Kit Siang’s ‘POLITICS ABOVE THE LAW’ Politics

I was PLEASANTLY SURPRISED by a statement made by the DAP Advicer Lim Kit Siang, as reported in Malaysia Today, today. The report goes like this: “DAP stalwart Lim Kit Siang claims that should Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is jailed in the currently ongoing sodomy trial, the Pakatan Rakyat would win big and will have an easier time in the next general elections. He said “If he is jailed, our motto will be free Anwar…..”.

It would not have attracted my attention had such statements be made either by Anwar Ibrahim or Nik Aziz, as both are well-known to have put POLITICAL CONSIDERATIONS well above other factors, including Malays interests, or even the interest of Islam. But for Lim Kit Siang to make such POLITICALLY CARELESS statement, its a SERIOUS DEPARTURE from what DAP has been fighting for, JUSTICE and RULE OF LAW. 

By making such statement, King Siang is actually giving VEILED THREAT to UMNO/BN that Pakatan will do better in the coming General Election with Anwar in jail. Being a politician whose WHOLE LIFE is dedicated to BRING DOWN  UMNO and TAKE AWAY THE SPECIAL POSITION OF MALAYS, why should Kit Siang exposed such ‘golden opportunity’ to his political enemies. If ‘Anwar in jail’ is so good for Pakatan in next General Election, then why all the efforts to get the Government to drop the case, including with the help of ‘foreign hands’?

Perhaps, Kit Siang is hoping that UMNO/BN leaders  in the Government would ‘misuse power’ to find ways and means to free Anwar,  for fear of Pakatan using ‘FREE ANWAR’ slogans in the coming General Election. All these while, Kit Siang  has been known to have accused UMNO/BN leaders of misusing power, corruptions and other evils. And, this time,  Kit Siang is trying to frighten UMNO/BN leaders NOT TO JAIL ANWAR.

Obviously, Kit Siang is NOT A PRINCIPLED MAN. He has PROSTITUTED justice for his political objectives. A principled man should be thinking of JUSTICE for those who seek JUSTICE. In this case, Saiful alleged that Anwar has SODOMISED HIM, and the Court has a duty to ESTABLISH and DELIVER justice.

An UPRIGHT party like UMNO/BN would not PROSTITUTE justice for political reasons. If Anwar is successful in his defense, he would walk away FREE MAN. But, if he is found guilty, jail sentence of up to 20 years await him, despite ‘political gains’ to Pakatan, as Kit Siang forecasted.

Pakatan leaders appear to be TOO OBSESSED with DREAM FOR POWER, that they are COMPROMISING, infact PROSTITUTING justice. Kit Siang has joined hands with Anwar and Nik Aziz, in their FAILURE to convince the rakyat that they would uphold JUSTICE and RULE OF LAW if they ever be given a chance to hold power. To  them, including Kit Siang, POLITICS IS ABOVE THE LAW.

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3 Comments on “Kit Siang’s ‘POLITICS ABOVE THE LAW’ Politics”

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  2. majufikir Says:

    You see even Lim Kit Siang has childishly stooped so low in his desperation to ensure that PR’s struggles to deny UMNO and BN’s dominance …by “jumping the gun” implying that Anwar will be found guilty and will therefore go to jail courtesy of the UMNO’s conspiracy and as such PR will have a better political mileage to win more votes in the PRU13.

    Perhaps like the rest of the PR’s MP’s and supporters he has now lost his inner confidence …and i think he may also suspect that his son’s strangehold in Penang may just be a short-lived affair after all .

    That’s the problem when he mixed around with the PR’s aimless political bigots too much ..he got carried away and tend to harbour false confidence that PR will go to Putrajaya.

    He Nik aziz and Anwar and Hadi has lost touch with the grassroots’ ..the silent majority’s present sentiments ..which is increasingly embracing UMNO’s more genuine and practical leadership .

    Usually when a leader lets himself being surrounded by and immersed in their fanatical supporters’ whims and fancies they tend to lose the real focus and will no longer tread on realities . ( Mahathir is one who was not easily distracted by this populism ..i suspect that being a trained doctor ..they tend to be more focus and based their decision on hard credible facts ).

    When Kit Siang mentioned yesterday ( press report) that Anwar is their leader alright .,,and they shall prepare him for the Putrajaya come PRU13 .. it only serves to confirm that these “have beens ” are still living in their obsessed dreams. It is so pathetic to say the least ..that they are so aloof …and are not in touch with reality ( or are they pretending for the benefit of the supporters? )…..

    More chunks of the critical Malay support are now shifting to UMNO …courtesy of anwar’s present trial ..and his incessant attempts to delay the trial …Mr Lim and Karpal must understand that since votes matter to them so much in the PRU13 ..Anwar’s trial has a critical bearing ..It is not as he had envisioned that “anwar going to jail ” will benefit them ..but rather his delaying and attempts to get outsiders to give moral support is causing people to be dienchanted with Anwar , Nik , Kit Siang and all .
    PR is losing support by the day ….it is like they are now holding on to a sinking ship ….and is fast slipping away ..

    Can’t they ever think rationally ? What has Clinton and Turkish PM go to do with this case ? What support can they render to him ? This case was brought up by a small insignificant rakyat who is apolitical seeking justice in the court of law .. I dont think that Clinton would support this ..has anyone asked her to verify on this ?

    Nonetheless ….despite the public’s “judgment” gaining crescendo of finding anwar guilty already …M’sians must learn to respect the law…that anwar is innocent until proven guilty .

    Let’s hear that in court ….and Kit Siang should do justice to anwar by refraining from saying that he is doomed to go to jail ..otherwise Anwar should cite him for contempt of court as that is subjudice …

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