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Sex Scandal PROMOTED Chua To MCA Presidency

March 31, 2010

There is an English expression, BLESSING IN DISGUISE. This fit well into what had FURNISHED the ‘later-part’ life of Chua Soi Lek, the newly-elected President of MCA.

 A few months before the last General Election, CSL lost almost everything, after his ‘sexual misendevours’ became public. He openly admitted his GUILT, and relinquished all his Government and party posts. Fortunately for him, his wife did not leave him, infact remain supportive and loyal to him.

His open admission of GUILT was seen by some as NAIVE and STUPID. But, as later chapters of his life unfolded, his open admission somehow managed to protrude his HONESTY, and at the same time, win some sympathy. This was proven when he capitalised on his predicaments to push himself up the POLITICAL LADDER by winning the contest for the Deputy President of MCA at the end of 2008.

And, last Sunday, in the arguably THE MOST CLASSIC contest for the MCA Presidency in its history, Chua managed to garner enough support to push himself up to the TOP OF THE LADDER, by being elected the 8th President of MCA, defeating both the immediate past-President, Ong Ka Ting, and the serving-President, Ong Tee Keat.

Had there been no such public ‘humiliation’, Chua could have been satisfied with the vice-President of MCA and a ministerial post to look after. And, with Ong Tee Keat almost 10 years younger than him, there would be a very slim chance for him to move up the ladder.

To many MCA observers, they believed that Ong Tee Keat charted his own downfall by INDUCING the sacking Chua from his post as Deputy President, which he won despite the earlier sexual misendevours. OTK was then seen as ‘takut dengan bayang-bayang’, literally means ‘afraid of the shadow’. Chua must be COLD FROZEN, before he could spread his influence and support up and down the country.

And last Sunday, the VICTIM of political ‘marginalisation’ within MCA has become the VICTOR.

To some extend, the sex scandal has indirectly PROMOTED Chua up the political ladder. Challenges have successfully been turned into opportunities. Fortunately for Chua, in MCA, ‘adulterous life’ or ‘extra-marital affairs’ seem to be regarded only as ‘small sins’.

However, Chua must learn his lessons well. Turning challenges into opportunities, may happen some time, but not all the time. The delegates may be sympathetic to your open admission, and expressions of guilt, when things may have been uncovered the FIRST TIME. But if such ‘misendevours’ were to happen again, there will no longer be any mercy on you.

Another sex scandal will definitely BOOT YOU TO HELL.


Anwar’s EXTREMELY Dirty Politics

March 26, 2010

March 2008 was considered a GOOD MONTH for Anwar Ibrahim. The 12th General Election saw his  BA coalition(now called ‘Pakatan’, literally means CONSPIRACY)  managed to deny the BN its traditional two-third majority in Parliment, and send the BN state governments of Penang, Perak, Selangor and Kedah packing, apart from retaining PAS stronghold Kelantan.

However, March 2010 is NIGHTMARE MONTH for him. Last week, at the start of new parlimentary session, Anwar’s former henchman, former PKR chief of Penang, Zahrain, dropped his first bombshell since he left PKR, by REVEALING that Anwar had used DECEITS to entice BN Members of Parliment to cross-over to the Pakatan. According to Zahrain, Anwar CLAIMED that he had the support of the Yang Dipertuan Agung, and the Military, in his effort to INDUCE enough cross-overs from the BN.

Anwar suffered WORSE NIGHTMARE a few days later, when another of his former henchman, Zulkifli Nordin, EXPOSED Anwar’s PLOY to implicate Najib and Rosmah in the murder of Altantuya Shariibu. As narrated by Zulkifli Nordin, the PLOY included getting certain people to make STATUTORY DECLARATIONS implicating Najib and Rosmah in the horrendous act.

Most people think POLITICS is DIRTY. But with Anwar, POLITICS has become EXTREMELY DIRTY.

Chinese Dilema – How To Reject ‘Racism’ BUT Accept Dilecticism.

March 22, 2010

The New Sunday Times, in yesterday’s edition, in covering the upcoming MCA party elections, revealed a very interesting insight into Chinese DIALECT GROUPS, which reflect from which part of China the forefathers of the particular DIALECT GROUP originated from.

The report, which was based on National Census 2000, Department of Statistics Malaysia, the HOKKIENS are the largest DIALECT GROUP with 2,020, 868 members, followed by the Hakkas(1,092,854), the Cantonese(1,067,994), the Teochews(497,280), the Hainanese(141,045), followed by other smaller dialect groups including the Kwongsais, the Foochows, the Henghuas, the Hockchias and others.

It is well-known, not only among the Chinese, that all the dialect groups would be BOUNDED by their respective DIALECT-BASED ASSOCIATIONS like the Federation of Hokkien Associations of Malaysia, Federated Teochew Association of Malaysia and the Federation of Hainan Association of Malaysia. And, it is well-known, not only among the Chinese, that such associations would look after the welfare and interests of their members, including providing business capital or business loans.

Despite Chinese-centred political parties like DAP labelling UMNO, MCA, MIC and other race-based parties as RACIST, they never question the existence of the sub-race DIALECT-BASED GROUPINGS. Infact, none of the multi-racial parties ever label DIALECT-BASED GROUPINGS as racist, the way they label UMNO, MCA and MIC.

The way I see it, the existence of DIALECT-BASED GROUPINGS to serve the welfare and interests of their members, is very much similar to the existence of Malay RACE-BASED NGOs and political parties like the United Malays National Organisation(UMNO) , an umbrella organisation of the Malays in Malaysia, who look after the welfare and interests of Malays in the country.

To those Chinese who label race-based NGOs and political parties as NECESSARILY RACIST, I hope they would review their NAIVE STAND on the issue. If they can accept the DIALECT-BASED groupings, and never consider them as racist, they have to equally accept RACE-BASED NGOs and political parties too.

As I pointed out times before, it is NOTHING RACIST about having race-based NGOs or political parties. It is the way the NGOs and the political parties conduct themselves which will determine whether they are racist or not. The fact that race-based parties like UMNO, MCA and MIC can work together in a multi-racial set-up like the Alliance Party and the Barisan Nasional(BN) is clear indication that they ARE NOT racist.

On the other hand, certain party may have overwhelming majority of members from certain RACE GROUP, and minority from other race groups combined, and hand-picked leaders from the minority groups as ‘icing on the cake’. Despite their multi-racial posture, they may still be MOST RACIST of all.

Had Anwar Attempted Coup d’etat?

March 20, 2010

As an NST editor put it, the former PKR Chief of Penang, MP for Bayan Baru, YB Zahrain, was the STAR of this week’s Dewan Rakyat, with revealations even BATTLE-HARDENED Anwar found it too unbearable to remain in the Dewan.

Congratulation YB Zahrain for your gallant ANWAR-BASHING, which you have every right to inflict on him, after what he has done to his own supporters like you, the Malays, Islam and the country, Malaysia.

From his body language,  and other incidences surrounding the Anwar’s 16th September BOOST, I believe YB Zahrain was telling the truth, NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH.

That being the case, Anwar may have ATTEMPTED A COUP D’ ETAT which miserably failed, and are inviting  APPROPRIATE ACTIONS from the Government according to the Laws of the Land. Anwar may have DASHED OUT to England to escape the possible WRATH OF THE LAWS.

Light At the End of MCA Tunnel

March 18, 2010

Malaysian Chinese Association(MCA ) was one of only TWO founder members of the Alliance Party, besides the United Malays National Organisation(UMNO), before they were joined at a later stage by the Malaysian Indian Congress(MIC). After the 13th May crisis of 1969, the Aliance Party was enlarged to receive new members including PAS, Gerakan, and several other Sarawak-based and Sabah-based parties, to form a larger coalition, renamed Barisan Nasional(BN).

Besides being one of the founding partners in the Alliance Party, MCA is the SECOND largest party in the BN coalition. MCA was formed in early 1950s, at a time when a huge section of the Chinese community were sympathetic to the Malaysian Communist Party(MCP) under the leadership of Chin Peng, a branch of the Communist Party of People’s Republic of China. In contrast to the MCP who insurrected armed struggle against the  formation of ‘transition government’ of Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, which were jointly engineered by UMNO, Raja Melayu and the British, MCA chose to work alongside UMNO, Raja Melayu and the British, to chart the road-map to full independence of the Persekutuan Tanah Melayu.

Factional split within MCA was NOTHING NEW. Even Gerakan was born out of a split within MCA, in mid-1960s. And there were further splits in the party in later years. However, the relevance of MCA to the Chinese community, and the wisdom of the party’s delegates, proved times and again, that MCA has the INNER STRENGTH and RESILIENCE to recover from their internal bickerings. There were RELATIVE stability in the party during 15 over years Presidency of TS Ling Liong Sik, before he resigned in 2003, and taken over by Ong Ka Ting. During OKT  5 years tenure as President, MCA must have enjoyed one of the most peaceful periods in their history. Despite that, the ‘political tsunami’ of March 2008 did not spare MCA, except in certain major strongholds, prompting OKT to tender his resignation as the party President, in the aftermath of it.

Almost immediately after the major setback, MCA’s partner, UMNO, the backbone of the BN, started to ‘reorganise its columns’, and by March 2009, a year after the ‘tsunami’, Tun Abdullah Badawi handed over the baton to DS Najib Razak, who almost immediately  introduced multiplicity of measures to REGAIN the support of the rakyat, including introducing the 1Malaysia ‘rakyat didahulukan, pencapaian diutamakan’. After only six months of Najib’s takeover, his APPROVAL RATING among the rakyat had tremendously soared, to over 70% among the Malays and Indians, and almost 50% among the Chinese. BN even managed to get early bonuses by the fall of Perak back to the BN fold, and estounding victory of  UMNO/BN candidate Isa Samad in the Bagan Pinang bye-election.

While UMNO is back in full battle-gear, in FULL STATE OF ALERTNESS, to re-capture BN lost territories in the 2008 General Election, MCA has been deeply embroiled in INTERNAL SQUABBLES. ‘Kopitiam talks’ seem to point to the PERSONALITY CLASH between President Ong Tee Keat and Deputy President Chua Soi Lek as the SOURCE of the problem this time round. It appeared that CSL’s ‘sexual misendevours’ was used by OTK to sack CSL from his Deputy President Post. Almost co-incidently, OTK were put in equally DIFFICULT POSITION, after being accused of receiving RM10m ‘political fund’ which were NEVER recorded in MCA official account book. 

At a time when both OTK and CSL are both perceived as PROBLEMATIC and may not be able to lead MCA to full recovery to serve the rakyat, let alone regaining the support of  the Chinese community, and while the most ‘eligible’  Vice president, Yeow Tiong Lai, still regarded by many as too young for the Presidency, the idea of BRINGING BACK Ong Ka Ting as ‘the saviour’ of the party seems to be TIMELY and  may provide the long-awaited light at the end of MCA tunnel.

Lee Chong Wei and Spirit of ‘Old Time’ Malaysia

March 15, 2010

CONGRATULATION Lee Chong Wei, for winning for HIMSELF and MALAYSIA, the much covetted All-England Badminton Single Title, in Birmingham, England, yesterday. Its a rare achievement, accomplished only by a few other Malaysians and Malayans before. The whole nation were glued to their TV sets, at some moments almost OUT OF BREATH, in unison with Chong Wei, in overcoming the spirited opposition.

 From the life transmission beamed from England, Chong Wei was well supported by Malaysians multi-racial crowd of  supporters, who were united in PUSHING  ON Chong Wei in achieving hard-earned points, under watchful eyes of coach Misbun Sidek, himself a runners-up in similar tournament during his playing years.

 As Malaysians, we are VERY PROUD of Chong Wei, Misbun Sidek and the multi-racial Malaysian supporters, whose shouts of MALAYSIA BOLEH were clearly heard in Malaysian homes. What more, when Chong Wei, drapped in Malaysian JALUR GEMILANG went up the rostrum to receive his HONOURS.

It was another Malaysian SUCCESS STORY. It epitomised the ‘old time’ spirit of Malaysia, which had united the Malaysians from the early years of independence, in building the nation, and in overcoming adversaries. It was the same spirit shared by all Malaysians for the first 10 years of our independence in wading through the EMERGENCY YEARS. Despite the DISTURBANCES of 1969, similar spirit were restored, and even enhanced further, ensuring PEACE, STABILITY and PROSPERITY for the following  30 over years.

However, the spirit of  good ‘old time’ Malaysia seems  to be part of our history too, rather than remaining as the present. Certain IRRESPONSIBLE  ELEMENTS in our society, for their narrow personal interests, are ‘robbing’ the Malaysians of the ‘old time’ spirit of Malaysia.

Thanks for the TOWERING LEADERSHIP of DS Najip, for his ideas in bringing back to life  the ‘old time’ Malaysia, under a new banner of ‘1MALAYSIA’. And thanks to Chong Wei for giving us the PRIDE and OPPORTUNITY to embrace and congratulate each other in the spirit of  ‘old time’ Malaysia, now re-named ‘1Malaysia’.

UNDERCURRENTS Behind Political Tsunami 2008

March 10, 2010

It has been TWO YEARS since the 2008 ‘political tsunami’ STUNNED our traditionally PEACEFUL, STABLE and PROSPEROUS country.  Not many will dispute that, after two years, the STRONG UNDERCURRENTS are pushing the country closer and closer to the brink of  unprecedented RACIAL SHOWDOWN.

To those who are used to ‘baling batu sembunyi tangan’, literally means ‘hiding the hand after throwing stone’, they would EXPECTEDLY blame all the prevailing RACIAL UNEASINESS on UMNO/BN and the Government. To them, the present AIR OF CRISIS was ‘created’ by UMNO, in order to rally the support of Malays, after suffering their most serious ‘drubbing’ by the Anwar-led Pakatan coalition of PKR, DAP and PAS in the Mac 2008 General Election.

The ‘baling batu sembunyi tangan’ leaders would like to see such line of thinking be SWALLOWED without much question by the rakyat, especially the non-Malays, who were MADE TO BELIEVE that they are victims of racial discrimination in this country. However, certain reflections into over 50 years after the  country’s independence from the British in 1957, make us wonder whether the prevailing RACIAL UNEASINESS  is a result of the ‘political tsunami’ of 2008, or WAS the tsunami a result of RACIAL UNEASINESS ‘created’ before the March 2008 General Election?’.

Our reflections do not have to go too far into the past to uncover the TRUTHS. It was only in 2004, a year after Tun Dr Mahathir stepped down as  our Prime Minister, to give way to Tun Abdullah Badawi, that UMNO/BN won UNPRECEDENTED over 90% parlimentary seats in the 11th General Election, THRASHING the loose coalition of Pakatan, then called the Barisan Alternatif(BA). And, as late as 2007, in the bye-election in Ijok, Selangor, Khalid Ibrahim, the present MB of Selangor, of PKR, was defeated by an Indian BN candidate in the Malay majority constituency. The rakyat, by and large, were living in HAPPY MODE and sensitive issues on race and religion were seldom discussed openly. Meaning, up to 2007, the rakyat still had COMPLETE FAITH in the UMNO/BN Government.

How then, out of a sudden, within a few months of the 12th General Election in Mac 2008, a known CLEAN GOVERNMENT was suddenly be perceived as CORRUPTED, a multi-racial BN were suddenly perceived as a grouping of RACIST PARTIES under the DOMINANT UMNO, and a nation of GREAT OPPORTUNITIES and PROSPERITY was suddenly perceived as  causing difficulties to the rakyat by the highways toll hikes, periodic increases in petrol prices and  rising prices of basic necessities of the rakyat. Out of NO WHERE, over a hundred thousand demonstrators clad in yellow T-Shirts jammed up the Kuala Lumpur streets demanding ELECTION REFORMS, followed by the unprecedented sight of over 20,000 Indians making their presence felt in the KL City Centre, FIRED up by certain BASELESS REPORTS of ethnic cleansing against their community and demolition of their temples.

All seemed to point to well ORCHESTRATED chain of events and ‘incidences’ in the run up to the GRAND FINALE, the 12th General Election in March 2008. For political survival and BURNING AMBITIONS of a few, the rakyat was robbed of their PEACEFUL, STABLE and PROSPEROUS past, of over 50 years, perhaps to a point of no return.

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