What 1MALAYSIA Is Meant To Mean

Ever since DS Najib took over the Malaysia’s Premiership in March 2009, one of the most uttered words in Malaysia has been 1MALAYSIA.

DS Najib’s choice of ‘1MALAYSIA, Rakyat Didahulukan Pencapaian Diutamakan’ as his ‘battlecry ‘ could not have come at a more appropriate time. For over 50 years after the independence of Federation of Malaya, in Bahasa Melayu, Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, in 1957, 6 years before the formation of Malaysia, MAJORITY of Malayans, later Malaysians, were working together SELFLESSLY to build the newly independent country, UPON the foundations carefully put in place by the co-founders of our modern nation.

By and large, the multi-racial Malaysians had accepted the long-term basis of living together, known as the SOCIAL CONTRACT, agreed upon by our forefathers, which became the FUNDAMENTALS of the Malaysian Constitution. The 50 over years of PEACE and POLITICAL STABILITY had brought about PROGRESS and PROSPERITY to the country and the Rakyat. Towards the end of  50 post-independence years, Malaysia had joined the rank of  TOP 20 BIGGEST TRADING NATION on this planet Earth, besides enjoying the praise and respect of being home of world’s tallest landmark, the Petronas Twin-Towers.

However, results of the PRU 12 in 2008 clearly exposed SERIOUS  THREAT to the long-held belief that ‘Malaysian Model’ had been one of the most successful in the world in building a multi-racial country. What went wrong, that after 50 years of PEACE, STABILITY and PROSPERITY, certain sections of Malaysians began to openly questioned the FOUNDATIONS of our nation, on which stood one of the most celebrated LANDMARKS in the world. What went wrong that MOST NOISES were coming from the more physically developed states like Selangor, Perak, Kuala Lumpur and Penang. Co-incidently, the states have relatively higher percentage of non-Malays than other less developed states.

Events unfolding after the PRU 12 are putting Malaysia at a MAJOR cross-road. Is Malaysia taking similar DISINTEGRATION route which had overwhelmed countries like Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, and to some extent Lebanon? How much more the non-Malays would gain by trying to ‘knock down’ the  foundations of our modern nation which were carefully put in place by our forefathers. Would not such selfish endevours end up with the COLLAPSE of the whole building and put all in peril?

DS Najib’s ‘1MALAYSIA, Rakyat Didahulukan Pencapaian Diutamakan’ battle-cry is well-meant to bring together the multi-racial rakyat to the original path of walking hand-in-hand along a single path, towards a single destination, and together we build the nation.

When DS NAJIB unvailed the ‘1MALAYSIA’ , I summarised his aspirations as follows:

1.   ALL Malaysians will be taken care of, and none will be sidelined.

2.  ALL Malaysians will accept the multi-racial nature of our society, over and above the ‘tolerant’ level.

3.   Let the multi-racial nature of our society be the source of our  strength and excellence.

4.   Lets achieve UNITY despite DIVERSITY.

5.   ALL Malaysians will enjoy EQUAL rights and opportunities, within the framework of our Federal Constitution.

Malaysians have no other options, but to accept facts of history which coloured our Constitution, and accept to live side by side with people of different races, creeds, religions and peculiarites, and turn Malaysia into ‘Heaven on Earth’. Despite certain provisions in our Constitution, there is BIG ENOUGH CAKE to share, rather than fight for. The other option is DEAD-END, PERIL and SELF-DESTRUCTION.

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5 Comments on “What 1MALAYSIA Is Meant To Mean”

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  2. majufikir Says:

    tmk ,

    i don’t think najib’s magical “1 Malaysia” is a battle cry …he does not need to do battle with the PR as they are not worth battling against .

    Rather it is his rallying cry for all m’sians irregardless of race ,relgion and creed to re-embrace the perpaduan , the muhibbah and the unity that was propagated after 13th may 1969 which was effective to a certain extent

    …If not for the chauvinism and racist mentality of the DAP sought to sow hatred amongst the chinese populace so that they would distant themselves from the national mainstream and if not for the narrow religious bigotry of PAS which split the malays asunder najib would have no need to come out with this rallying cry .

    nonetheless , this ” 1 Malaysia ” is timely …not only does it shackle down the pretentious character of the PR politicians and their narrow struggles but also serves as a morale-booster cry for the civil service . it seeks to redefine deliveries to the rakyat . it seeks to enhance performance of overall by all m’sians…it augments the “m’sia boleh” spirit and in short it is much bigger than battling against the PR ..which leaders can be decribed as a ” don quixote” ..who always look at UMNO and BN in the negatively light …and do not have the spirit of true identity of being malaysian ..what else can we say then …as they openly go on smearing campaign to paint the country negatively overseas so that they would not come and invest…and so that they will stay away from our country …

    These so-called leaders are what the great Confucious described as “the little men” who are selfish unto themselves who actually seek power nothing else but hood wink the rakyat …and they are not worth being listed in history at all …in fact they should be ashamed of themselves …i was informed by a friend that his japanese friends in japan asked why in the world are some malaysians doing smearing the good name of their own country overseas …whereas teh japs look up to our country with much respecct .

    Najib and BN can just keep on focusing on the deliverables to the rakyat and the country …and keep on improving …in fact i got a feeling that the silent majority amongst the malays , chinese and indians are now solidly supporting the govt this time ….in view of this “1 malaysia” by najib as they see the sincerity in BN and the worms in the PR .
    Very soon ..these recaltirant PR leaders are going to feel alienated…as the rakyat especially the younger set will find them as un-Malaysian and will have to be “discarded” away ….

    so spread the word ” 1 malaysia ” to all !!

    • warisan tmk Says:


      I always look forward for your comments, which I find are of the highest quality. It reflects your honesty and straighforwardness, which I seldom find in even more established blogs. Bravo man…

      The above comment in particular made me spell-bound…. your thoughts are almost ‘extra-terristorial’ in nature.

      So much so, I’d forwarded the above comment to one of my favourite PLAYGROUNDS, the MALAYSIA TODAY PEOPLE’S PORTAL.

      When I first entered the MT Portal about a year and a half ago, I found myself almost ALONE, standing for WISDOM and COMMON SENSE, against the over-whelming PRO-PAKATAN bloggers therein.

      However, since Najib’s take over of the baton in March last year, I found the mood of bloggers there have CHANGED tremendously. The pro-BN bloggers I reckon have reached 30-40%, if not yet 50%.

      And we are talking about the MOST HARDCORE Pro-PAKATAN blog.

  3. majufikir Says:

    tmk ,

    i feel a bit flattered by ur comments ha ha ha …but then like u i felt compelled to share my 2 cents if they are of any worth to you …in view of the incessant onslaught of lies some of which were concocted to hoodwink the M’sian public.

    u see ..if we read world histories and civilizations including the modern world and make an honest inference ( not with tempered souls of hatred and arrogance) one simply cannot deny that there is no other govt in this world ( i can back up with facts) which is so successful . Given a short period after 13th may , the largely poor and uneducated populace in particular were transformed to a certain extent ..

    I must say that this BN govt spearheaded by UMNO have lots and loads of common sense, emotional intelligence , foresight , great vision ,tolerance , the skill and i must say an in-bulit mechanism to reflect when matters are against it and to leap forward in improvements. The BN is the only viable alternative for a country like M’sia .

    The PR ( if they really believe …mind u some have already doubted their abilities after PRU12 …because they have been talking too much than they think ) that they can manage this country ..need only to swallow their pride and look at things in perspective …at the big picture.

    Do they have such mechanism as the BN ? what will happen to their struggles when anwar , lim kit siang , karpal , nik aziz and haji hadi are long gone ( they are not immortals – age is fast catching up u see ) . Their over-independence on individualism rather than on policies ,rather than on the well-being of the country are nothing but shallow and must fail .

    To these leaders they only have to rationalize within in silence and truthfully ask ” what have i given or done to the country all this while ? “…before the chapter in history is close on them ..either they want to be remembered as towering m’sians or the little petty men with petty issues and petty goals.

    whilst BN ‘s leaders can come and go ..some have contributed immensely to the country via this big BN ship whilst some have revolted in mutiny but failed miserably ..the ship will sail on . as the direction is not on individuals but on the country called M’sia .

    Individuals for how charismatic they seem to be ( in public they seem that way ) have no place in BN . The country only needs sons who are sincere and selfless ….and who can see things in a bigger picture . when a leader have these pre-requisites you cannot escape but producing leaders like Razak and other PM’s and of course the towering Mahathir ..so are the other great leaders amongst the Tan Siew sin , Manickavsangam etc and so are the nameless thousands of the sons of the soil who had sacrificed their lifes to defend the country ..and in the words of the great poet Kahlil Gibran ..these people actually do not die !! ( implies Kahlil ..they are people who are breathing now but actually have long been dead in their souls especially those who have sold the country )

    Till then .

  4. majufikir Says:

    hi tmk,

    The warisan2 melayu

    I remember writing something about re-viving some of
    the real warisan of the malays which need to be pursued

    One of which is the SILAT .and i’m proud that Najib (yesteday’s news ) had agreed to set up an academy of the Seni Silat Gayong.

    Now there are simply numerous off-shoots of silat the warisan of the malays and these are all not only healthy but very necessary in the light of the challenges facing the community ..

    When need to beef up our young gen with healthy bodies and minds in order to defend the country when in need.Invariably , silat teaches self -descipline ,patience and love for the country , the King and Islam..and to stay away from immoral activities.

    Furthermore , it is a good way to shed the fats away and to avoid the killer illnesses associated with lack of exercise and unhealthy life-style . We have to bring back the traditions of the malay warriors …and silat trained individuals can help the authorities to bring down the rate of crime .

    Hence ..all UMNO’s and Malay NGO’s should pool our resources to introduce silats as an very good past-time in all tamans , desa , colleges , etc ..

    In order to attract the young in , all silats ..gayong , lincah , cekak etc …demonstrations in open fields can be conducted as in the yesteryears .

    Can u forward this idea to those concerned ..

    Hidup warisan melayu !

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