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Tun Mahathir Wasted RM100 billion?

December 28, 2009

Despite his relinquishing his PM post in 2003, Tun Mahathir remains a popular and well-respected figure . His views are as sharp as ever, and his comments can still shake THE WORLD. Many writers take advantage of his POPULARITY by writing books praising or condemning him, depending from which angle one evaluate him.

The latest, a Singapore-based writer is reported to have published a book, alleging that Tun Mahathir ‘wasted’ RM100 billions of the country’s money in LUXURY PROJECTS. Considering his tenure of 22 years as the Prime Minister of malaysia, it worked out averaging about RM5 billion ‘wastage’ every year.

Most people would agree that ‘wastage’ on projects is a RELATIVE judgement. Lets take certain extreme examples. Was it a waste for the Egyptian Pharohs to build the PYRAMIDS, which is now the main object of tourism for modern day Egypt? Was it a waste for the Emperor of China to build the GREAT WALL? Was it a waste for Shah Jehan to build the TAJ MAHAL? And, was it a waste for ancient Khmer rulers to build the Angkor Wat, and ancient Javanese rulers building the Borrobudur monument?  For all we know, the monuments are symbols of ACHIEVEMENTS of certain civilisation, to be cherished by later generations.

PAS used to say, to build Putrajaya was a waste of public fund, but now Anwar, Hj Hadi and Kit Siang are DAY DREAMING of occupying Putrajaya. For land owners within the vacinity of Putrajaya and KLIA, the development was a DURIAN RUNTUH for them. The property prices shoot up, creating instant millionaires, even among those holding MALAY RESERVED lands.

Some people say the Petronans Twin-Towers are a waste. Yet it increased our revenue from tourism year in year out, as more people got to LEARN MORE about Malaysia. And, Petronas is occupying fully one of the towers, and leasing out others. And just see how property developers reap profit by selling condos and service apartments with good views of the towers.

By the way, why only talk about WASTES. Why not calculate how much Tun Mahathir have benefitted the country, by creating political stability, and SAVING the country during financial crisis? How much his rule had attracted FOREIGN INVESTMENTS?

I believe, all boils down to some POOR PEOPLE trying to make some money out of the POPULARITY of Tun Mahathir.


DAP, PKR and Race Cards

December 27, 2009

DAP and PKR leaders every now and then accuse UMNO of playing RACE POLITICS. The fact that UMNO stands for United Malays National Organisation, makes it easier for DAP and PKR to portray UMNO as a party interested only in the welfare of Malays.

However, history does not concur with such accusations. Prior to our country’s independence, UMNO had initiated the formation of multi-party Alliance Party together with Malaysian Chinese Association(MCA) and Malaysian Indian Congress(MIC). After the racial riot of 1969, in order to prevent further such incidence, Alliance Party was enlarged to bring in PAS, PPP, Gerakan and several Srawak-based and Sabah-based parties, to form the Barisan Nasional Party(BN). By bringing leaders of various races into ‘the BN family’, any racial uneasiness would be sorted out as ‘a family’.

Since then, Malaysia had enjoyed RACIAL HARMONY, in Malay ‘Muhibbah’ for a long period of time. Our political stability had allowed us to overcome world economic crisis of mid-1980s and late-1990s. Infact our economy expanded well during the period, and Malaysia has become TOP 20 trading nation on earth. Our ability to build the TALLEST SKYSCRAPPER in the world, the Petronas Twin Towers, was the testimony of our VISION and CAPABILITY.

Our 30 years of PEACE, STABILITY and PROSPERITY began to give way to certain disturbences following the sacking of Anwar Ibrahim from UMNO in 1998. The sacking of Anwar had given new lease of hope to the opposition politics which were championed by DAP and PAS.

Even then, as late as 2004, UMNO/BN were still returned to power with SWEEPING VICTORY in 2004 General Election, winning more than 90% of Parlimentary seats. Opposition politics were seen to be heading for PERMANENT DEAD END. Anwar-led PKR were nearly swept away, if not for solitary seat the then President Wan Azizah managed to hang on to. PAS  were uprooted in Trengganu, and escaped defeat in Kelantan by the narrowest of margin. DAP fared slightly better, but seen failed to make much impact on the Government.

In the run-up to the following General Election of 2008, it was a LIFE AND DEATH last chance to PKR, particularly their ‘de facto’ leader Anwar Ibrahim. PKR were seen to be threading similar path of Ku Li’s Parti Melayu Semangat 46. If PKR were to be dissolved by the forthcoming General Election, DAP might have to say goodbye to to their opposition politics. Then, PAS were still staunchly for ISLAMIC STATE and HUDUD LAWS. The lost of PKR in Ijok bye-election in 2007 was the final signal that OPPOSITION POLITICS were heading for certain NATURAL DEATH.

Not many realised that that was the time that DAP and PKR resorted to RACIAL CARDS, mainly to win the support of non-Malays. How did they do it?

It is no secret that one of DAP’s long-term aims is to TO GET RID of certain provision of our Federal Constitution., which were agreed upon by our country’s FOUNDERS as the Social Contract, in their effort to eastablish Malaysian Malaysia, a utopia of ABSOLUTE EQUALITY among all races. But,  as long as DAP continues to knock at the FOUNDATIONS of our nation, DAP is continuing to HURT the feelings of Malays.

In the run up to PRU12, DAP played racial card with new dimention, using Anwar, the desperate politician,  to create hatred among the non-Malays against UMNO/BN. Being former deputy PM, Anwar was effectively used to create HATRED in the hearts of non-Malays towards UMNO/BN. Apart from spreading allegations of corruptions against UMNO/BN leaders, Anwar has also spread allegations that UMNO had been racist, and unfair to non-Malays. His PKR party manifesto even committed to REMOVE the pro-Malay DEB policy. On the ground, some discontent among Indians were incited further, to become full-blown HINDRAF street demonstrations.

Since then, before and after the 2008 General Election, RACIAL POLITICS have filled the air again. Gone are the days when the Malays, Chinese and Indians were living together as happy neighbours, happy office mates and happy fellow students. RACIAL POLITICS have become hot topics in blogs. And there is a new atmosphere of suspicion and mistrust among the races. Gone are the days when we take for granted that our children will be blessed with a forever peaceful country…… all because of certain ‘hidden hands’.

Actually, racial tensions in Malaysia had been CREATED and ORCHESTRATED. And, actually, it is not difficult to FREE our environment of RACIAL SLURS and RACIAL CONFLICTS. The magic answers are in the hands of Kit Siang, Guan Eng and Anwar. They are the SOURCE OF UNEASINESS  to our once PEACEFUL and HARMONIOUS co-existence among our multi-racial society. They are the DEVILS, subtly brandishing RACIAL CARDS whenever it benefitted them.

How I wish those devils were among those being confined to far away places like Guantanamo Bay, so that the rest of  us Malaysians can continue living  in PEACE and HARMONY.

MALAYsia, Malays only Homeland

December 25, 2009

May I take the opportunity to wish ALL Christians accross the world a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS. In Malaysia, Christmas, is one of many religious public holidays. After the coming of the Europeans in the 15th century, and the Chinese and Indian immigrants in 19th-20th century, Malaysia is now multi-racial and multi-religious, hence religious-related holidays.

The Europeans reached our shores, OUTWARDLY for business and trades. They would start with securing a piece of land as their business base, and later on developed it into military garrison. Any dispute with local rulers would later become an excuse for military confrontation and invasion.  Later immigrants from China and India left their homelands to escape oppressive emperors, famine and hunger. They reached the shores of Tanah Melayu initially to CARI MAKAN, literally means FIND FOOD. However, their later generations started to apply, and later DEMAND citizenship from their hosts. And now, they are DEMANDING absolute equality.

After the FALL OF MALACCA to the Portuguese in 1511, the Malays are in danger of losing their grip on power if they are becoming TOO GENEROUS with the non-Malays, in the name of racial equality, democracy and fairness.

Malaysian Indians are part of  ‘overseas Indians’ fraternity, who originated from India, the second most populous nation on earth, while Malaysian Chinese are part of the ‘overseas Chinese’  fraternity, whose forefathers originated from China, the most populous nation on earth. Despite being citizens of Malaysia, its no secret that the Malaysian Indians and Chinese still regard India and China as their respective FRATERNAL HOMELANDS.

Chinese and Indians can be considered WORLD RACES. From their forefathers’ homelands, they had spread far and wide accross the four corners of the earth. Whenever conditions in the host nations become less favourable to them, they are mobile enough to hop to other places of better opportunities. Many Indians used to try their luck as far as in African countries, but when those countries were hit by crisis, they would make further moves to European countries. When Tanah Melayu were experiencing deep recession in 1930s, huge number of Chinese immigrants left Tanah Melayu for the United States, Australia and other countries.

Meaning, to WORLD RACES like Chinese and Indians, anywhere on earth can be their home, as long as the opportunities are in abundance. And they are ever willing to move to other lands when the host lands are engulfed in crisis, civil war or racial clashes. Since Rabuka military takeover in Fiji, Indians started leaving Fiji in big numbers. Should there be turmoils in Malaysia, its not surprising if the Chinese and Indians would leave in droves, to other lands of opportunity, or back to the their FRATERNAL HOMELANDS.

Malays have not got such  luxury and mobility. Tanah Melayu is all that they have. Certain parts of Indonesia may be FRATERNAL HOMELAND of certain section of Malays, BUT not all Malays were from Indonesia. MAJORITY OF MALAYS are indigenous of Tanah Melayu. Should the country be ENGULFED IN FLAMES, majority of Malays have to live up to PUT OUT THE BLAZE.

Against such historical backdrop, Malays should NEVER take for granted that all leaders of other races are as benign as they publicly appear to be. Behind the sweet smiles of Kit Siang and Guan Eng in their symbolic embraces of Anwar and Hj Hadi, only Allah, the God Almighty knows what is hidden DEEP in their hearts.

Whilst we would like to live happily and harmoniously with other races in this country, the Malays must always hold firmly to the power ‘seperti menatang minyak penuh’. Malays should never let their descendents cry over ‘minyak yang tumpah’. In the same way the Malays uphold ISLAM, the Malays should uphold the KETUANAN MELAYU, for the sake of Malays and Islam.



Saya mengambil peluang ini untuk mengucapkan VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS kepada penganut agama Kristian di seluruh dunia. Di Malaysia, Hari Krismas merupakan salah satu hari-hari cuti umum keagamaan. Sejak kedatangan bangsa-bangsa Eropah pada abad ke 15 dan kehadiran kaum-kaum immigran dari India dan Cina pada abad ke 19-20, Malaysia sekarang adalah sebuah negara berbilang kaum dan berbilang agama, dengan itu wujudnya berbagai sambutan hari-hari kebesaran berkaitan berbagai agama.

Bangsa-bangsa Eropah mula sampai ke pantai negara kita pada abad ke 15, secara luarannya untuk urusan perdagangan. Pada peringkat permulaan, mereka hanya memohon untuk tapak perdagangan, tetapi kemudiannya akan menjadikan tapak tersebut sebagai markas tentera. Sebarang pertelingkahan dengan pemimpin tempatan akan dijadikan alasan untuk konfrantasi tentera dan penjajahan. Nenek moyang kaum India dan Cina pula berhijrah ke Tanah Melayu untuk keluar dari belengu kezaliman raja-raja mereka, kesusahan, malah kelaparan. Mereka ke mari pada asalnya sekadar untuk MENCARI MAKAN. Namun begitu, generasi kemudiannya mula memohon, malah MENUNTUT taraf kerakyatan dari negara tuan rumah. Sekarang, kaum India dan Cina sudah mula menuntut PERSAMAAN MUTLAK dengan bangsa Melayu dan bumiputra.

Setelah kejatuhan Melaka kepada Portugis pada tahun 1511, bangsa Melayu akan sekali lagi  KEHILANGAN KUASA sekiranya mereka TERLALU ‘bermurah hati’ terhadap kaum India dan Cina.

Umat Melayu perlu sedar bahawa kaum India merupakan sebahagian dari warga ‘Overseas Indians’ antarabangsa yang nenek moyang mereka datang dari negara India, negara yang mempunyai penduduk kedua teramai di dunia. Kaum Cina pula adalah sebahagian dari warga ‘Overseas Chinese’ antarabangsa yang mana nenek moyang mereka berasal dari Tanah Besar Cina, negara yang mempunyai penduduk teramai di dunia. Walaupun sebahagian dari mereka telah menjadi warganegara malaysia, bukan satu rahsia lagi bahawa mereka tetap menganggap India dan Cina sebagai TANAH TUMPAH DARAH nenek moyang mereka.

Dari suatu sudut, bangsa India dan Cina boleh dianggap sebagai BANGSA ANTARABANGSA. Ini adalah kerana ramainya dari kalangan mereka yang berhijrah ke serata pelusuk dunia. Apabila keadaan di mana mereka berhijrah bermasalah, mereka bersedia berpindah ke tempat lain pula. Kaum India ada yang mencuba nasib di negara-negara Afrika, namun bila negara-negara tersebut bermasalah, mereka meneruskan pula perjalanan ke negara-negara Eropah. Apabila Tanah Melayu mengalami kemelesetan ekonomi yang dahsyat pada tahun 1930an, sebilangan besar kaum immigran Cina yang telah sampai di sini, telah berpindah semula ke negara-negara Amerika, Australia dan lain-lain.

Dari paparan di atas, jelaslah bahawa bagi kaum India dan Cina, mereka bersedia untuk bertapak di mana-mana sekalipun di dunia ini asalkan negara di mana mereka bertapak boleh memberikan peluang penghidupan yang baik kepada mereka. Sementara sebaik sahaja negara tersebut bermasalah, termasuk timbul persengketaan kaum atau perang saudara, mereka akan cepat meninggalkan negara tersebut. Selepas Rabuka merampas kuasa di Fiji, sebilangan besar kaum India di sana telah berhijrah dari Fiji ke negara lain. Tidak mengejutkan jika kaum India dan Cina di Malaysia akan melakukan perkara yang sama sekiranya negara ini dilanda RUSUHAN KAUM, PERANG SAUDARA dan seumpamanya.

Umat Melayu tidak mempunyai pilihan-pilihan sebagaimana yang ada pada kaum-kaum lain. Malaysia adalah SATU-SATUNYA negara umat Melayu. Tidak dinafikan bahawa sebahagian nenek moyang umat Melayu berasal dari Indonesia, tetapi MAJORITI umat Melayu adalah penduduk asal Tanah Melayu. Ini bermakna, sekiranya berlaku kejadian-kejadian buruk di negara ini seperti rusuhan kaum, umat Melayu tidak boleh lari ke mana-mana, mereka terpaksa tinggal di bumi ini untuk MEMADAM KEBAKARAN.

Berdasarkan paparan di atas, umat Melayu wajar berhati-hati di dalam membuat keputusan-keputusan politik, dan jangan sekali-kali meletakkan sepenuh kepercayaan kepada pemimpin-pemimpin kaum lain. Di sebalik senyuman Kit Siang dan Guan Eng di dalam memeluk erat Anwar dan Hj Hadi, hanya Allah swt, Tuhan Yang Maha Besar, yang mengetahuai apa yang sebenarnya terselit di lubuk hati mereka.

Walaupun kaum Melayu bersedia untuk hidup bersama secara harmoni dengan kaum-kaum lain di negara ini, umat Melayu perlu berpegang teguh kepada KUASA yang ada di tangan mereka umpama ‘menatang minyak yang penuh’. Kita tidak mahu mempusakakan kepada anak cucu kita ‘minyak yang tumpah’. Oleh itu, umat Melayu wajib mempertahankan KETUANAN MELAYU demi bangsa Melayu dan agama Islam.

PAS Dilema PAKATAN Trauma

December 21, 2009

BARELY a day after the inugural Natiaonal Convention of the Pakatan Rakyat, the President of PAS,  Hj Hadi Awang made a statement yesterday, as reported by the Malaysian Insider, that the Pakatan should not be in a hurry to register a SINGLE PARTY. An extract of the newspiece goes:

“KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 20 — PAS president Datuk Seri Hadi Awang suggested today that Pakatan Rakyat (PR) was in no hurry to be formally registered, in remarks that appear to …” – Malaysian Insider.

Obviously,  Hj Hadi is not dancing to the musics of Anwar and Lim Kit Siang. Despite Nik Aziz feeling comfortable with the ‘new world’, Hj Hadi is not showing as much enthusiasm as expected by his coalition partners.

What could be in the mind of Hj Hadi? If one studies the COMMON POLICIES and their breakdowns, there is SO LITTLE about Islamic agendas for Hj Hadi to show his FANATICAL followers. There is no mention about SALES OF LIQOUR, MASSAGE PARLOURS, GAMBLING, LOTTERIES, ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY, and such matters, which were PAS’s main criticisms against UMNO.

On top of that, has the core of PAS’s struggle being left out? All these while, PAS has been advocating that the ISLAMIC LAWS should be ABOVE all other man-made laws. Whereas, the COMMON POLICIES spell out upholding of the Federal Constitution, the British-tailored Federal Constitution. Besides that, there is no mention about Islamic State and Hudud, whether the matter be postponed, or to be debated and fought later.

Besides that, there was no clear indications of  HOW the ‘spoils of war’ will be distributed in the unlikely even of the Pakatan forming the federal government. Who will be the Prime Minister and Deputy? Will it be on rotation basis, like what BN used to implement in Sabah? Can the leader of DAP be accepted as the Prime Minister, and in such event, will PAS accept an INFIDEL to be a Prime Minister?

Some of these questions must still be haunting Hj Hadi and other PAS leaders. The last in Hj Hadi’s list of priorities is to be seen by PAS members as if has SOLD OUT ISLAM TO DAP. Hj Hadi knows very well how passionate are PAS members with Islamic ideals, Islamic political theories and systems. If Hj Hadi is PERCIEVED by PAS members as too compromising, his already weakening position in PAS can only get weaker. It must still be fresh in his mind how he, Nik aziz  and other PAS’s  then ‘young Turks’  forced out Datuk Mohd Asri , PAS’s third President, from PAS Presidency in 1982.

Until PAS overcome their DILEMA, Pakatan will remain in TRAUMA.

Pakatan – National Convention or National Seperation

December 19, 2009

As reported in the press, Pakatan is holding their FIRST EVER National Convention in Shah Alam today, to thrash out whatever left of their differences, and at the end of it, to come out with COMMON POLICIES to be announced to the rakyat.

The BIG question mark is, why it takes Pakatan almost two years after General Election in March last year to bring their respective delegates in one convention hall? Within the almost two years, so many internal strife have taken place within their coalition. Fortunately for them, PAS were quite willing to be SUPPORTING ACTOR despite them being the STRONGEST among the coalition partners.

PAS at the moment is embroiled with their MURSYIDUL AM-related problems. Just like the human body, when the head is aching, the body will not be at rest and the head would not be able to think wisely. When the head is in trouble, the reat of body activities would be HAPHAZARD, to say the least.

This National Convention is by far the BIGGEST TEST facing the Pakatan coalition since the General Election. PAS has been at loggerhead with DAP over their ISLAMIC STATE and HUDUD objectives. DAP would never accept bringing religion into the STATE AFFAIRS. To DAP, religion should remain a PERSONAL MATTER, the way Buddhists look at religious practices.

Its a MIRACLE if Pakatan will reach a COMMON POLICIES without shaking the foundations and supports of any of the coalition partners. If the COMMON POLICIES are seen as side-stepping ISLAMIC STATE and HUDUD, PAS ulamas and party workers may regard it as SELL-OUT to the unbelievers, the KAFIRS. Afterall, PAS’s claims that UMNO was not serious about Islam had been their main weapon to attract Malay support from UMNO. If PAS no longer carry the Islamic cards, then the Malays in PAS may question what’s the point then of dividing the Malays in two or three camps.

On the other hand, if PAS’s Islamic State and Hudud objectives are even VAGUELY incorporated, the Chinese may reject DAP again. Chinese voters may show tremendous support to Nik Aziz or PAS, but they will never accept Islam and the Islamic laws.

Pakatan leaders forget, the moment they talk about COMMON POLICIES is actually the moment they are triggering the process of splitting up.

Link between MALAY POWER and ISLAM

December 19, 2009

Malay is a RACE identification, not a religion. Prior to their conversion to Islam, Malays used to embrace ANIMISM(worship of spirits), Hinduism and Buddhism. But, when the Malay kings embraced  Islam, their Malay subjects followed suit EN-BLOC.

The same thing happened to the Arabs. Overwhelming majority of Arabs are Muslims, yet certain section of Arabs remain Christians. Since Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah, was an Arab and born in Mecca(in present day Saudi Arabia), the spread of Islam started in Mecca, before being spread to other Arab lands and the rest of the world. Inevitably, the Arabs were the early FOREBEARERS and PROPOGATERS of Islam to the whole world.

In the Malay Archipelago, or Nusantara, the message of Islam started to reach the then Malay kingdom of Samudera Pasai in northern Sumatra(present day Acheh) around 10th century AD. Islam was known to reach Trengganu about the same time. And when Parameswara founded the Malay Kingdom of Malacca in late 14th century, and converted to Islam upon marrying the Princess of Pasai, the whole Malay subjects followed suit EN-BLOC.

The ascendence of Malacca co-incided with the establishment of Muslim sultanates all accross the sub-continent India. Beside emerging as one of the leading  CENTRES OF COMMERCE of the known world then, Malacca developed into CENTRE OF KNOWLEDGE and CENTRE FOR PROPORGATION OF ISLAM in the Malay Archipelago. Inevitably, the Malays became the FOREBEARERS OF ISLAM in the Malay Archipelago.

Unlike in other Muslim lands, 100% of Malays in Tanah Melayu were Muslims. There were then no incidence of a Muslim marrying a non-Muslim. Any non-Muslim getting married to a Muslim had to convert to Islam first. Against this background, at the time of writing our Federal Constitution, UMNO had incorporated a clause in the Constitution which defines Malays as NECESSARILY Muslims. 

No one would deny the role of Malays in UPHOLDING Islam in Malaysia. Malay leaders in UMNO, the dominant partner in the BN ruling coalition, have elevated Islam to a very respectable place in our  Contitution and in our day-to-day life. We may conclude that, any weakening of Malay political power, may have repurcassion on the POSITION OF ISLAM in Malaysia.


Title: Hubungan Antara KUASA MELAYU dan ISLAM.

Melayu itu satu identiti BANGSA, bukan AGAMA. Orang Melayu pernah menganut agama ANIMISMA, HINDU dan BUDDHA, sebelum raja-raja Melayu memeluk Islam dan diikuti oleh rakyat jelata Melayu yang lain.

Demikian juga bangsa Arab. Walaupun majoriti orang Arab beragama Islam, ramai juga Arab yang masih menganut agama Kristian. Namun begitu, memandangkan Rasulullah saw adalah seorang Arab, dan Islam tersebar lebih dahulu di bumi Arab, bangsa Arab telah menjadi kaum utama yang membawa PANJI-PANJI kebenaran Islam ke seluruh dunia. Pendeknya, bangsa Arab adalah PENDUKUNG AWAL dakwah dan perjuangan Islam.

Di Kepulauan Melayu atau Nusantara, Islam mula sampai di utara Sumatra, di mana terdapat Kerajaan Melayu Samudera Pasai, sekarang dipanggil Aceh, kira-kita pada kurun ke-10 masehi. Islam juga telah sampai ke Trengganu sekitar masa yang sama. Dan, apabila Parameswara memulakan Kerajaan Melayu Melaka pada penghujung abad ke-14, dan kemudian memeluk Islam setelah berkahwin dengan Putri Raja Pasai, seluruh rakyat Melayu Melaka ikut memeluk Islam.

Kecemerlangan Melaka berjalan serentak dengan kememerlangan Kesultanan Muslim yang telah menguasai seluruh Benua India. Sultan Iskandar Shah(nama baru Parameswara) telah menjadi PUSAT PERDAGANGAN bertaraf dunia. Selain dari itu, Melaka telah menjadi PUAST ILMU dan PUSAT PENYEBARAN ISLAM utama di Kepulauan Melayu. dengan itu, bangsa Melayu telah menjadi PENDUKUNG UTAMA menegakkan dan menyebarkan AGAMA ISLAM di Kepulauan Melayu.

Berbeza dengan wilayah-wilayah negara islam yang lain, 100% umat Melayu di Tanah melayu beragama islam. Tidak ada perkahwinan penganut berbeza agama melibatkan orang melayu yang beragama islam. Penganut agama selain dsari Islam perlu memeluk Islam terlebih dahulu sebelum berkahwin denga seorang Melayu. Berdasar kepada realiti ini, semasa menggubal Perlembagaan Persekutuan, UMNO telah memasukkan clause undang-undang yang mentakrifkan bahawa ORANG MELAYU itu semestinya BERAGAMA ISLAM.

Tidak dapat dinafikan peranan umat Melayu di dalam MENEGAKKAN ISLAM di Tanah Melayu. Para pemimpin UMNO, rakan gabungan utama BN, parti pemerintah negara sejak merdeka,  telah meletakkan Islam pada kedudukan yang tinggi dan mulia di dalam Perlembagaan dan kehidupan kita. Amat mudah disimpulkan bahawa, jika kuasa Melayu terhakis atau hilang, ianya akan menghakis KEDUDUKAN ISLAM di Malaysia.

Anwar and ‘immigrants’

December 18, 2009

The opposition leaders, bloggers and supporters have made a BIG MEAL out of the Ketua UMNO Bukit Bendera, Ahmad Ismail, for describing the Chinese as ‘immigrants’ in certain HISTORICAL CONTEXT during an election campaign.

However, they are DUMB-STRIKEN by Anwar’s admission of uttering similar word ‘immigrants’ when giving lectures in BTN programs, when he was in UMNO. Those speeches were video-taped, and at a time when Anwar is chorussing other PR leaders that BTN programs are ‘racist’, the videos are being played again to prove how unprincipled Anwar is.

In one of such videos,  Anwar reportedly said “In the historical context of our agreement in 1957, we gave nationality to immigrants. Since we have done so, the question of Malay special privileges should not arise”. Caught with his pants down, Anwar only managed to claim that the present BTN programs are far worse.

As usual, Pakatan leaders and bloggers are known for double-standard. Ahmad Ismail was demonised for uttering the word ‘immigrants’, but when the video  proved BEYOND DOUBT that Anwar uttered the same words and used the same arguments, then they have to resort all sorts of excuses to justify Anwar’s sayings and deeds.


Tajuk: Anwar dan ‘Pendatang’

Pemimpin, para bloggers dan penyokong pembangkang  BERPESTA MENGUTUK Ketua UMNO Bukit Bendera, Ahmad Ismail, kerana telah menggambarkan kaum Cina sebagai ‘pendatang’ di dalam konteks sejarah, semasa kempen suatu Pilihanraya Kecil di Pulay Pinang.

Namun mereka semua menjadi KELU apabila Anwar mengaku pernah menggunakan perkataan ‘pendatang’ di dalam menggambarkan kaum Cina semasa memberikan ceramah di dalam program-program BTN semasa beliau masih di dalam UMNO. Ucapan-ucapan sedemikian telah di ‘video-taped’. Apabila Anwar mula mengulangi tuduhan-tuduhan bahawa program BTN berunsur ‘perkauman’, vedio-tape berkenaan diulang-tayang untuk mendedahkan sikap Anwar  yang TIDAK mempunyai prinsip.

Di dalam salah satu video tersebut, Anwar dilapurkan telah mengatakan bahawa ‘di dalam konteks sejarah negara kita, kita telah memberikan kewarganegaraan kepada kaum pendatang, jadi sepatutnya soal keistimewaan bangsa Melayu tidak dipertikaikan lagi”. Terperangkap dengan pendedahan vidoe tersebut, Anwar hanya boleh menuduh bahawa program BTN sekarang jauh lebih buruk dari semasa zamannya.

Sebagaimana biasa, para pemimpin dan blogger Pakatan bersikap ‘double-standard’. Apabila Ahmad Ismail mengungkap perkataan ‘pendatang’, mereka akan mengutuk sekeras-kerasnya, namun apabila perkataan yang sama keluar dari mulut Anwar sendiri, mereka akan mencari seribu satu alasan untuk tidak menyalahkan Anwar.

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