Ketuanan Melayu and Social Contract

Last few days, there have been INTENSE EXCHANGES among leaders of political parties with regards to the term KETUANAN MELAYU, starting from the Parliment, and then dragged on in major medias, including the alternative medias. The latest was by Dr Lim Keng Yeik, former President of Gerakan, one of the component parties of the ruling Barisan Nasional(BN) party.

I wonder WHY the Chinese, and to less level of intensity the Indians, are so ALLERGIC with the term KETUANAN MELAYU…. Perhaps they are influenced by Lim Kit Siang’s WRONG INTERPRETATION of the term Ketuanan Melayu. LKS depicted the term Ketuanan Melayu to mean MALAY MASTER-CHINESE SLAVE relationship. The problem is, Bahasa Melayu is not LKS mother-tounge. So, he misunderstood the terms altogether.

The term Ketuanan Melayu were also misinterpreted by others to imply having to address Malays as TUAN, meaning MASTER. This is another FALLACY. The British used to be called TUAN in the past, but the term TUAN then was used as replacement of the word SIR in English. The word SIR was used instead of MY LORD or MY MASTER.

The term KETUANAN MELAYU truly only refers to the fact that Malays(Bangsa Melayu) were the ORIGINAL OWNERS and RULERS of Tanah Melayu, in the same way Chinese were the original owners/rulers of China, and Indians the original owners/rulers of India.

This explained why only the Malays fought AGAINST the British-introduced MALAYAN UNION in 1946. The Malays were then the only recognised owners of the lands of Tanah Melayu. The Chinese and Indians were then still IMMIGRANTS, like the Bangladeshis of today.

 Only in 1953, two years after the formation of MCA, there were talks of granting citizenship to the Chinese and Indian IMMIGRANTS. Those were the talks that led to the Agreement among leaders of UMNO, MCA and MIC, which were later on known as the SOCIAL CONTRACT.

The GIST of the Social Contract was that based on certain criteria, about 1.5 million immigrants(1.2 m Chinese, and 0.3 Indians) were granted citizenship, IN RETURN for recognising the SPECIAL POSITION OF MALAYS and other MALAY-CENTRED PROVISIONS in the Federal Constitution.

Its high time that Chinese and Indian leaders begin to seriously teach their children and descendent to HONOUR the Social Contract agreed upon with their MALAY HOSTS.

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