Mursyidul Am Needs Guidance

The false sense of INVINCIBILITY of Nik Aziz has come to an abrupt end. Yesterday, he  finally directed his son-in-law, Abdul Ariffahmi, to resign as the CEO of the Perbadanan Menteri Besar Kelantan. BUT, only after being ADVICED by top PAS leadership.

Only days earlier, Nik Aziz cancelled an earlier ACCEPTED VVIP Haj package ‘sponsored’ by a businessman believed to have lucrative business deals with the Kelantan State Government or its companies. The estimated 65K per person package was meant for Nik Aziz and wife, his son-in-law and wife, and 6 other people believed to be close associates of the Kelantan MB.

And, barely a few weeks earlier, Nik Aziz caused a STORM when he called for a PAS EGM, to expell whom he considered as ‘pro-UMNO’ leaders, including Nasharuddin Md. Isa, the Deputy President, Mustafa Ali, the Secretary General, Dr Hassan Ali, the Selangor PAS Chief, and… many believed, Hj Hadi, the President, himself. To defuse the situation, Hj Hadi cleverly organised a SPECIAL SEMINAR, instead of an EGM. Many believed, it was just to give face to Nik Aziz, without actually taking serious note of his ADVICE.

Nik Aziz may have outlasted his traditional wisdom, and may have overstayed his supporters loyalty and respect. He is becoming more of a LIABILITY to the party. He has no more moral standing to provide RASYID, literally means GUIDANCE, to PAS. He is infact the one who is in need of guidance.

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