Events unfolded in the Kuala Lumpur High Court yesterday gave clear indications that Anwar is walking back the old lane, blaming others for his alleged MISENDEVOURS. Accusing others for CONSPIRACY against him had been Anwar’s TRADEMARK line of defence, which did not help him in 1998, and which may fail him again this time round.

Both Anwar and his lead counsel Karpal Singh are politicians. As politicians, they know very well, CONSPIRACY is part of political game, internationally and locally. The Jews were known to have CONSPIRED to control the world, hence their people in the world media and in corridors of power of Washington, Westminster and everywhere. During the COLD WAR, NATO countries CONSPIRED to undermine the Warsaw Pact countries, and vica versa.  

In Malaysia, DAP has long CONSPIRED to bring down the Malay-led UMNO, and the UMNO-led Perikatan and BN, to achieve their MALAYSIAN MALAYSIA and SECULAR MALAYSIA, which are against the spirit and letters of the Federal Constitution, which provided for SPECIAL POSITION OF THE MALAYS and ISLAM THE RELIGION OF THE FEDERATION. In the run down to the 2008 General Election, DAP managed to bring PKR and PAS  to be part of the CONSPIRACY. Its no co-incidence that the name PAKATAN literally means CONSPIRACY.

 Leaders of PAKATAN are so obsessed with CONSPIRACY that they would blame almost anything befalling them or their leaders on CONSPIRACY. Saiful seeking job in Anwar’s office a CONSPIRACY. Saiful accompanying Anwar to Hong Kong and Singapore a CONSPIRACY. Anwar’s alleged  HORNY  feeling for Saiful a CONSPIRACY. Anwar asking Saiful to come to his  condo a CONSPIRACY. And Anwar’s alleged KISSING , ROMANTIC EMBRACE and SODOMY a CONSPIRACY.

 As a vastly experience, almost over-aged lawyer, Karpal knows better than anybody else, that the Court and the Rakyat are not really interested whether there was any conspiracy or not in the birth of SODOMY 2. The Court and the rakyat, in particular the Muslims, are more interested to establish whether Anwar had indeed  betrayed the faith and trusts of the rakyat, in particular the Muslims, in him. They are keen to know whether Anwar had indeed been overwhelmed by the EVIL URGES, to degrade himself by performing the alleged KISS, ROMANTIC EMPRACE and SODOMY upon Saiful.

 If the alleged KISSING, ROMANTIC EMBRACE and SODOMY indeed took place,  the Rakyat, in particular the Muslims are ready to kick Anwar to hell, ONCE AND FOR ALL….. despite what  a few Australian MPs think.

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6 Comments on “Anwar Selling CONSPIRACY THEORY Again”

  1. majufikir Says:

    hi tmk ,

    people need to be educated of why conspiracy as a defense in this type of criminal cases MUST fail

    in the previous sodomy case : despite him being found guilty ..the cries of “conspiracy” by the rakyat against him was so deafeningly overwhelming ..despite the presiding judge the late apul augustine’s assertion that conspiracy is not relevant ..but the rakyat and the politicians of course had made their minds that anything thrown at anwar was conspired . full stop.

    however in the current case , the reverse seem to happen ..the rakyat including anwar;s own camp and pas supporters seemto have abandoned him . hence his much hyped-up ‘conspiracy’ theory holds no water at least in the eyes of the rakyat in general .

    let us look from a legal commonsense … assuming i hate u so much as you are likely to be a stumbling block to my ambition to be a leader ..and i would try to look for any bad thing about u so that i could highlight to the press …and therefore yo u would be ashamed . Now assuming you really perpetrate a bad thing say raping a person ..and the victim confided i me…and i advised her or him to lodge a police report as that is a criminal offence. Now the police duly investigate and found that there is prima facie case against u that u really did the act … what is the heck to do with with me…if you semen is proven to be in the critical part of the victim …the onus is on you to prove that either the semen is not yours or if it is you may plead alibi ..say you were not at the place at the particular time and someone else probably happend to plant your semen there …again it is the same the onus to prove so is yours …not for you to plead my conspiracy against you it is not relevant . I might clap my hand in glee but that;s not the issue ,..the main is did you do it ..only that .. why talk about other things ..UMNo is bad lah and all ..

    this time the rakyat are getting wiser …but at the same restless due to the mind-boggling delays ..

    • warisan tmk Says:

      It is very strange that a vastly experienced criminal lawyer like Karpal Singh had taken POLITICAL APPROACH in defending Anwar, by putting forward CONSPIRACY THEORY.

      The only possible explaination would be, Karpal has not much confidence in getting Anwar OFF THE HOOK. Karpal may be PRIVY to certain information, the same information shared with Anwar’s former leading Councel, Sulaiman Abdullah, before. Mysteriously, Sulaiman decided to withdraw from the case, citing health problems.

      As Chairman of DAP, Anwar’s political survival is UTMOST in his mind. Without Anwar, the Pakatan ‘trinity’ is destined to COLLAPSE. Collapse of Pakatan means collapse of DAP, while collapse of DAP means roof falling on the head of Karpal.

      So, to Karpal, let Anwar lose legally, but still survive politically, to maintain certain lafeline to Pakatan. Karpal is imagining a boxing match, with Anwar on one corner and Najib on the other. Through purely legal approach, there is NO WAY to touch Najib.

      This is most probable reason why Karpal is willing to compromise his oaths a PROFESSIONAL LAWYER.

  2. majufikir Says:

    tmk ,

    as a professional karpal is free to choose any client he chooses . whatever motive they have whether money or political alliance is their own choice. they are bound by their own charter not to disclose to others

    however as you say …he may be dragged unwillingly into this dragging game of his client …and might risk losing his international reputation as a great and respected lawyer. if i were him i would have bolted out …anwar should best be defended by other lesser known lawyers who are above politics .

    i’m sure karpal knows it …so do so many counsels in the country and law students that in such a straight forward case ..of rape and sodomy there is nothing much you can play around with . evidences if any such as semen ,DNAs are admissible evidence and actionable per se . the rest are corroborative and or circumstantial evidence . it as as simple as that . so the defense must up a very strong case to rebut the evidence and not to link it to conspiracy theories…i have not come across cases in law books before in which a rapist cited conspiracy for him raping another …but i have across war stories in which a soldier was asked to rape his countrywoman under duress .in this case if ever he was charged ,still the onus is on him to prove that he was under duress ..however if he was under the influnce of alcohol ..he would be found guilty too..but raping under conspiracy ? u tell me .

    but the defense should not care about the numerous blogs and articles and coffee shop talk of people finding anwar already guilty …the judge is not going to base on those ..he is basing on the evidence submitted to him in an open trial ..they just need to focus on the trial ..and don;t have to worry about that…it’s a normalcy …in big cases like this ..

    anwar is innocent until proven guilty ..that’s the maxim that we m’sians must learn to respect where else is the best venue ..not in the mosque but in an open court surely .

    by anwar filing a yet another appeal to recuse the judge …after failing….there is a joke going round now that he is well breaking m’sia’s Guuenss records of the most no of appeals filed. i believe Mr karpal should either tell his client otherwise follow the footsteps of the previous counsel..this way he will keep his reputation intact ..which is much more worth it ..if he thinks deeply..

    • warisan tmk Says:


      What a great peace of advice to Karpal.

      Karpal should take a very serious note about your caution, that, he is putting his HARD-EARNED REPUTATION at stake by dancing to Anwar’s music.

  3. majufikir Says:

    Just to share …

    It is said that A leader no matter which party they belong to must always safeguard their reputation they will come down in history someday as either:-

    a)someone worth-remembering for their principles and deeds ( the likes of tun razak,mahathir , tun tan siew sin, tun sambathan ,etc )or
    b)someone not worth remembering at all for their unprincipled actions . or
    c) someone who is being totally ignored as ever in existence before ( many in this category) or
    d)much worse as someone who will be remembered but despised in history for generations for their deceit , corruption ,immorality and anti-nationalism )

    The choice and responsibility is all theirs ..

    A leader should not succumb to false personal glory, short-lived popularity or ill-gotten wealth which are in effect worthless in the face of a loss of reputation fact , Confucius in his edict says people who are going for this are just like fleeting clouds ..( worthless )….

  4. Henry Says:

    Listen to the Paul Drockton Conspiracy Radio Show!

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