Anwar’s Multiple Mistakes, As I See It.

Within the past few weeks, the world witnessed two major earthquakes, one which  had turned almost the whole of Port-au-Prince, the capital of island-state Haiti into rubbles, killing hundreds of thousands of its inhabitants, while another which took place below the sea off the Chilean coast, which triggered tsunami which devastated Chilean coastal towns and settlement, and rippled accross the Pacific Ocean to cause havocs as far as Japan.

The two major earthquakes  have eclipsed ‘series of tremours’ taking place in Malaysia. The ‘tremours’ were not detected on Richter scale as it did not cause any ground or sea movement like in Haiti or Chile, but they have SHAKEN the PKR party led by Anwar Ibrahim, the party which is acting like DOUBLE-SIDED TAPE, holding the other two partners of opposition Pakatan, DAP and PAS  together.

 Since the resignation of its General Secretary, Salehuddin, weeks ago,  the party was rocked by spats of defections of its lawmakers and leaders, including PKR former chief of Penang and MP for Bayan Baru, Zahrin , and Tee Beng, the MP for Nibong Tebal. And, two days back, it was the turn of Fairus Khairuddin, the former Pakatan Deputy Chief Minister, No. 1  to Lim Guan Eng, to ‘add salt to injury’ to declare his WELL-CONSIDERED DECISION to leave PKR to join UMNO.

The series of defections, including earlier defections by PKR lawmakers in Perak and Selangor have put into light the SERIOUS ERROR OF JUDGEMENT on the part of PKR de-facto leader, Anwar Ibrahim,  in selecting the candidates to represent PKR in the last General Elections. Anwar who is obviously caught by surprise by the defections tried to gain some sympathy among PKR ‘still-loyal’ supporters, by admitting MISTAKES in selecting the candidates.

Despite his admission of MISTAKES, there are people who are re-phrasing the question. Was it Anwar’s MISTAKES in selecting the candidates, OR was it the MISTAKES of the candidates and PKR supporters in ‘giving their all’ to Anwar? To many, despites Anwar’s CHARISMA and CHARMS, he had committed TOO MANY BIG MISTAKES along his political path, which is seriously RETARDING his political ambitions. 

The way I see it, one of Anwar’s BIGGEST MISTAKES was to be carried away by his ‘political-business’ close supporters to plan to challenge his POLITICAL MENTOR, Tun Dr Mahathir, for Presidency of UMNO, not long after he overwhelmed the late Tun Ghafar Baba in 1993 to grab the post of Deputy President.

Another of his BIGGEST MISTAKES was to REBEL against the decision of UMNO to sack him from the party in 1998, and triggered the REFORMASI streets demonstrations.  Many other UMNO leaders were sacked from the party, including Tun Dr Mahathir, during the late Tunku tenure as President, yet , they did not REBEL against party decision and later clawed back into the party, and leadership of the party.

And, another of his BIGGEST MISTAKES was to form a multi-racial party, the same idea which had forced the late Dato’ Onn Jaafar to resign as the first President of UMNO. This led to  another of his BIGGEST MISTAKES , to form a coalition with DAP, perceived by majority of Malays as CHINESE CHAUVANIST party whose main objectives has been to REMOVE the SPECIAL POSITION OF MALAYS AND THE BUMIPUTRA OF SABAH AND SARAWAK as allowed for in the Federal Constitution.

And, as I see it, the BIGGEST among Anwar’s BIG MISTAKES was to promise non-Malay voters in 2008 General Election to ABOLISH  the New Economic Policy(NEP) , the SOCIAL ENGINEERING INSTRUMENT introduced in the aftermath of the 1969 racial riots which had engulfed certain part of Kuala Lumpur in FLAMES. Anwar was seen as willing to trade the SPECIAL POSITION OF MALAYS for Chinese and Indian votes. Indeed, non-Malays support for Anwar increased tremendously, but among the Malays, there are those who have openly labelled him as PENGKHIANAT BANGSA, some one who works against the interests of his own race.

For all the BIG MISTAKES, its not enough for Anwar to apologise to his followers. The only REDEMPTION for Anwar is to apologise to the whole Malay community for his MISENDEVOURS, and  initiate the DISSOLUTION of the sinking PKR party, in the same way Ku Li dissolved his then sinking PMS46  in 1993.

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3 Comments on “Anwar’s Multiple Mistakes, As I See It.”

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  2. majufikir Says:

    hi tmk ,

    when u talk about mistakes ..every body makes mistakes and almost all political leaders the world over made or make mistakes …It also depends on how we view an action or the results of an or omission ..whether such is / are mistakes

    chairman mao zedong made one of the biggest mistakes in history during the Cultural Revolution and the Great Leap Forward causing up to 20 million people to die of famine ( some estimated up to 70 million).

    Tony Blair made a mistake by kow towing to George Bush in the Iraq war…Saddam made mistakes by underestimating the UN forces …and all wars for that matter were mistakes anyway.

    Locally 13th may was a mistake …and when u go down further u can see many more mistakes …PAS itself was party of mistake ..and for Malays to support PAS was a mistake…

    And plse dont make a mistake by forgetting history Haji Hadee made the biggest mistake of his life ..via his “amanat hadi”in the 80’s that had caused divisive ripple effects on Malay Muslim unity …in fact i should say that this is the single biggest mistake ever in M’sian landscape in terms of the long term efffects..and not Anwar’s neither the inconsistent Nik Aziz. If one reads Ibnu Qayyum’s ” Belitan Iblis” then you will know what i mean …Haji Hadee must atone this mistake otherwise that will be his mistake as he was responsible for the schism amongst the Malays and the narrowed and politicized interpretation of Islam . No ..he does
    not have to join UMNO or leave PAS ..suffice for him to mend back the disunity …say by fiercely advocating the Perpaduan Ummah …and not to be swayed by Nik aziz ‘s antics or party decisions of these political animals who placed Islam as lower than political ambitions .

    The towering statesman ,ingenious and exceptional Mahathir who will well be recorded in the annals of the great sons of the soil of M’sia …too made many mistakes ..

    His mistake as he said was to choose Anwar …

    Anwar did not make a mistake by going against Mahthir. It is normal to harbour ambitions to be the no One. If he won should there be a contest ..then it was not a mistake …Ku Li contested and lost..that was not a mistake ..he just lost ..

    Mistakes were made when they did not respect the leadership or to take laws into their hands and to start spreading lies and to cause disunity ..that is a mistake …for some they even went to the extent of making use of Islam to manipulate to gain votes..that is a mistake .

    In my opinion …DAP and PAS are parties with mistaken or misguided objectives . DAP ‘s objectives itself is a mistake ..their open chauvinism is a mistake …the malays supporting them had made a mistake….the chinese suppoting them has also made a mistake ..PAS too has made a grave mistake by joining the unholy alliance …PKR is a mistake they have no good objective …to form a party
    to project a person’s charisma is a big mistake as such a party can never last ..can nver last .Those members , the ADUNS and MP’s have made a mistake by believing in anwar.

    I dont think it is incumbent of anwar to aplogize to the malays ..he has gone too far …crossing the point of no return ..even if he apolgizes there is no point ..the malays have no business to do with him anymore …so just forget about him…at his age his dreams of becoming PM has faded into oblivion save for make-beliefs ..More and more malays have written him off . We dont need him to dissolve PKR …the party shall be abandoned by the members in droves ..the Indians supporting PKR had made a mistake too …but it’s not their fault ..they were promised heavens when they cast their ballots ..Indians by culture are only compatible with BN …

    Inlike others who made mistakes by making good their errors ..anwar is in a different world of errors …his errors beget more errors …as he had to cover his errors by making miscalculations he would create more errors …his biggest error was to under estimate saiful …who remains steadfast in his charge …comes earthquake or tsunami …that’s the most effective way into making Anwar making more errors…anwar’s numerous attmepts to defer the hearing is an error …as the longer he delays the more credible the charge seems to the public ….

    The PKR ADUNs were not ill-chosen by Anwar …how could an ill-chosen leader claims that his ADUns were ill-chosen ..for they are all the same.

    with or without Anwar …PKR is a foregone conclusion ….and PR will soon be a sinking ship …the faster the rest of the ADUNs and MPs

  3. majufikir Says:

    – continuation –

    …the faster the rest of the ADUNs and MPs jump ship
    to BN or to become independents which is a better ship with direction for all m’sians and country the better they will be and the better the country will be so that
    the govt can focus on delivering the goods …rather than having to deal with the endless politics played up
    by PR parties which actually is their mistake …

    Lastly , let’s support Najib in his “1 Malaysia ” as that is not a mistake …it is a magical formula to bring up the country higher and higher …..


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