Relevance of MCA

Malaysian Chinese Association(MCA) is one of the co-founders of the Alliance Party, the SEED of the present Barisan Nasional(BN) coalition, the 14-party ruling coalition in Malaysia.

In a way, the BN works like the United Nations(UN). The UN bring together over 190 countries, big and small, into ONE WORLD NATION. The BIG BROTHERS of the UN are the permanent members of the Security Council – France, China, Russia, UK and USA -who make decisions on ‘war and peace’ issues of the UN. Despite its shortcomings, since its formation in 1945, the UN has been able to maintain relative PEACE in the world, by resolving conflicts among its member nations. The UN allows even small nations to have their grievences against bigger and stronger nations heard.

Component parties of the BN represent respective races and ethnic groupings scattered accross the country. The majority Malays are represented by UMNO, while major minority races of Chinese and Indians are represented by MCA and MIC respectively. So are the major indigenous ethnic grouping of Sarawak and Sabah.

Whilst the UN maintain peace and resolve conflicts among its member NATIONS, the BN maintain peace and resolve conflicts among RACES and ETHNIC GROUPINGS in Malaysia.

MCA is the only CHINESE POLITICAL PARTY in Malaysia. As long as the Chinese of Malaysia value their CHINESENESS, MCA will remain relevant in Malaysian political landscape.

Being the second largest party after UMNO, a strong and effective MCA will be pivotal in ensuring PEACE, STABILITY and PROSPERITY in Malaysia.

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