Only Malays Opposed MALAYAN UNION

I wrote this article in Malaysia Today People’s Portal in response to a blogger who boosted the role of non-Malays in our fight for independence, hence their continued questioning of  provisions such as SPECIAL POSITION OF MALAYS in our Federal Constitution.

Apart from Malacca, which was conquered by the Portuguese in 1511, and then changed hand to the Dutch and later the British, the rest of Tanah Melayu were not physically colonised by any power before the Japanese invasion in 1942. Until the Japanese invasion, the Malay Sultans were the supreme authorities in their respective states. British residents were mere ADVICERS to the Malay Sultans.

The only modern time coloniser of the whole of Tanah Melayu was the Japanese, even then for only 3 years. However, upon the Japanese surrender and the return of the British, the British tried to COLONISE the Tanah Melayu states by introducing the MALAYAN UNION, which if implemented, would have practically stripped the Malay Sultans of their topmost executive powers.

Then only the Malays were awakened of the British IMPERIAL INTENTIONS. Who fought against the MALAYAN UNION? Did the Chinese fight against it? Did the Indians fight against it? The answer is clear NO. It was only the MALAYS who fought against the MALAYAN UNION, under the leadership of UMNO and the umbrella of the Malay Sultans. The Chinese and Indians did not join the Malays in fighting the Malayan Union then because they were NOT YET CITIZENS of Tanah Melayu then.

UMNO were then led by Malay aristocrates who used to study in England and understood well how to go about fighting the British by means of street demonstrations, political negotiations, political lobbying in the British parliment and such like. The pressures exerted by the UNITED MALAYS eventually forced the British to RESCIND/ABANDONE the Malayan Union, and replaced it with the Persekutuan Tanah Melayu(Federation of Malaya) in 1948, after series of negotiations involving only 3 parties, ie. the British, UMNO and Malay Sultans.

Persekutuan Tanah Melayu was formed as a TRANSITIONAL GOVERNMENT before full independence. Infact the first General Election in 1954 was before FULL INDEPENDENCE of Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, which UMNO/Alliance party won 51 out of 52 seats. After the election, Tunku Ab Rahman was made Chief Minister, as a transitory Government prior to full independence.

As narrated above, the fight against MALAYAN UNION was the DECISIVE FACTOR in creating the path of independence, and the task was SINGLE-HANDEDLY taken by the Malays. It was along this CLEARED PATH towards FULL independence that MCA and MIC joined in the bandwagon on behalf of other races.

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3 Comments on “Only Malays Opposed MALAYAN UNION”

  1. Never study Says:

    go back to school

  2. warisan tmk Says:

    I’ll go back to school if you can prove that the non-Malays were involved in the FIGHT against the MALAYAN UNION.

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