UNPROFESSIONAL Lawyer Accusing High Court Judge Of Not Being IMPARTIAL

Events unfolding in the KL High Court today brings to light AGAIN the question whether POLITICIANS are fit to be PROFESSIONAL LAWYERS. As much the rakyat are expecting IMPARTIALITY from the Learned Judges, the rakyat also expect PROFESSIONALISM in the conduct of lawyers.  Rakyat expect the lawyers to be part of the total Judicial System in delivering  justice, rather than HIJACKING JUSTICE for their Clients.

The SODOMY 2 trial has barely passed three days mark. Yet,  Anwar’s lead counsel, Karpal Singh, has started ACCUSING the Learned Judge of NOT being impartial, in an attempt to force the Judge to resign, based on FLIMSY excuses including how the news of what transpired in court , and  related visit to the alleged CRIME SCENE , were reported by a newspaper,  Utusan Malaysia. 

When I first saw the Utusan front page report, depicting Saiful pointing to a bed in the Damansara condo unit, witnessed by the Learned Judge, Karpal Singh and Anwar himself among others, I thought it was a FAIR reporting, with elements of TRUTH and TRANSPARENCY which the rakyat are looking for.  As some people say, ‘Picture does not lie’. Never crossed my mind that Karpal Singh would use that as a basis to DISQUALIFY a High Court Judge. 

 Karpal Singh may have CROSSED CERTAIN LINE when he ACCUSED the Learned Judge of lying. I believe, the Learned Judge did not take fault in Utusan depicting the bed because THE BED was mentioned in Saiful’s earlier testimony, how Anwar, only wrapped in white towel, was standing by THE BED, before the alleged KISSING and SODOMY took place.

In related issue, it baffled me also, why Karpal Singh earlier on was so unhappy with  Utusan quoting Saiful ‘tidak mahu diliwat lagi’. To me, Utusan merely quoted what was uttered by Saiful in the open court. Karpal should understand that Utusan has their own ethics in reporting, UNLIKE The Rocket, Harakah and Suara Keadilan, who tend to issue JUDGEMENTS on BN leaders without having to go to the court. 

From what transpired today, I believe, the ARROGANT acts of Karpal Singh is part of Anwar’s STRATEGY of defense, which a includes DELAYING THE TRIAL, and STRETCHING IT AS LONG AS POSSIBLE, including DISQUALIFYING judges.  Obviously, Karpal Singh is EXPERIENCED ENOUGH to ‘find faults’ in any Judge. Assuming Karpal  is successful in changing  one Judge after another, and the proceedings takes  several months, then there would be NO MORE judges to appear in SODOMY 2. That’s Anwar’s wishful thinking…..

I believe Karpal is not acting PROFESSIONAL. Being the Chairman of DAP, a partner of Anwar-led PKR in the Pakatan Rakyat coalition, Karpal Singh is HUMAN ENOUGH to take into account POLITICAL CONSIDERATIONS in practising his legal profession.  If Anwar eventually found to be guilty and put in prison, it will practically put an end to the FRAGILE Pakatan Rakyat.

Karpal has gone overboard in calling a High Court judge a LIAR. All because Karpal is not only a lawyer, but he is also a politician.

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6 Comments on “UNPROFESSIONAL Lawyer Accusing High Court Judge Of Not Being IMPARTIAL”

  1. majufikir Says:

    tmk ,

    you are damn right ..i re read the report in the utusan M’sia ..there is nothing which is in contempt of the court .

    this senseless delaying with no justification at all has actually infuriated the rakyat at large who are just fed up with karpal’s and anwar’s antics ….some of them were staunch supporters of PR ..they too want the court to proceed unhindered.

    why don’t they just get on ….no one has found anwar guilty ..until proven so .

    so fight it out guys ….we are now closely watching every act and omission …

    • warisan tmk Says:

      Hai majufikir,

      You are absolutely right that ‘no one has found Anwar guilty’, as yet.

      However, I believe, as the proceedings move on, Anwar will get closer and closer to the pronouncement ‘GUILTY’.

      I believe Anwar is DEAD SCARED to face the imminent GUILTY VERDICT, hence his desperate moves NOT TO BE TRIED, and EXPOSED.

  2. majufikir Says:

    tmk ,

    ..i’m not really interested in whether he is guilty or otherwise at this stage ( even though ..the public at large now including PR staunch supporters are shaking their heads
    in disbelief at the yet another filing to “delay” the trial for such a flimsy thing).

    despite the increasing no of pronouncements of guilty by the rakyat in the coffeeshop ,etc ) the issue at hand is still the case now in the court.

    karpal as a high profile lawyer should keep to the floor …and not to deflect the case at issue to external factors which has little relevance ..when making judgments a judge will base his findings on the evidence adduced by both parties and the witnesses’ testimonies ..the judge is not going to base his reasons for judgment later on based on the reports in utusan or harakah or sin chew jit poh or to blogs etc ..so no need to worry ..

    that’s the problem when you are defending a political ally …there is a need to diffrentiate between professionalism and party lines…he may be trapped into making blunders later on ( he is human after all)..just like Nik aziz ….between his need to project himself as a great ulamak ( religion comes first ..) and a politician ( party comes first) ..in both instances he gets trapped and is now free-falling into a quagmire of political doom and disrespect ..the sooner Nik aziz absolves himself from political games the better he can salvage his reputation otherwise no one will wish to remember him as one of the great sons of contributing sons of M’sia .

    In law there is a maxim viz “res ipsa loquitor ” ( the thing speaks for itself ) ..in this case there will be an expected array of evidence to be adduced which fulfill this maxim ….and such if properly adduced can be very damning as admissible evidence ..when i said this it goes both ways ..

    Hence Karpal and his client have nothing to worry about …no need to challenge the judge to recuse himself ..after all a judge can only act on evidences adduced and testimonies beign presented before him when making his judgment later on ..he is not going to base on utusan , harakah , sin chew jit poh or in blogs and all..

    so ..come on karpal keep you spirits up and focus on the case …let ‘s get on with it …the sooner the better ..for all ..

    • warisan tmk Says:


      Had Karpal Singh followed your line of argument, he would not have been appointed to be Anwar’s chief counsel at the first place.

      You are fair and upright. You would like to see the court proceedings itself eventually lead to the pronouncement of GUILTY or NOT GUILTY.

      BUT, the politicians Anwar and Karpal are not only looking from LEGAL perspective. Karpal Singh knows perfectly well, GUILTY Anwar means the end of Pakatan Rakyat. And, without Pakatan Rakyat, DAP which he is chairman will move back to the fringe of Malaysian political stage.

      Politicians Anwar and Karpal would not throw their towels without a fight. These are their qualities which have made them ‘outstanding’ in their own ways.

  3. majufikir Says:

    hi tmk ,

    there are many ways of looking at it ..u’re right in certain respects as they would likely choose “political
    line” of defense ..such as to pressurize the judge and all..

    but then such “ploys” was workable during the first sodomy case ..as the anti-mahathir was soi thick that
    the public already had coined things like ” mahkamah mahathir” , polis “anjing mahathir” and the likes ..and the defense lawyers if u could recall had piggy ridden on this hating campaign to pressurize the late judge paul augustine and the police witnesses..It worked to a certain ..
    The ball game is totally different ..they are now facing a tiny rakyat in the name of saiful the accuser and not the govt..if it is the later it elementary …just say it as “UMNO’s ploy ” and people will believe…furthermore the alleged incident was still fresh …and as i said earlier the array of admissible evidence this time (as in rape cases) can be so damning.. if u study murder cases ..u can cite alibi as ur defense…but in rape cases ..how would u cite alibi if the evidence is there ..unless u can prove mala fide or conspiracy ..

    assuming a rapist is charged for raping …he cannot cite conspiracy ..if the sperm , DNA and all others are his . How can he blame it on others for his rape?
    if i hate u so much ..and i want to see ur downfall ..and i knew that u had committed a sinful act say raping ..of course i shall use this as my ace to destroy u ..by lodging police report . But the onus is on you : did you do it ? that’s all there is to it – i repeat. if you did not then challenge the evidence in court ..you can’t use conspiracy as ur defense. It is not relevant ..

    unlike in civil cases ..both defense and plaintiff can file in affidavits and exchange the hard evidence before hearing proper…in criminal cases it is a different ball game…..

    u see ..the defense could also be under immense pressure ..if they put in political moves …it will be defeated . In most rape cases ..u have to prove “beyond reasonable doubt” so the prosecution needs to present their cases and solid eveidence ..

    politically ( since u’re much into it ) my opnion is it is difficult for anwar to make a comeback now ..he has burnt the bridge . The crucial malay votes ( from pas, pkr and fence sitters ) are sliding away in UMNO’s favour ..and anwar’s supporters both his staunch comrades and lay people are leaving in droves
    and abandoning..scenarios changed ..it also has to do with PAS own “harakiri” linkage with DAP and abandoning their Islamic struggle ..and Nik aziz unbecoming antics …the others are Nizar’s derhaka which is a permanent blot on PR’s influence in perak . and the largest factor is UMNO’s transforamtion …they learned their mistakes and this is the greatest factor . If UMNO dod not do a soul searching then ..they would be finished. Since they did ..that’s a problem for PR ..and ofcourse Najib’s magical 1 malaysia had the rakyet ( chinese, malays and indians ) now embracing it ..( forget the detractors ..no matter what they will find faults ,because that’s their job ) . Care for the rakyat ,,and the job is already almost done..Tunku abdul rahman once said ” kalau mahu sokongan rakyat kena isi perut mereka” ( literally now means make sure that their lifes are not burdened esp with escalating costs) ..if u ignore them they will rebel ..turn away from u …no need to think hard about it. this is but a simple truth that politicans and leaders must grasp .

    till then …wish all M’sians a happy CNY !!

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