1BTN and 1Malaysia

I’m writing this in response to a newspiece in Malaysia Today People’s Portal entitled “Dr M is racist to say there is no need to revamp BTN – Nazri slams former premier again”

If BTN is not in line with 1MALAYSIA as claimed by Nazri Aziz, then there is SOMETHING VERY WRONG with his understanding of 1MALAYSIA.

1MALAYSIA is Najib’s way of UNITING MALAYSIA, after the country was dragged along ’13th May Path’ in the wake of BN setbacks in 2008 General Election. As I understand it, Najib is seeking a MENTAL TRANSFORMATION among Malaysians races, from the state of TOLERATING one another, to that of ACCEPTING one another as Malaysians.

And Najib was honest enough to INVITE all Malaysians to help building his idea of 1MALAYSIA. However, Najib himself, in elaborating the concept of 1MALASIA, did stated that the approach to NATION BUILDING which he re-branded as 1MALAYSIA have been the feature in the approach of previous PMs of Malaysia.

1MALAYSIA should be seen as a way to make all Malaysians accept the reality of multi-racial composition of our country, while at the same time accepting the FOUNDATIONS of our great nation, matters that were enshrined in our Federal Constitution. Without sufficient understanding our history and the SPIRIT of our Federal Constitution, it would be almost impossible to bring together the hearts and minds of Malaysians.

Nazri must check his steps as he marched forward. Even Onn Jaafar, the first President of UMNO , used to make the mistake of marching too fast and too far infront of his comrade-in-arms.

Wise men would learn from history, otherwise would be punished by history. Thank you Dr M for your grand-fatherly comments.

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