Sodomy 2, May End Anwar’s Political Career

Anwar Ibrahim, BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT, has been one of the most talked about political figures to have emerged into the Malaysian ‘political theatre’. Ever since his name became household, after being held under ISA for leading UM students in  street demonstrations in early 1970s, he never stopped AMUSING Malaysians, in a way or another.

Soon after graduating, he was entrusted to lead Angkatan Belia Islam Malaysia(ABIM), then one of the leading ISLAMIC MOVEMENTS in the  country. Other contemporary Islamic Movements then were the Darul Arqam,  Perkim and PAS. Anwar soon became a leading figure in World Association of Muslim Youth(WAMY), through which he became linked to leading Islamic movements worldwide, including the Mideast-based Muslim Brotherhood and Pakistan-based Jamaati- Islami.

During those years, Anwar were actively advocating the return of Islamic systems in all aspects of life, in what he used to describe as ‘Ad-Din’, a complete way of life. When PAS were at the verge of serious break-up in 1978, Anwar was one of the young leaders being persuaded to join and take over the leadership of PAS. However, Anwar had better plans, at least for himself. When Tun Mahathir became the Prime Minister in early1980s, one of his early moves was to entice Anwar to join UMNO and his Government. Anwar fell to Tun Mahathir ‘s challenge to help him to turn Islamic ‘rethorics’ into Government Islamisation programmes.

It was the start to his meteoric rise in his political carrer. His ‘Islamic image’, including his ability to give the ‘khutbah’ in mosques, and bringing ‘world-class’ religious scholars to bolster the image, has attracted young Muslims, who would normally be more attracted to PAS earlier on. Islamic activists from ABIM, and UK-originated JIM began to ‘migrate’ into UMNO in big numbers. UMNO began to implement ‘Islamisation’ programmes through the Government, including founding the International Islamic University Malaysia(UIAM) and the Islamic Bank.

Anwar’s fenomenal rise was partly attributed to a major in-fighting in UMNO in 1987, which saw Ku Li-led Team B  narrowly defeated by Tun Mahathir-led  Team A. Notables among Team B then were Tun Musa Hitam and  Tun Abdullah Badawi. Anwar was one of the key persons in Tun Mahathir’s winning team, which also included the late Tun Ghafar Baba, Tan Sri Sanusi Junid and the then UMNO Youth Leader, DS Najib Tun Razak. The UMNO in-fighting opened the opportunity for Anwar to end up one of the 3 Vice-Presidents of UMNO, and by 1990, the post of Finance Minister.

This was possibly when Anwar’s personal predicaments began. The post of Finance Minister was then perhaps the most powerful post after the Prime Minister. By dishing out ‘pink forms’ of newly public-listed companies, and Government-related contracts, to divisional-level leaders,  besides others, Anwar became extremely popular. By 1993, Anwar found it suitable to mount a challenge for the post of Deputy President of UMNO, then held by late Tun Ghafar, which he won without a fight.

Power and wealth do change certain people, if not all the people. Islamic image which were the ‘trade mark’ of Anwar early years began to disappear. Anwar which used to be compared to Ayatullah Khomeini of Iran, began to be more identified as the ‘darling of the west’. Former British PM Thatcher used to compare Anwar with certain top British-based footballers which were bought by clubs at astronomical prices. A former US Deputy President  used to openly support ‘reformasi’ street demonstration during a APEC summit in Malaysia.  At a time when Tun Mahathir, was viewed as ‘anti-west’,  Anwar was seen busy promoting himself as the ‘Malaysian hope’ of the west and western values. 

It was against this background that Anwar was sacked from his post as Deputy PM and Finance minister, co-incidently in the midst of the Asian FINANCIAL CRISIS of 1998 , and charged for corruption and sodomy. The sodomy trial was labelled  SODOMY 1. After lengthy trial for both charges, Anwar was found guilty and sentenced to a total of 9 years in jail, which he served  4 years, before being freed following his acquittal from SODOMY 1-related conviction. Despite  the judge clearing him of sodomy, he however implied Anwar ‘s  homosexual tendencies. Despite the freedom, Anwar’s image as an Islamic leader was seriously tainted.

That did not seem to bother Anwar. In the run-up to the 12th General Election in March 2008, Anwar led the PKR-DAP-PAS coalition in its most PROMISING challenge against the UMNO-led BN. His own PKR is devoid of any Islamic agenda, while another component, PAS, had decided to PUT ASIDE their Islamic State and Hudud objectives. With the anti-Islamic state DAP  as the third component, Anwar’s LATER IMAGE seemed to be accepted by DAP, and fit well with PAS with their new slogan “PAS FOR ALL”.

However, many believe, SODOMY 2 trial may signal the beginning of the end of Anwar’s COLOURFUL political career.

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9 Comments on “Sodomy 2, May End Anwar’s Political Career”

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  2. majufikir Says:


    (a) this a good brief account of the rise and the “soon-to-be-seen downfall” ( as inferred from analysis from political observers and bloggers )

    (b)i think ur point viz “Despite the judge clearing him of sodomy, he however implied Anwar ’s homosexual tendencies” ….should be restated as ” ….he however found that there were sexual activities involving the accused” ..That’s why when Mahathir mentioned to the press on why he sacked his DPM ..and anwar sued him for slander …it was defeated in court Mahathir claimed justification ..quoting the judge ..

    (c) however , as the current case is ongoing we should exercise care so as not to cause contempt of court …..

    (d) this case is entirely different psycholgically …the Goliath vs the rakyat biasa ( previously vs the Mahathirism the much hated guy by his detractors …that nobody would easily believe)…As the alleged incident was new …evidences to be adduced could well be fresh and actionable ( as in rape cases ) …and hence could prove to be difficult for the defense ..unless the prosecution could not prove that one single most important evidence i.e DNA is beyond reasonable doubt …circumstntial evidences do count in order to corroborate the accusation ..

    (e) still …this case could well if Anwar loses be the end of Karpal too…his reputation could be at stake…and if saiful loses however ..then Anwar could well again rejustify his claim of being victimized ..and he could get a life-line ..

    So let us see justice being served ….for both Anwar and Saiful …let’s be fair to both of them …
    no need for hooo haaah yet ..

  3. warisan tmk Says:


    I believe you are trying to be fair for both parties, despite your obvious inclination.

    With due respect to your fair comments, I’m a bit TICKLED by your reference to ‘contempt of court’, at the time when OPPOSITION elements openly CHALLENGING the COURTS and the ESTABLISHMENTS.

    Just look at what happened in Perak….. How former speaker Sivakumar acted in OPEN CHALLENGE against the court’s decision. Worse still, Mohamad Nizar OPENLY CHALLENGED Sultan’s decision.

    When tsunami strikes, no one really bothers 3-hour flooding in Kampung Baru…. you know what I mean.

  4. majufikir Says:

    I am 100% an indisputable BN supporter for a long time as politically that’s the only party which is sincere enough and practicable for this multiracial and multireligious country …the rest are not even close , they are just parties without direction …smothered by their own inconsisent attitudes mostly makeshift policies just to suit their leaders whims and fancies..

    However, when it comes to Anwar sodomy issue which is ongoing we cannot be like those political monkeys like sivakumar and nizar …far from showing that they are heroes ..they are just showing to the m’sian public on how immatured they are.. I’m a Peraki …and most Perakis especially Malays are nowlaughing their heads off ..looking at their antics ….But as i said ..we should not jump and be like them … be as truthful as we can …

    Let the court proceedings go on …surely we can make comments ..every body is now …in coffee shops every where as anwar’s case has attracted a lot of attn ….

    m’sians have waited for this case for a long time not to hear the judgments but rather what actually transpired according to the witnesses …

    no matter what the outcome of the court is as a BN supporter and a M’sian who loves this country Anwar as a future leader of m’sia is defintiely out of the picture …for what he has done …”org tidak mudah lupa ..”

  5. majufikir Says:

    just to add furher ….when UMNO and the partnrs in BN were bashed in the PRU12 ..due partly to the incessant political attacks by the PR ‘s propagandists making use of lies and lies …and partly due to wrong decisions by BN leaders and theri feeling of complacency …i had predicted that BN would bounce back in teh PRU13 ….

    as i said ealrier , PR is not fundemantally strong ..they lack a common direction …they talk and talk and think and think less …sooner or later the beans will spill….you see there is a universal law.. that we can fool the people soemtimes but not all the time …and now the PR is getting worse than they were no one would trust pas in theri islamic struggles anymore ( what islamic state ? they ask . we thought you are no longer fighting for islamic state ..all the arak here and there in muslim areas ..) and dap ( what multi racial are u see penang cukup lah ) and PKR ( no need to say lah …buang masa see selangor cukup lah ) ….people will no longer trust them anymore ….no more second chance …we shall see this in the pru13…

    so TMK …what Najib is doing is right …to hell with them ..just proceed with his magical 1 M’sia and delvier his goods to the rakyat ..and it’s paying dividends now ….. so we cannot act like them ….if we do we’ll be worse ..and the rakyat will judge us …..we have to show what BN is made up of …strong , united , ever-thinking and not emotional NATO’s theri so many little Napoloeans…

  6. warisan tmk Says:


    Malaysia needs more people like you, maju in their fikir. Keep it up!

  7. majufikir Says:

    not chest-thumping though …there is a basic methodolgy on how to maju in our fikir which Nik Aziz , haji Hadi , Khalid , Guan Eng and all can apply ..( with due respect to them)…

    ( for the record …Mahathir has got it ..that’s why we can see his immense contribution and Najib has got it too ..see how his 1 M’sia has magically transformed UMNO and is now reaping the dividends )

    first and foremost is to ask themseleves : what the hell is the role of a MB , Chief Minister or a leader ….if they are not clear of their roles no matter what they do and talk is rubbish …

    if they are an ulamak then they must ask what the “heaven” is my role …if they pretend not to know and place party above religion ..then then the Iblis will rule theri heads …that’s exactly what we see happening now ..if nik aziz and hadi reads ( and take lesson as well) Belitan Iblis by Ibni Qayyim ..then they will know that they are actually being trapped by the Iblis …the Perpaduan ummah that UMNO has been propagating to them is nonsense ( as what the Iblis has been “whispering” to them …but i’m sure they didn’t hear or they chose not to ?) …what is uppermost to them is power …and in order to gain power you have to say no …and curse UMNO as Jahanam…the rest no need to say lah …this is exactly as in the book as the iblis ” conspiracy ” …but we chose to ignore and pretend that these Iblises/ Lucifers do not exist ..just read the book and attend a PAS ceramah and and you will see the similarities…..

    in my opinion…UMNO does not have to deal with Nik aziz in his latest crazy antics ..his about turn for muzakarah …not after his latest salvos to people like Nasarudin …and his doa for jahanam on Najib…
    It’s not worth it ..under normal circumstances as required by Islam yes we have to accept the peace offer ( who is at war by the way ? ) ..but not with him until we can really see that he has really mended his ways or better still deal with people who are more genuine in PAS ..there are many now ..who are frutrated as they got cheated by the leaders’ flirting with DAP and PKR …but the chose to keep quiete these guys …UMNO must touch base with them….so that they will see in reality that who is actually struggling for Islam all this while …

    thank u sir..

  8. warisan tmk Says:


    Nik Aziz’s latest antics could be due to his ‘foresightedness’ that Anwar will most likely be pronounced guilty, and that voters in Penang will reject DAP.

    For ulamak ‘opportunist’, perhaps UMNO is simply the best option to have any chance of holding on to power.

    See whats your expert opinion…

  9. majufikir Says:

    TMK ,

    you’re right…he’s a political opportunist….he bases his thoughts , speech and action by the “weather conditions” …when the cards seemingly are against UMNO and BN he will boast off ..but when the tide is against them as currently ..he will talk differently ….( but will hide his true intentions)..that’s why as
    i said we cannot hold on to his words …as the malay saying goes…”lembu dipegang pada tanduk .manusia dpegang pada janji ” this guy is a terrible failure in that’s noy that we want look down on him…but it’s not once, not twice but several times that he had “pusing belakang” as what Najib says …he is like “cuaca” unpredictable as the m’sian cuaca …so we should either put off indefintely until he has sobered up in his actual stand …or we talk to someone else
    like nasarudin in Pas or a group of progressive leaders in pas..

    in my opinion …UMNO does not have to worry about holding on to power as indications at grassroots level is showing signs of inclination towards UMNO …and BN ..what UMNO and BN should do is to focus on delivering to the rakyat at large ….whether malays , chinese and indians ….if we talk less politics ..and strive to use our brains to deliver what we promise then we are the natural choice …no matter how many tons of propanganda the pr is going to unleash ….people will not believe anymore ..

    najib and his deputy have charted the way forward so the steps are for the bahagian and cawangan to move their asses faster ….to get the people to register as voters , faciltate the registration exercise , to sign up more members , to hold more meeet the people session , to go to the ground look for rakyat who are destitute or need help …no need to wait for the press to come and take pictures …just go and do it .UMNO should carry out the juara rakyat to all the races…no need to be shy of …other races will appreciate this ..this is what leadership is all about …this is what Islam is all about ….be a change agent …tht’s all for now …

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