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To Obey the Rulers Means To Obey ALLAH

January 29, 2010

To be loyal to the Agung and Sultans is the DUTY of all Malaysians, including bloggers. And all Malaysians are expected to hold to our RUKUN NEGARA, including the second article, KESETIAAN KEPADA RAJA DAN NEGARA .

For the Muslims, to be obedient to the rulers is also a RELIGIOUS DUTY.  In the HOLY QURAN, ALLAH commands,  “Be obedient to ALLAH, be obedient to the Messenger and those who are rulers among you”.

Meaning, in Islam, to be disobedient or insultive towards the rulers  are SINFUL ACTS. The only exception is  when the rulers order their subjects to  commit acts which are AGAINST the commandments of Allah and His Messenger. Whilst to disobey the rulers is a serious offence, to INSULT the rulers is even MORE SERIOUS offence. Insulting rulers is a form of REBELLION, which in the past was punishable by DEATH.

DS Hishamuddin understand the severity of the offence of insulting a ruler. Those who insulted the rulers, including the Sultans, have committed a VERY SERIOUS offence.  Let the offender be PUNISHED in accordance with the laws,  then let him  say sorry, not only to the Sultan, but to the whole country.


Malay Sultanate of Perak, One of Successors of the Malay Sultanate of Malacca.

January 22, 2010

It has been one year since the Pakatan Rakyat Government fell from grace in Perak, after 10 months in office, to be replaced by the UMNO-led BN State government. The events and dramas surrounding the FALL, and the court battles that followed, will definitely add ‘curry and spices’ to the already RICH history of Perak Darul Ridhwan.

Perak is one of the oldest Malay states. Its documented history can be traced as far back to the 2nd century when the Malay Kingdom of Gangga Negara was well entrenched, covering areas of the present day Beruas, Dinding and Manjung, and stretching out to present day Ipoh and Sungai Siput.

At the height of the Malay Sultanate of Malacca, when Malacca became an empire covering the whole of the Malay Peninsula, Riau Archipelago and states along the east coast of Sumatra, Perak became part of the Malacca empire.

Despite the fall of ‘Malacca Harbour’ and town to the Portuguese in 1511, the Malacca empire remained intact. Sultan Mahmud Shah, the reigning Sultan first withdrew to Pahang, before moving on to upper Johor River, and later re-establish a new capital in Tanjung Pinang, island of Bintan, in Riau Archipelago, south of present day Singapore.  From Riau, Sultan Mahmud organised waves and waves of attack to  recapture Malacca, some involving sea battles in the straits of Malacca.

Portuguese attack on Riau itself forced Sultan Mahmud Shah to withdraw to Kampar in eastern Sumatra, from where he spent his final two years continuing to the attacks the Portuguese. He died in 1528, leaving behind living ‘Tales of Heroicm and Bravery’ to be passed down to younger generations. The bravery of Sultan Mahmud and his wife  Tun Fatimah, made them legends in Kampar, where he was called Al-Marhum Kampar.

Sultan Mahmud Shah left behind a number of Putras and Putris. His  first son, Sultan Alauddin Riayat Shah 11 became the FIRST SULTAN of Johor, while his second son, Sultan Muzaffar, became the FIRST SULTAN of Perak. The existence of a town named Kampar in Perak, which exist until today, is a living prove of the historical link between Perak and Kampar, the last capital of the Malacca Empire.

The present Malay Sultanate of Perak is indeed one of the successors of the LEGENDARY Malay Sultanate of Malacca.

ALLAH, Regional Name of God To Christians, Specific Name of ONE TRUE GOD To Muslims.

January 18, 2010

To the Muslims, ALLAH is the SPECIFIC NAME of the ONE TRUE GOD, the God who created the Universe, and the ONE TRUE GOD worthy of being worshipped. For this reason, ALLAH is uttered by ALL MUSLIMS throughout the world in ANY LANGUAGE. In the Arabic ALQURAN, ALLAH is the name of the ONE TRUE GOD. In English or Malay translations of the Quran, the word ALLAH is also being used. Among the Muslims worldwide, the word ALLAH has never been substituted by any other word, not even Tuhan.

In contrast, the name ALLAH is not used by all Christians. Its only used in the Arab world and in Indonesia, where the population are predominantly Muslim. While in the Christian heartlands of Europe, ALLAH has been a foreign word. Furthermore, the earliest of Hebrew and Greek bibles DID NOT use the word ALLAH either. So are the most read English-version bibles.

Meaning, to the Christians, there is NO SPECIFIC NAME to theiir god. The name of their god seems to change according to the LOCAL LANGUAGE. In Arab world, they use ALLAH. In Hebrew, ELOHIM. In Greek, YAHWEH or JEHOVAH, and in English, GOD. If they were to consistent with this pattern, the local translation for ‘god’ in Bahasa Melayu is ‘Tuhan’. Why, are they going for ‘arabic’ term ALLAH in this Malay-speaking region then?

Obviously, in the Arab world and in the Malay speaking Malay Archipelago, the Christians who are MINORITY, would have adopted the word most used by the Muslims, as part of their STRATEGY to convert the Muslimms to their religion. In Europe and America, where the Christians are the MAJORITY, their Christian leaders are not fighting for the use of the world ALLAH, despite political powers are in their hands.

Despite the lengthy High Court judgement, there was not even a mention that the MAJORITY OF CHRISTIANS do not ever utter the word ALLAH in their prayers. The judgement only gave examples in the Arab world, Indonesia and East Malaysia context.

No doubt, prior to Christianity, ALLAH was the God of all Messengers of ALLAH, including Adam, Noah, Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac and Moses. But they used ALLAH for the ONE TRUE GOD, not for the FABRICATED TRINITY GOD. As I’d mentioned in my earlier postings, Christianity in its present form was DEVIATED by the Romans, who introduced the additional Gods, God the Son, and the Holy Ghost, in their new TRINITY GOD.

I can only agree the Christians using the word ALLAH if they are willing to REMOVE addditional FABRICATIONS on top of the ONE TRUE GTOD, including the GOD THE SON and GOD THE HOLY GHOST, from their teachings.

The Heart of the Problem in ALLAH Issue

January 12, 2010

Apart from the brain, the heart is the most VITAL part of our body. When the heart stops beating, one is considered DEAD. To ensure that the physical body is still living and functioning, the heart has to be kept healthy and capable of servicing other parts of the body.

In analysing the REAL REASONS behind the ALLAH issue, and possible solution to it, its essential that all the interest parties understand THE HEART OF THE PROBLEM.

Looking at the TREND of debates on the issue, non-Muslims seems to be driven by a belief that the Muslims are GREEDY, wanting to have the name of ALLAH exclusive for themselves, and not willing to SHARE the name of ALLAH with others. Worse still, this is seen as part and parcel of other Malays exclusive rights as provided in the Federal Constitution.

To say the least, such line of thinking is MISLEADING the understanding of the whole issue. It is not true that the Muslims are demanding EXCLUSIVE rights over the word ALLAH, and it is not true that the Muslims are against the non-Muslims, believers in God and atheists alike, calling the God of the Universe as ALLAH.

The Muslims know perfectly well that the name ALLAH existed even before the Universe was created, before Adam and Hawa(Eve) formed and breathed life, before the advent of Abrahamic faiths, before the mystrious birth of Isa(Jesus) and before the appointment of Muhammad as the Final Messenger of ALLAH for mankind. Meaning, the name of ALLAH has been there since ETERNITY.

Adam and series of Messengers of ALLAH were appointed among mankind to explain to the human race the TRUTHS about  the existence of our GIGANTIC UNIVERSE, our own life in the planet Earth, and other HEAVENLY quetions like where were we from, what’s our role in this world and where is our final DESTINATION. Neither scientists nor historians have any capability to uncover these TRUTHS. As far as ordinary human beings like us, elements of the Universe are GREAT MYSTRIES. Yet, for the Messengers of ALLAH, they received direct REVEALED KNOWLEDGE from ALLAH, the Creator of the Universe, as to the TRUTHS behind the MYSTRIES.

One of the fundamental tasks of the Messenger of ALLAH, including Adam, Noh(Noah), Ibrahim(Abraham), Musa(Moses), Isa(Jesus) and Muhammad(Mohamad) was to remind the human beings that ALLAH is the Creator of the Universe, and that He is the ONLY ONE worthy to be worshipped. Over time, certain tribes and races were driven to worship IDOLS, DIETIES and FALSE GODS, in some cases alongside their worship of ALLAH, the one and only true God. The  sending of Messengers of ALLAH managed to bring back human race to the right path. And the main theme of their teachings was invite human beings  to WORSHIP ALLAH, and NOT TO ASSOCIATE HIM with false dieties or gods.

According to Islamic teachings, the GREATEST SIN, among sinful acts, is to ASSOCIATE ALLAH WITH OTHERS. In this sense, to the Muslims, the Christians are GREATEST SINNERS, by elevating the status of perfectly human Isa(Jesus) and the Holy Spirit to be  PART OF GOD. To the Muslims, the present sets of Christian beliefs are DEVIATIONS of the original true teachings of Isa(Jesus), the Messenger of ALLAH.

Since the Christians have ADULTEREATED the ONENESS OF GOD, by elevating the human Isa(Jesus) and Holy Spirit as PART OF GOD, the  Muslims simply are not willing to share with the Christians the BIGGEST SIN of associating ALLAH with His subjects of creation. To allow the Christians to use the word ALLAH as their ‘God the Father’ is like allowing the Christians to STEP ON or TO DEGRADE ALLAH, the Almighty God.

Every creature in the Universe, including all human beings on this tiny planet Earth may call the God as ALLAH, as long as they refer to the ONE TRUE GOD, the Creator of the Universe, the God who is the subject of worship by Muslims. BUT, ALLAH should never be used to refer to the TRINITY GOD as believed by the Christians.

Practical Solution of ALLAH Issue

January 10, 2010

The dark clouds over Malaysian skies have subsided. Despite the much feared hurricane-force thunderstorm, only a few homes were slightly damaged and a few trees uprroted. Today, Malaysian morning is lit with bright sun-shine, and Malaysian families are planning where to to spend this wonderful sunday, by the parks, by the beaches, in shopping complexes, driving along rural roads, etc. 

All would prefer to ‘forgive and forget’ the events of the past week, which had put our PEACEFUL, STABLE and PROSPEROUS nation on the road of uncertainty, and possible anarchy. Thanks to ALLAH, the God Almighty, for allowing common sense to prevail over emotions, and honesty over opportunistic tendencies. On this wonderful sunday morning, its time to use our common sense again to seek for a practical and lasting solution to the issue.

For those who are neither Muslims nor Christians, they must be baffled by the sudden turns and twists of events that had almost put our PEACEFUL  country on the path of self-destruction. To them, what’s there in a name…

To the Christians, they find it hard to understand, why the Muslims are so against the use of the word ALLAH, by the Christians…. afterall it has been used in Arabic-version bibles, and Malay-version bibles which have been in circulation in Indonesia, Sabah and Sarawak.

To the Muslims, they find it hard to understand the Christians insistance on using the world Allah. To them, the Portuguese, Dutch and British who started the Christian missions here NEVER used the world ALLAH in their English-version Bibles. Their old convent schools, which were attended by Muslim students too, only mentioned ‘God the Father, God the Son, and the Holy Ghost’, none ever mentioned ALLAH.

Unlike the QURAN, the Holy Books of the Muslims, with its original text  in ARABIC, the earliest of Bibles were NOT in Arabic. Despite its origin in the Arab-Israeli disputed lands of the Middle-east, it was the ‘Roman-version’ Christianity which found its way to Europe and the rest of the world. Not surprising, the earliest of the Bibles were in Greek, Hebrew, Roman and English languages. And not surprising, none of the earliest versions of Bibles contained the world ALLAH.

If ALLAH is not the name of Christian God, as propogated by the early Christians, then why later Christians in Indonesia and Malaysia are so insistence of using the word ALLAH?

To the Muslims, ALLAH is the SPECIFIC NAME of the only God Almighty, the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe, and all within, and the ONLY GOD worthy of being worshipped. There are FALSE GODS and DIETIES, but ALLAH is the only TRUE GOD.  ONENESS OF GOD is so fundamental to the Muslim faith that even if a Muslim believe in ALLAH, but still believe in other FALSE GODS, he is considered INFIDEL, outside the faith of Islam.

Since ONENESS OF GOD is so fundamental to the Muslims, they are very concerned that the use of the word ALLAH among Malay-speaking Christians would severely COMPROMISED the Muslims strongly held concept of ONENESS OF GOD, as traditionally understood by the word ALLAH. To the Muslims, the Christians have DEVIATED from the original ONE GOD to TRINITY GOD. Out of the believe in freedom of choice, the people should not be confused between the TRINITY GOD of the Christians, and the ONE GOD of the Muslims.

In Bahasa Melayu, there is the word TUHAN, which is the direct translation of the word GOD in English. The word TUHAN has long been used in our National Anthem ‘Negara Ku’ and the Rukun Negara ‘Kepercayaan kepada Tuhan’. The Christians can always use this word TUHAN. Afterall, the British and Americans NEVER insist, or even ask, for the word ALLAH to be used in their bibles and services….

What’s there in a word…. in English its called GOD… in Malay TUHAN. Malaysian Christians have to consider seriously the use of the word TUHAN, and bury the issue once and for all.

PAS’s Defective Sense of Priority

January 9, 2010

Events of yesterday exposed further PAS’s defective sense of priority.

The HOTTEST ISSUE in Malaysia for the past one week was none other than the Malaysian Catholic Christians  ‘naughty’ attempt to use the name ALLAH as their God.

Since the INFAMOUS High Court decision to allow the Christians to use the word ALLAH, Muslim NGOs have held series of demonstrations to oppose the ruling, and to demand the Raja-Raja Melayu and the Government to take necessary actions to REVERSE the decision.

Despite the Government’s initial success in getting the High Court for a STAY OF EXECUTION pending the ALLAH case being heard in the higher Appeal Court, the Muslim NGOs still staged demonstrations in major  mosques in the Klang Valley, and a few other mosques accross the country, to continue making their points to the government and general public alike. Notable demonstrations were in Masjid Negara, Masjid Kampung Baru and Masjid Shah Alam. Certain speakers in those demonstrations even indicated the willingness of Muslims among their ranks who are willing to die in defense of Islam and the SANCTITY of the word ALLAH.

While the nation was anticipating such demonstrations, not many were expecting the worse. Yesterday, 3 churches in the Klang Valley became targets of arson attacks, one of which severely destroyed  the ground floor of a 3-storey church premis in Desa Melawati, Hulu Kelang.

While nation was focussed on those demonstrations and the arson attacks, not many realized that PAS Youths were holding their own demonstrations infront of the Egyptian embassy in Kuala Lumpur.  According to PAS-linked Harakahdaily:

KUALA LUMPUR, 8 Jan: Lebih seribu berhimpun secara aman di hadapan Kedutaan Mesir di ibu negara hari ini bagi menyerahkan memorandum membantah tindakan kerajaan negara itu yang bersekongkol dengan Israel menindas umat Islam Palestin. Himpunan anjuran Dewan Pemuda PAS Pusat (DPPP) itu bermula di perkarangan Kompleks Tabung Haji selepas solat Jumaat tengahari tadi dan seterusnya berarak lebih kurang 4 kilometer ke bangunan Kedutaan Mesir yang terletak di Jalan Rhu, Ampang. The demonstration was to convey the displeasure of Malaysians for the MISTREATMENT of the Palestinians in Gaza by the Israeli security forces, and what looked like Egyptian co-operation with the Israelis in blocking the much-needed humanitarian assistence to the encircled Palestinians in Gaza.’

Its commendable that PAS Youth had organised the march to the Egyptian Embassy and aired their grievences to the Egyptian authorities. Palestinians in Gaza is in neeed of help from their fellow Muslims all over the world. But, as wise men say, ‘CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME’. At this point in time, right in Malaysia, under our noses, the SANCTITY of our ONE GOD, ALLAH, is under attactk by the ‘naughty’ Christians.

It looks like the PAS Youths are more concerned about the Israelis mistreatment of Palestinians in Gaza, the defense of which has been well co-ordinated by the Hamas fighters, than the attack on our ALLAH almighty, right on our door step. PAS’s sense of priority still appears defective and faulty.

Christians DEVIATED from Original Teachings of Isa(Jesus), the Messenger of ALLAH.

January 7, 2010

The Muslims are taught that PRIOR to the advent of Muhammad, the Final Messenger of Allah, and the religion of Islam, there were earlier Messengers of ALLAH being sent to mankind, all with the same basic message, WORSHIP ALLAH and DO NOT ASSOCIATE OTHERS with Him.

The Quran mentioned at least 25 Messengers of ALLAH, including Adam, Noh(Noah), Yaakub(Jacob), Yusuf(Joseph), Daud(David), Sulaiman(Solomon), Ibrahim(Abraham), Ismail(Ishmael), Ishak(Isaac), Musa(Moses), Isa(Jesus) and Muhammad(Mohamad).  They were sent at different period of time, to different tribes of mankind.

All above-mentioned Messengers of ALLAH were selected by ALLAH, to convey to manking TRUTHS about the Universe, including the knowledge of  ALLAH as the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe, and ALLAH as the only God to be worshipped. And those who followed them, worshipped none other than ALLAH, even before the advent of Muhammad, the final Messenger of ALLAH.

During the lifetime of a particular Messenger of Allah, his followers would be following his teachings strictly. But, upon their demise, the followers tend to go back to their old ‘bad habit’ of worshipping ‘idols’ and FALSE GODS, or modify the teachings of the Messenger. When this happened, ALLAH would send another Messenger to bring back people to the right path. 

Indeed, it was the same ALLAH who had appointed Isa(Jesus) as a MESSENGER OF ALLAH, to bring back the LOST SHEEP OF ISRAEL, who deviated from the earlier  teachings of Musa(Moses), an earlier Messenger of Allah. However, after the elevation of Isa(Jesus) temporarily to heaven, as revealed to Muslims(as against the Christians belief  that Jesus was crucified), the later Christians had OVER VENERATED Isa(Jesus), transforming him from a PERFECTLY NORMAL HUMAN BEING to be SON OF GOD. Worse still, the SON OF GOD was made a COMPONENT of TRINITY GOD, beside the other component, the HOLY SPIRIT.

By doing that, the Christians had DEPARTED  from the most fundamental teachings of earlier Messengers of ALLAH,  to worship ALLAH alone, and not to bring any other element to be ASSOCIATES with the one and only God, ALLAH. Chriatians’  FABRICATION of Jesus and ‘Holy Spirit’ as the SECOND and THIRD components of God was/is their BIGGEST LIE to mankind. It made a MOCKERY of one and only true God, ALLAH. It lowers the GREATNESS of ALLAH, to a level fit to father a human being by the name of Isa(Jesus).

Muhammad, the Final Messenger of ALLAH was sent to put back mankind on the right path after the DEVIATION of the Christians from the original teachings of Isa(Jesus), the Messenger of ALLAH.

This is the fundamental difference between Christians understanding of God, and the Muslims understanding of God.

The Muslims do not want the one and only true God, ALLAH, be adopted as the name of God of the Christians, because the Christians have DEGRADED the only one true God, ALLAH, to the level of human being, by fathering the HUMAN BEING Isa(Jesus).

The Muslims are taught  that ALLAH is the one and only God for all the Universe, and all within the Universe, including all human beings, Muslims and Christians included. But the muslims do not want the term ALLAH be used as God in the Christian sense, after the Christians had DEGRADED the GREATNESS of ALLAH, to the level of  human.

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