DAP, PKR and Race Cards

DAP and PKR leaders every now and then accuse UMNO of playing RACE POLITICS. The fact that UMNO stands for United Malays National Organisation, makes it easier for DAP and PKR to portray UMNO as a party interested only in the welfare of Malays.

However, history does not concur with such accusations. Prior to our country’s independence, UMNO had initiated the formation of multi-party Alliance Party together with Malaysian Chinese Association(MCA) and Malaysian Indian Congress(MIC). After the racial riot of 1969, in order to prevent further such incidence, Alliance Party was enlarged to bring in PAS, PPP, Gerakan and several Srawak-based and Sabah-based parties, to form the Barisan Nasional Party(BN). By bringing leaders of various races into ‘the BN family’, any racial uneasiness would be sorted out as ‘a family’.

Since then, Malaysia had enjoyed RACIAL HARMONY, in Malay ‘Muhibbah’ for a long period of time. Our political stability had allowed us to overcome world economic crisis of mid-1980s and late-1990s. Infact our economy expanded well during the period, and Malaysia has become TOP 20 trading nation on earth. Our ability to build the TALLEST SKYSCRAPPER in the world, the Petronas Twin Towers, was the testimony of our VISION and CAPABILITY.

Our 30 years of PEACE, STABILITY and PROSPERITY began to give way to certain disturbences following the sacking of Anwar Ibrahim from UMNO in 1998. The sacking of Anwar had given new lease of hope to the opposition politics which were championed by DAP and PAS.

Even then, as late as 2004, UMNO/BN were still returned to power with SWEEPING VICTORY in 2004 General Election, winning more than 90% of Parlimentary seats. Opposition politics were seen to be heading for PERMANENT DEAD END. Anwar-led PKR were nearly swept away, if not for solitary seat the then President Wan Azizah managed to hang on to. PAS  were uprooted in Trengganu, and escaped defeat in Kelantan by the narrowest of margin. DAP fared slightly better, but seen failed to make much impact on the Government.

In the run-up to the following General Election of 2008, it was a LIFE AND DEATH last chance to PKR, particularly their ‘de facto’ leader Anwar Ibrahim. PKR were seen to be threading similar path of Ku Li’s Parti Melayu Semangat 46. If PKR were to be dissolved by the forthcoming General Election, DAP might have to say goodbye to to their opposition politics. Then, PAS were still staunchly for ISLAMIC STATE and HUDUD LAWS. The lost of PKR in Ijok bye-election in 2007 was the final signal that OPPOSITION POLITICS were heading for certain NATURAL DEATH.

Not many realised that that was the time that DAP and PKR resorted to RACIAL CARDS, mainly to win the support of non-Malays. How did they do it?

It is no secret that one of DAP’s long-term aims is to TO GET RID of certain provision of our Federal Constitution., which were agreed upon by our country’s FOUNDERS as the Social Contract, in their effort to eastablish Malaysian Malaysia, a utopia of ABSOLUTE EQUALITY among all races. But,  as long as DAP continues to knock at the FOUNDATIONS of our nation, DAP is continuing to HURT the feelings of Malays.

In the run up to PRU12, DAP played racial card with new dimention, using Anwar, the desperate politician,  to create hatred among the non-Malays against UMNO/BN. Being former deputy PM, Anwar was effectively used to create HATRED in the hearts of non-Malays towards UMNO/BN. Apart from spreading allegations of corruptions against UMNO/BN leaders, Anwar has also spread allegations that UMNO had been racist, and unfair to non-Malays. His PKR party manifesto even committed to REMOVE the pro-Malay DEB policy. On the ground, some discontent among Indians were incited further, to become full-blown HINDRAF street demonstrations.

Since then, before and after the 2008 General Election, RACIAL POLITICS have filled the air again. Gone are the days when the Malays, Chinese and Indians were living together as happy neighbours, happy office mates and happy fellow students. RACIAL POLITICS have become hot topics in blogs. And there is a new atmosphere of suspicion and mistrust among the races. Gone are the days when we take for granted that our children will be blessed with a forever peaceful country…… all because of certain ‘hidden hands’.

Actually, racial tensions in Malaysia had been CREATED and ORCHESTRATED. And, actually, it is not difficult to FREE our environment of RACIAL SLURS and RACIAL CONFLICTS. The magic answers are in the hands of Kit Siang, Guan Eng and Anwar. They are the SOURCE OF UNEASINESS  to our once PEACEFUL and HARMONIOUS co-existence among our multi-racial society. They are the DEVILS, subtly brandishing RACIAL CARDS whenever it benefitted them.

How I wish those devils were among those being confined to far away places like Guantanamo Bay, so that the rest of  us Malaysians can continue living  in PEACE and HARMONY.


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