To Obey the Rulers Means To Obey ALLAH

To be loyal to the Agung and Sultans is the DUTY of all Malaysians, including bloggers. And all Malaysians are expected to hold to our RUKUN NEGARA, including the second article, KESETIAAN KEPADA RAJA DAN NEGARA .

For the Muslims, to be obedient to the rulers is also a RELIGIOUS DUTY.  In the HOLY QURAN, ALLAH commands,  “Be obedient to ALLAH, be obedient to the Messenger and those who are rulers among you”.

Meaning, in Islam, to be disobedient or insultive towards the rulers  are SINFUL ACTS. The only exception is  when the rulers order their subjects to  commit acts which are AGAINST the commandments of Allah and His Messenger. Whilst to disobey the rulers is a serious offence, to INSULT the rulers is even MORE SERIOUS offence. Insulting rulers is a form of REBELLION, which in the past was punishable by DEATH.

DS Hishamuddin understand the severity of the offence of insulting a ruler. Those who insulted the rulers, including the Sultans, have committed a VERY SERIOUS offence.  Let the offender be PUNISHED in accordance with the laws,  then let him  say sorry, not only to the Sultan, but to the whole country.

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