The Heart of the Problem in ALLAH Issue

Apart from the brain, the heart is the most VITAL part of our body. When the heart stops beating, one is considered DEAD. To ensure that the physical body is still living and functioning, the heart has to be kept healthy and capable of servicing other parts of the body.

In analysing the REAL REASONS behind the ALLAH issue, and possible solution to it, its essential that all the interest parties understand THE HEART OF THE PROBLEM.

Looking at the TREND of debates on the issue, non-Muslims seems to be driven by a belief that the Muslims are GREEDY, wanting to have the name of ALLAH exclusive for themselves, and not willing to SHARE the name of ALLAH with others. Worse still, this is seen as part and parcel of other Malays exclusive rights as provided in the Federal Constitution.

To say the least, such line of thinking is MISLEADING the understanding of the whole issue. It is not true that the Muslims are demanding EXCLUSIVE rights over the word ALLAH, and it is not true that the Muslims are against the non-Muslims, believers in God and atheists alike, calling the God of the Universe as ALLAH.

The Muslims know perfectly well that the name ALLAH existed even before the Universe was created, before Adam and Hawa(Eve) formed and breathed life, before the advent of Abrahamic faiths, before the mystrious birth of Isa(Jesus) and before the appointment of Muhammad as the Final Messenger of ALLAH for mankind. Meaning, the name of ALLAH has been there since ETERNITY.

Adam and series of Messengers of ALLAH were appointed among mankind to explain to the human race the TRUTHS about  the existence of our GIGANTIC UNIVERSE, our own life in the planet Earth, and other HEAVENLY quetions like where were we from, what’s our role in this world and where is our final DESTINATION. Neither scientists nor historians have any capability to uncover these TRUTHS. As far as ordinary human beings like us, elements of the Universe are GREAT MYSTRIES. Yet, for the Messengers of ALLAH, they received direct REVEALED KNOWLEDGE from ALLAH, the Creator of the Universe, as to the TRUTHS behind the MYSTRIES.

One of the fundamental tasks of the Messenger of ALLAH, including Adam, Noh(Noah), Ibrahim(Abraham), Musa(Moses), Isa(Jesus) and Muhammad(Mohamad) was to remind the human beings that ALLAH is the Creator of the Universe, and that He is the ONLY ONE worthy to be worshipped. Over time, certain tribes and races were driven to worship IDOLS, DIETIES and FALSE GODS, in some cases alongside their worship of ALLAH, the one and only true God. The  sending of Messengers of ALLAH managed to bring back human race to the right path. And the main theme of their teachings was invite human beings  to WORSHIP ALLAH, and NOT TO ASSOCIATE HIM with false dieties or gods.

According to Islamic teachings, the GREATEST SIN, among sinful acts, is to ASSOCIATE ALLAH WITH OTHERS. In this sense, to the Muslims, the Christians are GREATEST SINNERS, by elevating the status of perfectly human Isa(Jesus) and the Holy Spirit to be  PART OF GOD. To the Muslims, the present sets of Christian beliefs are DEVIATIONS of the original true teachings of Isa(Jesus), the Messenger of ALLAH.

Since the Christians have ADULTEREATED the ONENESS OF GOD, by elevating the human Isa(Jesus) and Holy Spirit as PART OF GOD, the  Muslims simply are not willing to share with the Christians the BIGGEST SIN of associating ALLAH with His subjects of creation. To allow the Christians to use the word ALLAH as their ‘God the Father’ is like allowing the Christians to STEP ON or TO DEGRADE ALLAH, the Almighty God.

Every creature in the Universe, including all human beings on this tiny planet Earth may call the God as ALLAH, as long as they refer to the ONE TRUE GOD, the Creator of the Universe, the God who is the subject of worship by Muslims. BUT, ALLAH should never be used to refer to the TRINITY GOD as believed by the Christians.

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