Malayan Communist Party Fought For Chinese MOTHERLAND

During the Japanese occupation of Malaya in 1942-1945, there was an armed resistance force called the Malayan People Anti-Japanese Army(MPAJA), then the PUBLIC FRONT of  the Malayan Communist Party(MCP) led by Chin Peng. 

MCP was then a BRANCH of the Communist Party of China(CPC). At their full strength, MCP were known to have 12 regiments, out of which only one regiment(10th Regiment) were made up of Malay fighters. The other regiments were made of IMMIGRANT Chinese, who were citizens of People’s Republic of China.

Years before the Japanese invasion of Malaya, Japan and China were engaged in years of war over China’s northen territory of Manchuria.  The IMMIGRANT Chinese in Malaya were then busy collecting WAR FUNDS to be sent back to MOTHERLAND China. Chin Peng, during his school days was actively involved in such fund-raising activities. When the Japanese started their assault on Malaya, the Chinese IMMIGRANTS organised themselves into armed resistance groups, in anticipation of Japanese atrocities against the IMMIGRANT Chinese in Malaya.

Immediately after the FALL OF MALAYA, the British started to prepare the grounds to re-occupy Malaya, including engaging all anti-Japanese elements in Malaya. A popular Malay-based resistance force was the FORCE 136, which were ‘decorated’ by figures like the late Tun Abdul Razak and late Tun Gahazali Shafie. The British, who were generally anti-communist, initially were not keen to engage the MPAJA, led by Chin Peng’s MCP. However, war-time considerations compelled the British to include  the MPAJA as part of the anti-Japanese forces. 
The MPAJA and MCP grapped the opportunity to align themselves to the British, for CASH and WEAPONS. MPAJA were known to have provided the British with certain LOGISTICAL SUPPORT, but there were no instances of them involved in actual COMBAT against the Japanese, unlike Lefternan Adnan’s Malay regiment HEROIC defense of Pasir Panjang in Simgapore.  Even Chin Peng’s own four inches thick MEMOIR did not record any incidence of COMBAT involving the MPAJA and the Japanese forces. However, he recorded the MPAJA personnels collecting weapons abandoned by the retreating British, and ‘hijacking’ weapons air-dropped by the returning British.

Why should the CHINA’s CITIZENS making up the MCP and the MPAJA fight for Malaya, when they were not even citizens of Malaya then? THE FACT is, they regarded their fight against the Japanese as the extension of the on-going war between Japan and  China. In simple term, MPAJA and MCP only ‘fought’ for their MOTHERLAND, the People’s Republic of China.

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5 Comments on “Malayan Communist Party Fought For Chinese MOTHERLAND”

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  2. nikolaykotev Says:

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    I want to show you my new Blog “The wars. ISAF in Afghan…” with Url address . In the blog you can see photos from the contemporary war in Afghanistan, after 2003 and variouse special informations.
    Best wishes
    Nikolay Kotev

  3. majufikir Says:

    tmk ,

    Historically u’re right, the sino-japanese wars during the second world war had prompted chinese overseas the world over to fund the Communist People’s Liberation Army of the CCP and the Nationalist Kuomintang under Kai -shek. Oversea Chinese were recognized as citizens of China. However, for the record while these 2 Chinese armies were fighting the japs , they were also busy preparing to kill each other in order to gain single control of China after world war 2..that later culminated in the defeat of the nationalists who evacuated China for Fomasa ..later known as Taiwan or the Republic of China . In one of the famous battles the nationalist armies were surrounded and starved to death 6 mths about hundreds of thousands were dead of starvation . i think about the no of casualties suffered by the japs in the hiroshima atomic bombing which took about 9 seconds for them to perish.

    yes , the mpaja and the mcp were fiercely loyal to the mainland china ..the mcp cadres carried the “little red book” a sort of compulsory cult reading for communists . the guerilla warfare staged by the mcp was also inspired by mao zedong’s military strategy .

    whilst these cadres were fighting for their motherland and for communism in malaya they were not aware of the mindless civil wars , systematic purges, killings , torture, seizure of properties , anti-intellectuals and anti -middle class that resulted in millions dead perpetrated by the CCP and thousands driven to commit suicide .

    The worst ever nightmare that the world has ever seen was millions of dead due to famine ..a direct result of the failed communist Cultural Revolution and the Great Leap Forward was estimated that up to 20 to 46 million had died due to famine..
    The Cultural Revolution was deemed as a failure by the CCP themselves

    However this was played down by the CCP …in fact another human catastrophe ..that cost millions of lives was the purging of those who criticized the failings of the CCP . The CCP had experimented with the One Hundred Flowers allowing differing opinions ..but this “liberalization” had encouraged the people instead to subvert the CCP …

    however , due to the isolationist policies during Chairman mao zedong’s reign ..a lot of all these crazy killings and famine were not let known to the world then .

    In short the oversea Chinese were somewhat lucky that they had not had to endure the incessant sufferings of the people in china then and were even granted citizenship by their host countries . There are about 40 million oversea Chinese ..with heavy concentration in M’sia and S’pore …they are doing well economically ….it was reported that with the rapid progress made by China, there is an increasing trend amongst oversea Chinese to invest and take up residence in China….to the extent that there will be an expected reverse migration to China by the chinese overseas ..

    Will M’sian Chinese be tempted to go back to the motherland ..? i do not think so …as majority esp the younger generation have assimilated well to the host countries ..perhaps the older generation with the nagging elusive nostalgic dream might be so ,,,

    As M’sia sets to move forward in our own ways only those who are thankful for the blessings that they have can truly appreciate being M’sian ..otherwise like those so-called M’sians who have been going round the world telling teh bad things about m;sia and not to come an invest in our country they are the “little malevolent men” as Confucius aptly describes in his edicts ..

    till then ..salam 1 M’sia !

    • warisan tmk Says:


      Thanks for your additional disclosures. No doubt, the ‘Overseas Chinese’ have every reason to be GRATEFUL to their well-being, and prosperity.

      Despite efforts by the People’s Republic of China’s efforts to bring back ‘Overseas Chinese’ businessmen and professionals, together with their WEALTH, I do not think many would leave DEMOCRACY and PROSPERITY, for COMMUNISM and UNCERTAINTY.

      However, for those who can not accept the SOCIAL CONTRACT, and keep on harbouring GRUDGES against Malays/Bumiputras, they should be ENCOURAGED to go back and build their FRATERNAL MOTHERLAND. Let them enjoy being ‘bumiputra’ in their own MOTHERLAND.

  4. majufikir Says:

    tmk ,

    you hit the right word ..viz UNCERTAINTY in China that would make any oversea Chinese think twice whether to return to the motherland for good .

    eventhough China is set to become the next super economic power …critics have argued that there would be a China Bubble burst …

    this is due in part to the sheer greed of the chinese middle class in china to grab every opportunity to enrich themselves by investing in properties that drove the prices so artificially high …and banks are lending like no body business ..everywhere in china there is this ugly head of greed, corruption and deceit . when this bubble there will economic repurcussions on the society .

    The focus by the govt on rapid growth has deepened the gap between the agrarian peasantry and the increasing rich middle class.

    will a civil unrest result from this ? i think it would very likely someday .

    china does not have the fundamentals to run a big economy …as in USA or Japan ..which are more attractive to the intellectuals amongst teh oversea chinese .

    Hence going back to the motherland could only be a distinct possibility .

    the chinese would prefer to migrate to gwailo ( mat salleh) countries like Down Under , Canada , New Zealand or the US. In the 70’s and 80’s if u could recall …”my family and i are migrating to so and so country ” were so popularly heard …they took pride at leaving m’sia since the country could not promise better value.

    but once they left …not everyone was making ..thy found discrimination in their new host countries.

    i found it baffling when the govt introduced several
    measures to bring back these former m’sians …to help us to develop ..the govt shuld be wise enough to only take in only those who have genuine
    hearts to come back …not because of promises of wealth as thy would the first to forsake the country when we need them most in future ..

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