REGIONAL NAMES of Christian God

From the contraversies unfolding the last few days, centred around the name ALLAH, certain observations can be made.

To the Christians, there is NO SPECIFIC NAME for the God of the Universe. The Greek Christians did not have any name for it, describing it only as ‘tetra-grammaton'(the four-letter word) or YHWH. Most Europeans Christians call it GOD, while others JEHOVAH. The fact that certain Christian Arabs call their God  ALLAH, could well be due to the influence of their predominantly Muslim neighbours, as in Indonesia. 

Its very fair to conclude that, to the MAJORITY of Christians, ALLAH is not the household name for their God. ALLAH is definitely FOREIGN to Christians in European countries, the United States and countries of North and South American, Australia and New Zealand. And  I doubt whether the word ALLAH is ever uttered in the Vatican, the capital city of the Roman Catholic Christians, or in the Canterbury Cathedral, the spiritual heart of Protestant Anglican churches.

Most Christians would have heard the word ALLAH for the first time, not from their pastors, clergymen or bishops, but most likely from the MINERATS OF MOSQUES, now sprutting like mushrooms  even in Christian heartlands. And, unlike Muslims all over the world taking names linked to ALLAH, like Abdullah, Saifullah, Hasbullah and such like, Christian names outside the Arab world rarely have their names associated with the word ALLAH.   

Contradictory to that, the name ALLAH is uttered by ALL MUSLIMS, in any language, any where in the world. To Muslims, God has a SPECIFIC NAME, and ALLAH is the specific name of the God of the Universe. Ask Muslims in Arab land, America, Europe, Asia or anywhere about the name of the God, they will give  the same and only answer, ALLAH.

It looks like the God as perceived by Christians, have REGIONAL NAMES. I wonder what would be the God’s name on Mars.

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