BTN and Nation Building

I used to attend a BTN program more than 10 years back. Some people called such program KEM BINA SEMANGAT.

One of the talks was on the reasons and achievements of the NEP. Participants were made aware of the extent of how the Malays were lagging behind other races in the fields of education, membership of professional bodies, ownership of business premises, ownership of shares in companies etc. prior to the introduction of NEP.

And latest(then) statistics were then given to show how the NEP had helped to bridge the wide gap between Malays and non-Malays in those areas.

I think the objectives of such talkes were to MOTIVATE the Malays to work hard in order to be as successful as the other races. By working hard, the Malays would help the Government in achieving the multi-pronged objectives of NEP.

There were NOTHING in the talks which can be construed as DIVISIVE or RACIST. Yes there were certain comparison types of analysis about the achievements of different races, but it was more to provide the Malays with certain BENCHMARKS to raise their levels to.

One of the fundamentals of nation-building is to create lasting PEACE, STABILITY and PROSPERITY in the country. Only then all races would be able to share bigger NATIONAL CAKE. The implementation of the NEP was one of the means to achieve PEACE, STABILITY and PROSPERITY.

I understand that there are people who would view any talks involving RACES as RACISM. I think such view is trying to deny the multi-racialism of our country Malaysia, and even the reality of RACES as created by Allah swt in this world.

We have to manage MULTI-RACIALISM in order to achieve the best results out of the phenomena of MULTI-RACIALISM which has become part and parcel of our existence in Malaysia. To do that, we have NO CHOICE, but to discuss race relations and related topics, without being RACIST.

Looking from this angle, the BTN courses were in line with NATION BUILDING.

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