Pakatan Inevitable Rupture

From day one, Pakatan were heading for inevitable RUPTURE.  Its only the question of when.

Pakatan do not have anything in common, apart from their JEALOUSY of UMNO/BN, who have been ruling the country, without a single break, since the first General Election in 1954, three years before the independence of Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, the core of modern Malaysia.

Pakatan Rakyat(formerly Barisan Alternatif) was loosely assembled in the run-up to the 1999 General Election. Despite relatively good showing, by maintaining Kelantan and winning Trengganu, DAP pulled out from the BA not long after the election, IN PROTEST against PAS insistence on tabling the HUDUD LAWS in Trengganu State Assembly, a few years after Kelantan PAS did the same.

DAP is staunchly anti-Islamic State, or any form of institutionalised form of Islam. Instead, DAP has been the proponent of SECULARISM, an ideology of seperation of religion from the state. To DAP, religion is a personal matter, and should not be intertwained with the running of a government. Furthermore, to DAP, Malaysia is NOT an Islamic state.

PAS on the other hand is an Islamic party with long-term aim of establishing an Islamic state in Malaysia, in which the QURANIC LAWS will be upheld as the highest legal authority, and where any other laws contradictory to Islam will be rejected, even if the laws are voted by the majority in Parliment. The Party is staunchly opposed to secularism, the ideology advocated by the DAP. To PAS, the Islamic country, as understood by UMNO, is not yet Islamic enough to be called an Islamic State. However, PAS has yet to unveil the DETAILS of their sought after Islamic State. According to a book written by DS Hj Hadi, the President of PAS, the non-Muslims are NOT eligible to vote in an Islamic State, except to elect the representatives of the non-Muslims community to the Parliment.

The third and weakest component of the Pakatan, the PKR  is a MELTING POTS of all kinds of ideologies and aspirations, reducing the party into one without a clear ideology, or even direction. It was initially intended to be a Malay-centred multi-racial party, but then it was transformed into free-for-all party.

In the run up to the 2008 General Election, the three parties put their acts together in ANTI-BN coalition, after PAS dropped their Islamic State objectives in the Party election manifesto. As a way to attract the non-Malay voters, PKR promised to do away with the DEB, a social engineering instrument introduced by the ruling BN Government in the aftermath of May 13th crisis in 1969.

Despite their significat gains in the 2008 General Elections, the Pakatan can not hide the fact that their ‘marriage’ was a ‘marriage of convenience’. Without common ideologies and aspirations, the cracks are more visible, before the inevitable rupture.

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4 Comments on “Pakatan Inevitable Rupture”

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  2. lan n taib Says:

    setuju 100% …malah mereka yg dlm pakatan pun sebenarnya mmg tak yakin ibarat tidur sebantal mimpi lain2..

    yg paling rugi dlm pakatan ni adalah PAS ..mereak sudah mggadaikan perjuangan nak “mmbangun bersama Islam” yg kini jadi slogan kosong …

  3. warisan tmk Says:

    sdra lan n taib,

    Lagi parah bila satu mimpi boxing, satu mimpi wrestling, dan lagi satu mimpi TOMOI. Bukan sahaja katil patah-patah, silap-silap bumbung boleh runtuh. Rakyat juga yang susah….

    Pilihanraya umum ke 13, sama-sama kita pastikan SIFAR PAKATAN.

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