ALLAH, Regional Name of God To Christians, Specific Name of ONE TRUE GOD To Muslims.

To the Muslims, ALLAH is the SPECIFIC NAME of the ONE TRUE GOD, the God who created the Universe, and the ONE TRUE GOD worthy of being worshipped. For this reason, ALLAH is uttered by ALL MUSLIMS throughout the world in ANY LANGUAGE. In the Arabic ALQURAN, ALLAH is the name of the ONE TRUE GOD. In English or Malay translations of the Quran, the word ALLAH is also being used. Among the Muslims worldwide, the word ALLAH has never been substituted by any other word, not even Tuhan.

In contrast, the name ALLAH is not used by all Christians. Its only used in the Arab world and in Indonesia, where the population are predominantly Muslim. While in the Christian heartlands of Europe, ALLAH has been a foreign word. Furthermore, the earliest of Hebrew and Greek bibles DID NOT use the word ALLAH either. So are the most read English-version bibles.

Meaning, to the Christians, there is NO SPECIFIC NAME to theiir god. The name of their god seems to change according to the LOCAL LANGUAGE. In Arab world, they use ALLAH. In Hebrew, ELOHIM. In Greek, YAHWEH or JEHOVAH, and in English, GOD. If they were to consistent with this pattern, the local translation for ‘god’ in Bahasa Melayu is ‘Tuhan’. Why, are they going for ‘arabic’ term ALLAH in this Malay-speaking region then?

Obviously, in the Arab world and in the Malay speaking Malay Archipelago, the Christians who are MINORITY, would have adopted the word most used by the Muslims, as part of their STRATEGY to convert the Muslimms to their religion. In Europe and America, where the Christians are the MAJORITY, their Christian leaders are not fighting for the use of the world ALLAH, despite political powers are in their hands.

Despite the lengthy High Court judgement, there was not even a mention that the MAJORITY OF CHRISTIANS do not ever utter the word ALLAH in their prayers. The judgement only gave examples in the Arab world, Indonesia and East Malaysia context.

No doubt, prior to Christianity, ALLAH was the God of all Messengers of ALLAH, including Adam, Noah, Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac and Moses. But they used ALLAH for the ONE TRUE GOD, not for the FABRICATED TRINITY GOD. As I’d mentioned in my earlier postings, Christianity in its present form was DEVIATED by the Romans, who introduced the additional Gods, God the Son, and the Holy Ghost, in their new TRINITY GOD.

I can only agree the Christians using the word ALLAH if they are willing to REMOVE addditional FABRICATIONS on top of the ONE TRUE GTOD, including the GOD THE SON and GOD THE HOLY GHOST, from their teachings.

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