are welcome WITHOUT censorship, with the understanding that each and every one of us will take responsibility for whatever we write for general readership.

Happy blogging…..


Tajuk: Pembuka Kata

Rakan-rakan rakyat Malaysia,

Setelah lebih setahun ‘mengganggu-gugat’ blog-blog lain, tibalah masanya bagi saya memulakan blog saya sendiri, dan bersedia pula untuk di’ganggu-gugat’ oleh orang lain. Saya mengalukan pandangan dan komen dari rakan-rakan sekalian, tanpa sebarang ‘censorship’ dari saya, di atas persefahaman bahawa setiap penulis bertanggung-jawab di atas segala apa yang ditulisnya untuk tatapan umum.

Selamat belayar…..

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