Zulkifli Nordin, One of the Last Among the Earliest

Congratulations to YB Zulkifli Nordin, for the gallant move, and CONCLUDING, for the benefits of all Malaysians, in particular the Malays and Muslims, that PKR has departed from their initials idealism, and are now being focussed more towards making Anwar the country’s Prime Minister. This is perhaps one of the most PAINFUL KNOCKS suffered by PKR of late, as YB Zulkifli Nordin is seen as one of the closest ‘disciples’ of Anwar.

When Anwar’s REFORMASI movement started in 1998, following the sacking of Anwar from the cabinet and UMNO, within the compound of Anwar’s Damansara residence, there were a group of ‘close disciples’ seemed busy brain-storming, meeting, planning and strategising for Anwar. Among the close ‘disciples’ were Chandra Muzaffar, Marina Yusof, Azmin Ali, Ezam Mohd Noor, Ruslan Kassim, Zahid Md. Ariff, Anuar Tahir, Rahim Ghaus, Saifuddin Nasution,  Dr. Hassan Ali and, last but not least, Zulkifli Nordin.

Until Zulkifli’s sacking from the party, he was one of a few ‘early disciples’ who remained loyal to Anwar and PKR. Chandra Muzaffar, the former Deputy President left the party. Marina Yusof, the former Vice President left the party. Ezam Mohd Noor, the former Youth Chief left the party. Ruslan Kassim, the former Information chief left the party. Until yesterday, among the notable ‘loyal disciples’ were only Azmin Ali, Saifuddin and Zulkifli Nordin.

However, as exposed by Zulkifli, certain ‘Little Pharoahs’ seem to have taken over decision-making of the party, those who perhaps had never stepped their foot in Anwar’s Damansara residence, before he moved to Segambut Heights. And, apparently, the ‘Little Pharoahs’ are made up mostly of non-Muslims. This was reflected in the composition of the Disciplinary Committee entasked with making decision on the PRO-ISLAMIC conducts of Zulkifli.

It looks like certain things have been FATED for Zulkifli. Despite his unreserved loyalty to PKR, he has become victims of the ‘Little Pharoahs’ who are now dominating the party, at the expense of ‘Early Disciples’ like Zulkifli. ‘Little Pharoahs’ may be in control control of the heart and mind of Anwar, but can they control the heart and mind of the rakyat?

That’s the FATE of Zulkifli Nordin, one of the last among EARLY DISCIPLES of Anwar. Its interesting to know his next course of action. However, many observers believe that, UMNO will be his next stop. UMNO seems to be the ONLY party of Malays and Muslims, still on course in implementing the Malay/Muslim agenda, WITHIN the framework of National agendas.

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3 Comments on “Zulkifli Nordin, One of the Last Among the Earliest”

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  2. majufikir Says:


    in my opinion ..it does not matter which party zul chooses to join a long as he keeps on fighting for the
    malay and islamic cause.

    whilst his other “comrades” had long abandoned the party upon realizing that there were hoodwinked with idealistic slogans of reformasi , demokrasi , transperansi and all the “si’s” his charistmatic leader had been hypnotically drumming into the unthinking supporters ….i wonder why it took him too long to discover this ..and for that matter all the rest in PKR and PAS .

    common sense tells us ( that is if we use our grey matter ) that ..PR is itself an unholy alliance per se and it can never work. How could the chauvinist and racist DAP accept ketuanan Melayu and Islam ..Look at the numerous articles in their pro- blogs ..condemning UMNO , BN , Raja2 Melayu and Islam and look at some of their leaders’ attitudes so arrogantly be-littling and dismissing “1 Malaysia” and “Malaysia Boleh ” spirits and questioning Islam as the official religion. They are so outrageous ..How could people like zul not noticing this ?

    And how could PAS accept these chauvinists ..as PAS which originally wanted to set up their brand of Islamic state had declared that hudud laws in which Karpal had dared “over his dead body” would be implemented.

    In the end PAS had done a greatest sin in their political struggles by abandoning their islamic state in pursuit of their juicy dream of going to putra jaya …the same dream as dreamt by anwar ..by getting together in cohort to shoot down UMNO and BN. DAP has only one dream i.e to deny Malay and Islam dominance in pursuit of their elusive and impractical “Malaysian M’sia ” and now changed to “Middle M’sia” (?)( say personally ..isn’t ” One Malaysia” sounds nicer and meaningful? )

    Barring exceptional circumstances or God’s will ..Anwar has burnt his chances to go to putra jaya…he got it once in the last PRU 12….when BN was given a beating by the rakyat not that they rejcted BN by wanted BN to learn a lesson and change for the better ..Unforunately for anwar and his PR ..UMNO has learned fast and in Najib a transformation is taking place and increasingly gaining acceptance amongst the rakyats of all races.

    That is one of the reasons why there is an exodus of PR supporters to BN now …..they see UMNO is talking business and is more serious at delivering while their leaders are busy fighting and killing each other clamouring for positions in their false hopes and dreams to get to putrajaya .

    PAS is now being caught off track …they can’t go back to theri islamic slogans now ..as the people will laugh at them if they do now ..having abandoned it for “negara kebajikan” and their unholy alliance with their strange partner in bed.. DAP .

    finally …the faster the other leaders in PKR and PAS and the ordinary supporters realize these hypocrisies and follies of their leaders who want nothing but power ..the better for the Malays and Islam and indirectly for all M’sians as well .

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