Pakatan – National Convention or National Seperation

As reported in the press, Pakatan is holding their FIRST EVER National Convention in Shah Alam today, to thrash out whatever left of their differences, and at the end of it, to come out with COMMON POLICIES to be announced to the rakyat.

The BIG question mark is, why it takes Pakatan almost two years after General Election in March last year to bring their respective delegates in one convention hall? Within the almost two years, so many internal strife have taken place within their coalition. Fortunately for them, PAS were quite willing to be SUPPORTING ACTOR despite them being the STRONGEST among the coalition partners.

PAS at the moment is embroiled with their MURSYIDUL AM-related problems. Just like the human body, when the head is aching, the body will not be at rest and the head would not be able to think wisely. When the head is in trouble, the reat of body activities would be HAPHAZARD, to say the least.

This National Convention is by far the BIGGEST TEST facing the Pakatan coalition since the General Election. PAS has been at loggerhead with DAP over their ISLAMIC STATE and HUDUD objectives. DAP would never accept bringing religion into the STATE AFFAIRS. To DAP, religion should remain a PERSONAL MATTER, the way Buddhists look at religious practices.

Its a MIRACLE if Pakatan will reach a COMMON POLICIES without shaking the foundations and supports of any of the coalition partners. If the COMMON POLICIES are seen as side-stepping ISLAMIC STATE and HUDUD, PAS ulamas and party workers may regard it as SELL-OUT to the unbelievers, the KAFIRS. Afterall, PAS’s claims that UMNO was not serious about Islam had been their main weapon to attract Malay support from UMNO. If PAS no longer carry the Islamic cards, then the Malays in PAS may question what’s the point then of dividing the Malays in two or three camps.

On the other hand, if PAS’s Islamic State and Hudud objectives are even VAGUELY incorporated, the Chinese may reject DAP again. Chinese voters may show tremendous support to Nik Aziz or PAS, but they will never accept Islam and the Islamic laws.

Pakatan leaders forget, the moment they talk about COMMON POLICIES is actually the moment they are triggering the process of splitting up.

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