Foreigners Are Not Indispensible In Malaysia

May I first wish ALL CHINESE, ALL OVER THE WORLD, and in particular MALAYSIAN CHINESE, a very happy CHINESE NEW YEAR. May the year of the TIGER bring greater STRENGTH to our economy, and PROSPERITY for all.

TIGER is one of the strongest animals on earth. In the past we used to have giant animals like DRAGONS and GARUDA(giant bird). However, like DINOSORS, both DRAGONS and GARUDA became extinct too, when they failed to adapt to their surrounding environments. TIGERS have to know how to adapt themselves to avoid extinction like other giant animals.

In Malaysia, CHINESE NEW YEAR is one of official public holidays, in recognition of the IMPORTANCE of the Chinese to Malaysia as a whole. Since their forefathers 19th and 20th centuries landing on the shores of Tanah Melayu states, and granted citizens of Persekutuan Tanah Melayu in 1953, the Chinese had progressed LEAP AND BOUND. Like other so-called OVERSEAS CHINESE(term used by European writers) in other Southeast-Asian countries,  they have dominated the economy of the HOST COUNTRIES. In Malaysia, 80% of TOP 100 richest persons are CHINESE.

So much so, there are certain claims made by certain people that, WITHOUT THE CHINESE, Malaysia would not have reached the ECONOMIC HEIGHTS that the country has achieved so far. There are those who went overboard, claiming that it was the CHINESE ENTERPRISE which had SUBSIDISED the emergence of new MALAY BUSINESS COMMUNITY. To them, without the Chinese hard work, the Malays would remain poor farmers and fishermen in remote Malay ‘kampungs’.

For those who harbour such NAUGHTY way of thinking, why do not they compare the success of OVERSEAS CHINESE, to the poverty of CHINESE FARMERS back home in China. If the ECONOMIC ENTERPRISE is intrinsicly CHINESE, why then the farmers back home in China are as poor as the Malay farmers in deep rural areas of Kelantan, Kedah and Sabah.

There are certain pre-requisites to healthy economic development and PROSPERITY, including PEACE and POLITICAL STABILITY. Elements  of PEACE and POLITICAL STABILITY were something hard to find in China. China’s long history would not be complete without chapters and chapters on ‘hell-bent’ WARLORDS responsible to ignite civil wars and lengthy conflicts among the states and regions within China. The Emperors and warlords would force the BUSINESS CLASS to fork out money and materials to oil their  massive war machines. The avoid the ‘extortions’, the business class were forced to retreat further and further southwards, and eventually braved the high seas in search of lands of PEACE and SECURITY. Lands of Tanah Melayu under the British ‘protectorate’ 19th and 20th century were one of such PEACEFUL and SECURE lands, where business may thrive and PROSPER.

No doubt, the presence of FOREIGNERS helped the ECONOMIC GROWTH of the country. The availability of cheap foreign labourers, had allowed the locals  to hire  foreigners to undertake works which otherwise they have to do it by themselves. Just take the case of holidays like today, when most housemaids are on leave too, then house MASTERS have to do houseworks by themselves.

Infact, in many sectors of our economy, we have to depend on foreign workers. In construction, we have to depend on Indonesian workers. In mamak restaurants we have to depend on Indian/Pakistani workers. In plantations we have to depend on Bangladeshi workers. In security business, we have to depend on Nepali workers. Meaning, Indonesian workers, Indian/Pakistani workers, Bangladeshi workers and Nepali workers, in a way or another help us to MOVE our different sectors of the economy, hence contribute to our economic development and prosperity.

The same role was played by the Chinese and Indian workers who landed in Tanah Melayu in 19th and 20th century, to work in TIN MINES and RUBBER ESTATE. During those early years, the immigrant workers were not interested in WHO RULED THE COUNTRY. Their main objective to land here is to work hard,  to ‘cari makan’, and earn their salaries, to be sent back to their loved ones back home in China and India.

Just like house-maids who can come and go, so are the FOREIGN WORKERS. Non of them are indispensible. The Malays will remain the CONSTANT FACTOR in ensuring the PEACE, STABILITY and PROSPERITY of this country.

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10 Comments on “Foreigners Are Not Indispensible In Malaysia”

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  5. Ah Pek Says:

    Dear Warisan TM,
    I’m shock that such a good writer has a low intelectual of digesting something that is proven or known to everyone in the world..You need to think further, China has limited resources compared to Malaysia. But Malaysia resources hardly to be harvest by the malays until Chinese came in to open the opportunity. PLEASE, use ur head b4 doin something crazy…

    • warisan tmk Says:

      Ah Pek,

      I’m very sorry if my writings have DISTRACTED you from your BIG DAY celebrations.

      However, you would agree, or eventually agree, that my writings may SAVE THE COUNTRY from being racial ‘timebomb'(term used by Lim Kit Siang in one of his books).

      I believe, my writings express HONEST FEELING of majority of Malays, and only by understanding the HONEST FEELINGS of Malays, the Chinese would be able to GAMBLE their future in this country CORRECTLY.

      The Chinese may be GOOD SEEDS, but GOOD SEEDS require FERTILE SOIL to produce good harvest. Until the last two decades, China was never fertile ground for businesses, especially with the IRON-FIST communist rule.

      GOOD SEEDS from China only develop into GOOD HARVEST in the FERTILE SOILS of Tanah Melayu and other Southeast-Asia countries. FERTILE SOILS of Tanah Melayu were the result of POLITICAL STABILITY created by the Malay rulers and their subjects, the Malays.

      Even the phenomenal development of Singapore, Penang, Hong Kong and Macao, had NOTHING to do with the Chinese. They happened to be early British and Portuguese outposts in the Far East, and developed into world-class ports, and centres for finance and commerce, before being passed over to the current Chinese rulers.

      Good writings can only be produced with sincerity and SOLID FACTS.

  6. scot Says:

    Please visit my sites. You might find something of interest.
    Thank you, JasonScotPatrick

  7. Apa-apa aja. Says:

    Ah yoo…Ah Pek !!!you shud use yr head too b4 say Warisan tmk a crazy writer..maybe you are crazy hahaha..Gong Xi Fa Chai to you.
    Congratulation to Warisan .You are a good writer with sincerity..

  8. majufikir Says:

    tmk ,

    a) honestly are u talking about the foreign workers viz the bangaladeshis, the indonesian maids, the nepalese, etc .and are u saying that they are not indispensible to m’sia’s development?

    in my opinion, at the outset of course they are not indispensible…nobody is indispensible..thefact that they are here is because of economic factors and choices. when m’sia chose to industrialize rapidly and “emancipated” the womenfolk to become economic factors , the rate of poverty amongst the people notably the Malays decelerated and the Chinese who used to be manual workers such as tin miners, bus drivers, taxi drivers, etc became business owners and the educated ones became professionals . The “vacuum” was then filled up by the malays who were hithertho working in plantations and indians . that’s why you can hardly see chinese riding motorbikes or driving buses or taxis in towns nowadays ..These are economic choices . likewise , in the civil service sectors of the lower rank strata with lowly pays you can hardly find chinese …they are an economic race ..with cultures which are fundamentally materialistic-driven .Despite the govt’s efforts to get the chinese to fill up the lower rank civil service in order to infuse the unity amongst the races ..there are very few takers. whilst the malays who are basically a social race with deeply soci0- religio and close-knit cultures. they do mind filling up these posts partly out of patriotism for the motherland .

    The same scenario can be seen in the western developed countries.. the immigrants from pakistan, india ,algeria are flocking by the millions to their countries to seek greener pastures ..they are filling up jobs ( manual and lower paying ) in which the citizens of the countries found them as unattractive whether income-wise or “degrading” as the native citizens …but sooner o later these countries would be swarmed or overwhelmed their citizens prefer the good living and their population is dwindling relative to the rate of increase in the incoming immigrants which are becoming increasingly indispensable to them but is posing new social problems such as Islamophobia ..etc

    b) however , we have to admit that the chinese in m’sia have much contributed to the development of the country economically ..but you are right too about the Malay govt’s pragmatism post-independence. For to rule M’sia with the myriad of races, religions and cultures and economic gaps , u need a govt which is not one-sided ,level-headed has clear objectives and be all-inclusive. Hence , the need to introduce a combination of socialist , capitalist idealism . Just like China during the Cultural Revolutuion …too much prominence towards workers or socialism only were later to breed dissatisfaction and rebellion . A theogical govt as propagated by PAS is definitely not suitable to M’sia …as they would sideline citizens of the other faiths ..

    i honestly think that all the citizens in the country are intricately interwoven and in need of each other ..given their unique strengths and weaknesses cannot find this unique level of tolerance in other countries including in gwailo countries ( who are propagating human rights ? ) and . the racial placards that we see today being played up by the politicians are dangerous games . the majority of m’sians esp the younger m’sians – if we care to ask are finding no problems with each other ..they are asking why suddenly all these brick-bats and hatred being thrown at each other now ?

    till then …wish everyone Gong Xi fa cai ..

    Salam 1 M’sia!!

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