Tun Mahathir Wasted RM100 billion?

Despite his relinquishing his PM post in 2003, Tun Mahathir remains a popular and well-respected figure . His views are as sharp as ever, and his comments can still shake THE WORLD. Many writers take advantage of his POPULARITY by writing books praising or condemning him, depending from which angle one evaluate him.

The latest, a Singapore-based writer is reported to have published a book, alleging that Tun Mahathir ‘wasted’ RM100 billions of the country’s money in LUXURY PROJECTS. Considering his tenure of 22 years as the Prime Minister of malaysia, it worked out averaging about RM5 billion ‘wastage’ every year.

Most people would agree that ‘wastage’ on projects is a RELATIVE judgement. Lets take certain extreme examples. Was it a waste for the Egyptian Pharohs to build the PYRAMIDS, which is now the main object of tourism for modern day Egypt? Was it a waste for the Emperor of China to build the GREAT WALL? Was it a waste for Shah Jehan to build the TAJ MAHAL? And, was it a waste for ancient Khmer rulers to build the Angkor Wat, and ancient Javanese rulers building the Borrobudur monument?  For all we know, the monuments are symbols of ACHIEVEMENTS of certain civilisation, to be cherished by later generations.

PAS used to say, to build Putrajaya was a waste of public fund, but now Anwar, Hj Hadi and Kit Siang are DAY DREAMING of occupying Putrajaya. For land owners within the vacinity of Putrajaya and KLIA, the development was a DURIAN RUNTUH for them. The property prices shoot up, creating instant millionaires, even among those holding MALAY RESERVED lands.

Some people say the Petronans Twin-Towers are a waste. Yet it increased our revenue from tourism year in year out, as more people got to LEARN MORE about Malaysia. And, Petronas is occupying fully one of the towers, and leasing out others. And just see how property developers reap profit by selling condos and service apartments with good views of the towers.

By the way, why only talk about WASTES. Why not calculate how much Tun Mahathir have benefitted the country, by creating political stability, and SAVING the country during financial crisis? How much his rule had attracted FOREIGN INVESTMENTS?

I believe, all boils down to some POOR PEOPLE trying to make some money out of the POPULARITY of Tun Mahathir.

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