PAS Dilema PAKATAN Trauma

BARELY a day after the inugural Natiaonal Convention of the Pakatan Rakyat, the President of PAS,  Hj Hadi Awang made a statement yesterday, as reported by the Malaysian Insider, that the Pakatan should not be in a hurry to register a SINGLE PARTY. An extract of the newspiece goes:

“KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 20 — PAS president Datuk Seri Hadi Awang suggested today that Pakatan Rakyat (PR) was in no hurry to be formally registered, in remarks that appear to …” – Malaysian Insider.

Obviously,  Hj Hadi is not dancing to the musics of Anwar and Lim Kit Siang. Despite Nik Aziz feeling comfortable with the ‘new world’, Hj Hadi is not showing as much enthusiasm as expected by his coalition partners.

What could be in the mind of Hj Hadi? If one studies the COMMON POLICIES and their breakdowns, there is SO LITTLE about Islamic agendas for Hj Hadi to show his FANATICAL followers. There is no mention about SALES OF LIQOUR, MASSAGE PARLOURS, GAMBLING, LOTTERIES, ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY, and such matters, which were PAS’s main criticisms against UMNO.

On top of that, has the core of PAS’s struggle being left out? All these while, PAS has been advocating that the ISLAMIC LAWS should be ABOVE all other man-made laws. Whereas, the COMMON POLICIES spell out upholding of the Federal Constitution, the British-tailored Federal Constitution. Besides that, there is no mention about Islamic State and Hudud, whether the matter be postponed, or to be debated and fought later.

Besides that, there was no clear indications of  HOW the ‘spoils of war’ will be distributed in the unlikely even of the Pakatan forming the federal government. Who will be the Prime Minister and Deputy? Will it be on rotation basis, like what BN used to implement in Sabah? Can the leader of DAP be accepted as the Prime Minister, and in such event, will PAS accept an INFIDEL to be a Prime Minister?

Some of these questions must still be haunting Hj Hadi and other PAS leaders. The last in Hj Hadi’s list of priorities is to be seen by PAS members as if has SOLD OUT ISLAM TO DAP. Hj Hadi knows very well how passionate are PAS members with Islamic ideals, Islamic political theories and systems. If Hj Hadi is PERCIEVED by PAS members as too compromising, his already weakening position in PAS can only get weaker. It must still be fresh in his mind how he, Nik aziz  and other PAS’s  then ‘young Turks’  forced out Datuk Mohd Asri , PAS’s third President, from PAS Presidency in 1982.

Until PAS overcome their DILEMA, Pakatan will remain in TRAUMA.

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