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ALLAH Issue Re-Visited

February 28, 2010

I was compelled to write this article in response to a question posed by a blogger in Malaysia Today People’s Portal(English Section). The question is simple: ‘Why should the Muslims be INFURIATED by the ‘Allah Ruling’ in the High Court?’. I would like to share with visitors to this the article as follows.

THE MUSLIMS, when they perform their 5-times per day SOLAT, will not miss reading, in Arabic, verses meaning this, ‘Verily, my solat, my spiritual purification, my life and my death are all for the sake of Allah, the God of the Universe’. Meaning, Allah, the God Almighty, is the MOST CENTRAL part of the life of Muslims, including the Malays.

 Whilst, central to the Muslims ARTICLE OF FAITH is the acceptance of the ONENESS of Allah, the ONLY God of the Universe, and the ONLY God worthy of being worshipped. To the Muslims, to associate any other dieties, persons or anything else with Allah, the Almighty God, is the GREATEST SIN any human being can commit. Infact, according to Islamic teachings, Allah, the Almighty God, may forgive ALL sins of human being, EXCEPT for those who associated PARTNERS with Allah.

To the Muslims, the MISGUIDED CHRISTIANS have brought PARTNERS to Allah, by ‘introducing’ the concept of TRINITY, a concept which indirectly put into question the GREATNESS OF ALLAH, as if Allah, the God Almighty, still requires other entities such as SON-OF-GOD and the HOLY SPIRIT to rule and administer the Universe.

To the Muslims, the name ALLAH is not the universally accepted name used by the Christians in their own HEARTLANDS, places like Rome, European countries, and countries of North and South America. Even at the Vatican, the World Capital of Roman Catholicism, the name ALLAH is not uttered by the POPE in their daily, weekly or other services.

Against such background,  the Muslims in Malaysia believe that the Roman Catholic Church in Malaysia is ‘adopting’ the name Allah as a STRATEGY to propogate Christianity among the Muslims, by trying to CONFUSE them by using similar name  ALLAH for Christian God. And the Muslims believe that they have the RIGHTS to be infuriated by such OVERTURES.

 Nevertheless, the Muslims only voiced out their displeasures in mosques, after the Friday Solat gatherings, which they have ABSOLUTE RIGHT to do. All were under control. But, its beyond the ability of either the Government or UMNO and Malay NGOs to make sure that certain Muslim elements may not be able to hold their anger, in advance of the Court of Appeal procedures.

 But… I wonder whether the Muslims would be able to hold their ANGER much further, if the Court of Appeal eventually uphold the decision of the lower High Court.


From Malacca To Putrajaya

February 26, 2010

Congratulation to ALL mankind, in particular the Muslims, on this special day MAULIDUR RASUL, the birthday of Muhammad, the final Messenger of Allah, the God Almighty. Muhammad was sent by ALLAH, the God Almighty, as a blessing to all mankind.

In Malaysia, it has been a tradition, to commemorate the BIRTHDAY of the GREATEST among the Messengers of Allah, by organising processions, marches and gatherings as an EXPRESSION OF JOY AND THANKFULNESS, in rememberence of the date, which had transformed the world, from darkness to LIGHT, from the narrowness of the world to the VASTNESS of the world and the HEREAFTER, and from enslavement by fellow human-beings to the  HUMAN DIGNITY, by the Grace of ALLAH, the God Almighty.

The vanue of this year’s  National Level MAULIDUR RASUL celebrations is PUTRAJAYA, the Administrative Capital of Malaysia. It has been 10 years since ‘life began’ in Putrajaya. Besides being the EMBODIMENT of a nation on the verge of becoming a fully-developed country by the year 2020, Putrajaya is the MANIFESTATION of the SUCCESS STORY of Malaysia, and the INGENUITY of the Malays/Muslim leaders.

Putrajaya is a new MILESTONE in the world history of MALAY CIVILISATION, which dominated the Malay Archipelago since TIME IMMEMORABLE, PUNCTUATED by the famous Malay Kingdoms of Langkasuka, Srivijaya and Malacca. Despite the FALL of Malacca to the Portuguese, Dutch and British, the PROUD MALAY IDENTITY AND CIVILISATION remains and flourishes, as  part and parcel of world history of GREAT CIVILISATIONS.

What 1MALAYSIA Is Meant To Mean

February 21, 2010

Ever since DS Najib took over the Malaysia’s Premiership in March 2009, one of the most uttered words in Malaysia has been 1MALAYSIA.

DS Najib’s choice of ‘1MALAYSIA, Rakyat Didahulukan Pencapaian Diutamakan’ as his ‘battlecry ‘ could not have come at a more appropriate time. For over 50 years after the independence of Federation of Malaya, in Bahasa Melayu, Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, in 1957, 6 years before the formation of Malaysia, MAJORITY of Malayans, later Malaysians, were working together SELFLESSLY to build the newly independent country, UPON the foundations carefully put in place by the co-founders of our modern nation.

By and large, the multi-racial Malaysians had accepted the long-term basis of living together, known as the SOCIAL CONTRACT, agreed upon by our forefathers, which became the FUNDAMENTALS of the Malaysian Constitution. The 50 over years of PEACE and POLITICAL STABILITY had brought about PROGRESS and PROSPERITY to the country and the Rakyat. Towards the end of  50 post-independence years, Malaysia had joined the rank of  TOP 20 BIGGEST TRADING NATION on this planet Earth, besides enjoying the praise and respect of being home of world’s tallest landmark, the Petronas Twin-Towers.

However, results of the PRU 12 in 2008 clearly exposed SERIOUS  THREAT to the long-held belief that ‘Malaysian Model’ had been one of the most successful in the world in building a multi-racial country. What went wrong, that after 50 years of PEACE, STABILITY and PROSPERITY, certain sections of Malaysians began to openly questioned the FOUNDATIONS of our nation, on which stood one of the most celebrated LANDMARKS in the world. What went wrong that MOST NOISES were coming from the more physically developed states like Selangor, Perak, Kuala Lumpur and Penang. Co-incidently, the states have relatively higher percentage of non-Malays than other less developed states.

Events unfolding after the PRU 12 are putting Malaysia at a MAJOR cross-road. Is Malaysia taking similar DISINTEGRATION route which had overwhelmed countries like Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, and to some extent Lebanon? How much more the non-Malays would gain by trying to ‘knock down’ the  foundations of our modern nation which were carefully put in place by our forefathers. Would not such selfish endevours end up with the COLLAPSE of the whole building and put all in peril?

DS Najib’s ‘1MALAYSIA, Rakyat Didahulukan Pencapaian Diutamakan’ battle-cry is well-meant to bring together the multi-racial rakyat to the original path of walking hand-in-hand along a single path, towards a single destination, and together we build the nation.

When DS NAJIB unvailed the ‘1MALAYSIA’ , I summarised his aspirations as follows:

1.   ALL Malaysians will be taken care of, and none will be sidelined.

2.  ALL Malaysians will accept the multi-racial nature of our society, over and above the ‘tolerant’ level.

3.   Let the multi-racial nature of our society be the source of our  strength and excellence.

4.   Lets achieve UNITY despite DIVERSITY.

5.   ALL Malaysians will enjoy EQUAL rights and opportunities, within the framework of our Federal Constitution.

Malaysians have no other options, but to accept facts of history which coloured our Constitution, and accept to live side by side with people of different races, creeds, religions and peculiarites, and turn Malaysia into ‘Heaven on Earth’. Despite certain provisions in our Constitution, there is BIG ENOUGH CAKE to share, rather than fight for. The other option is DEAD-END, PERIL and SELF-DESTRUCTION.


February 19, 2010

Events unfolded in the Kuala Lumpur High Court yesterday gave clear indications that Anwar is walking back the old lane, blaming others for his alleged MISENDEVOURS. Accusing others for CONSPIRACY against him had been Anwar’s TRADEMARK line of defence, which did not help him in 1998, and which may fail him again this time round.

Both Anwar and his lead counsel Karpal Singh are politicians. As politicians, they know very well, CONSPIRACY is part of political game, internationally and locally. The Jews were known to have CONSPIRED to control the world, hence their people in the world media and in corridors of power of Washington, Westminster and everywhere. During the COLD WAR, NATO countries CONSPIRED to undermine the Warsaw Pact countries, and vica versa.  

In Malaysia, DAP has long CONSPIRED to bring down the Malay-led UMNO, and the UMNO-led Perikatan and BN, to achieve their MALAYSIAN MALAYSIA and SECULAR MALAYSIA, which are against the spirit and letters of the Federal Constitution, which provided for SPECIAL POSITION OF THE MALAYS and ISLAM THE RELIGION OF THE FEDERATION. In the run down to the 2008 General Election, DAP managed to bring PKR and PAS  to be part of the CONSPIRACY. Its no co-incidence that the name PAKATAN literally means CONSPIRACY.

 Leaders of PAKATAN are so obsessed with CONSPIRACY that they would blame almost anything befalling them or their leaders on CONSPIRACY. Saiful seeking job in Anwar’s office a CONSPIRACY. Saiful accompanying Anwar to Hong Kong and Singapore a CONSPIRACY. Anwar’s alleged  HORNY  feeling for Saiful a CONSPIRACY. Anwar asking Saiful to come to his  condo a CONSPIRACY. And Anwar’s alleged KISSING , ROMANTIC EMBRACE and SODOMY a CONSPIRACY.

 As a vastly experience, almost over-aged lawyer, Karpal knows better than anybody else, that the Court and the Rakyat are not really interested whether there was any conspiracy or not in the birth of SODOMY 2. The Court and the rakyat, in particular the Muslims, are more interested to establish whether Anwar had indeed  betrayed the faith and trusts of the rakyat, in particular the Muslims, in him. They are keen to know whether Anwar had indeed been overwhelmed by the EVIL URGES, to degrade himself by performing the alleged KISS, ROMANTIC EMPRACE and SODOMY upon Saiful.

 If the alleged KISSING, ROMANTIC EMBRACE and SODOMY indeed took place,  the Rakyat, in particular the Muslims are ready to kick Anwar to hell, ONCE AND FOR ALL….. despite what  a few Australian MPs think.

Malayan Communist Party Fought For Chinese MOTHERLAND

February 15, 2010

During the Japanese occupation of Malaya in 1942-1945, there was an armed resistance force called the Malayan People Anti-Japanese Army(MPAJA), then the PUBLIC FRONT of  the Malayan Communist Party(MCP) led by Chin Peng. 

MCP was then a BRANCH of the Communist Party of China(CPC). At their full strength, MCP were known to have 12 regiments, out of which only one regiment(10th Regiment) were made up of Malay fighters. The other regiments were made of IMMIGRANT Chinese, who were citizens of People’s Republic of China.

Years before the Japanese invasion of Malaya, Japan and China were engaged in years of war over China’s northen territory of Manchuria.  The IMMIGRANT Chinese in Malaya were then busy collecting WAR FUNDS to be sent back to MOTHERLAND China. Chin Peng, during his school days was actively involved in such fund-raising activities. When the Japanese started their assault on Malaya, the Chinese IMMIGRANTS organised themselves into armed resistance groups, in anticipation of Japanese atrocities against the IMMIGRANT Chinese in Malaya.

Immediately after the FALL OF MALAYA, the British started to prepare the grounds to re-occupy Malaya, including engaging all anti-Japanese elements in Malaya. A popular Malay-based resistance force was the FORCE 136, which were ‘decorated’ by figures like the late Tun Abdul Razak and late Tun Gahazali Shafie. The British, who were generally anti-communist, initially were not keen to engage the MPAJA, led by Chin Peng’s MCP. However, war-time considerations compelled the British to include  the MPAJA as part of the anti-Japanese forces. 
The MPAJA and MCP grapped the opportunity to align themselves to the British, for CASH and WEAPONS. MPAJA were known to have provided the British with certain LOGISTICAL SUPPORT, but there were no instances of them involved in actual COMBAT against the Japanese, unlike Lefternan Adnan’s Malay regiment HEROIC defense of Pasir Panjang in Simgapore.  Even Chin Peng’s own four inches thick MEMOIR did not record any incidence of COMBAT involving the MPAJA and the Japanese forces. However, he recorded the MPAJA personnels collecting weapons abandoned by the retreating British, and ‘hijacking’ weapons air-dropped by the returning British.

Why should the CHINA’s CITIZENS making up the MCP and the MPAJA fight for Malaya, when they were not even citizens of Malaya then? THE FACT is, they regarded their fight against the Japanese as the extension of the on-going war between Japan and  China. In simple term, MPAJA and MCP only ‘fought’ for their MOTHERLAND, the People’s Republic of China.

Foreigners Are Not Indispensible In Malaysia

February 14, 2010

May I first wish ALL CHINESE, ALL OVER THE WORLD, and in particular MALAYSIAN CHINESE, a very happy CHINESE NEW YEAR. May the year of the TIGER bring greater STRENGTH to our economy, and PROSPERITY for all.

TIGER is one of the strongest animals on earth. In the past we used to have giant animals like DRAGONS and GARUDA(giant bird). However, like DINOSORS, both DRAGONS and GARUDA became extinct too, when they failed to adapt to their surrounding environments. TIGERS have to know how to adapt themselves to avoid extinction like other giant animals.

In Malaysia, CHINESE NEW YEAR is one of official public holidays, in recognition of the IMPORTANCE of the Chinese to Malaysia as a whole. Since their forefathers 19th and 20th centuries landing on the shores of Tanah Melayu states, and granted citizens of Persekutuan Tanah Melayu in 1953, the Chinese had progressed LEAP AND BOUND. Like other so-called OVERSEAS CHINESE(term used by European writers) in other Southeast-Asian countries,  they have dominated the economy of the HOST COUNTRIES. In Malaysia, 80% of TOP 100 richest persons are CHINESE.

So much so, there are certain claims made by certain people that, WITHOUT THE CHINESE, Malaysia would not have reached the ECONOMIC HEIGHTS that the country has achieved so far. There are those who went overboard, claiming that it was the CHINESE ENTERPRISE which had SUBSIDISED the emergence of new MALAY BUSINESS COMMUNITY. To them, without the Chinese hard work, the Malays would remain poor farmers and fishermen in remote Malay ‘kampungs’.

For those who harbour such NAUGHTY way of thinking, why do not they compare the success of OVERSEAS CHINESE, to the poverty of CHINESE FARMERS back home in China. If the ECONOMIC ENTERPRISE is intrinsicly CHINESE, why then the farmers back home in China are as poor as the Malay farmers in deep rural areas of Kelantan, Kedah and Sabah.

There are certain pre-requisites to healthy economic development and PROSPERITY, including PEACE and POLITICAL STABILITY. Elements  of PEACE and POLITICAL STABILITY were something hard to find in China. China’s long history would not be complete without chapters and chapters on ‘hell-bent’ WARLORDS responsible to ignite civil wars and lengthy conflicts among the states and regions within China. The Emperors and warlords would force the BUSINESS CLASS to fork out money and materials to oil their  massive war machines. The avoid the ‘extortions’, the business class were forced to retreat further and further southwards, and eventually braved the high seas in search of lands of PEACE and SECURITY. Lands of Tanah Melayu under the British ‘protectorate’ 19th and 20th century were one of such PEACEFUL and SECURE lands, where business may thrive and PROSPER.

No doubt, the presence of FOREIGNERS helped the ECONOMIC GROWTH of the country. The availability of cheap foreign labourers, had allowed the locals  to hire  foreigners to undertake works which otherwise they have to do it by themselves. Just take the case of holidays like today, when most housemaids are on leave too, then house MASTERS have to do houseworks by themselves.

Infact, in many sectors of our economy, we have to depend on foreign workers. In construction, we have to depend on Indonesian workers. In mamak restaurants we have to depend on Indian/Pakistani workers. In plantations we have to depend on Bangladeshi workers. In security business, we have to depend on Nepali workers. Meaning, Indonesian workers, Indian/Pakistani workers, Bangladeshi workers and Nepali workers, in a way or another help us to MOVE our different sectors of the economy, hence contribute to our economic development and prosperity.

The same role was played by the Chinese and Indian workers who landed in Tanah Melayu in 19th and 20th century, to work in TIN MINES and RUBBER ESTATE. During those early years, the immigrant workers were not interested in WHO RULED THE COUNTRY. Their main objective to land here is to work hard,  to ‘cari makan’, and earn their salaries, to be sent back to their loved ones back home in China and India.

Just like house-maids who can come and go, so are the FOREIGN WORKERS. Non of them are indispensible. The Malays will remain the CONSTANT FACTOR in ensuring the PEACE, STABILITY and PROSPERITY of this country.

About Majlis Raja-Raja Melayu

February 12, 2010

Majlis Raja-raja Melayu concluded their 220th Meeting yesterday. Among other things, the Majlis Raja-Raja expressed their displeasure about the attempt to translate the term TUHAN or GOD, as ALLAH, and renewed their commitments to defend the sanctity of Islam as the Religion of the Federation, while at the same time allow religious freedom to non-Muslims to practise their religions.

The fact that the Raja-Raja Melayu are both POLITICAL and RELIGIOUS heads in their respective states is a clear manifestation that Malaysia is NOT a secular state, as what DAP has been trying to project. Islamic laws have been part and parcel of the courts of Malay Sultans, ever since Islam became THE RELIGION of the Malays in the Tanah Melayu states. So much so, one of the requirements to be a Malay is to be a Muslim.

Even more significant than that, the existence of the INSTITUTION of the Majlis Raja-Raja is the clearest manifestation that Malays were the ORIGINAL PEOPLE AND RULERS of Tanah Melayu states, before it became grouped together  during the period of British PROTECTORATE as Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, and later, Malaysia. Hence the term KETUANAN MELAYU.

Despite certain section of Malaysian society  feeling UNCOMFORTABLE and even HUMILIATED with the term ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ , the Majlis Raja-Raja is the LIVING HISTORY of Malay Culture and Civilisation which have dominated, and will continue to dominate,  this part of the world used to be called the MALAY ARCHIPELAGO.

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