UNDERCURRENTS Behind Political Tsunami 2008

It has been TWO YEARS since the 2008 ‘political tsunami’ STUNNED our traditionally PEACEFUL, STABLE and PROSPEROUS country.  Not many will dispute that, after two years, the STRONG UNDERCURRENTS are pushing the country closer and closer to the brink of  unprecedented RACIAL SHOWDOWN.

To those who are used to ‘baling batu sembunyi tangan’, literally means ‘hiding the hand after throwing stone’, they would EXPECTEDLY blame all the prevailing RACIAL UNEASINESS on UMNO/BN and the Government. To them, the present AIR OF CRISIS was ‘created’ by UMNO, in order to rally the support of Malays, after suffering their most serious ‘drubbing’ by the Anwar-led Pakatan coalition of PKR, DAP and PAS in the Mac 2008 General Election.

The ‘baling batu sembunyi tangan’ leaders would like to see such line of thinking be SWALLOWED without much question by the rakyat, especially the non-Malays, who were MADE TO BELIEVE that they are victims of racial discrimination in this country. However, certain reflections into over 50 years after the  country’s independence from the British in 1957, make us wonder whether the prevailing RACIAL UNEASINESS  is a result of the ‘political tsunami’ of 2008, or WAS the tsunami a result of RACIAL UNEASINESS ‘created’ before the March 2008 General Election?’.

Our reflections do not have to go too far into the past to uncover the TRUTHS. It was only in 2004, a year after Tun Dr Mahathir stepped down as  our Prime Minister, to give way to Tun Abdullah Badawi, that UMNO/BN won UNPRECEDENTED over 90% parlimentary seats in the 11th General Election, THRASHING the loose coalition of Pakatan, then called the Barisan Alternatif(BA). And, as late as 2007, in the bye-election in Ijok, Selangor, Khalid Ibrahim, the present MB of Selangor, of PKR, was defeated by an Indian BN candidate in the Malay majority constituency. The rakyat, by and large, were living in HAPPY MODE and sensitive issues on race and religion were seldom discussed openly. Meaning, up to 2007, the rakyat still had COMPLETE FAITH in the UMNO/BN Government.

How then, out of a sudden, within a few months of the 12th General Election in Mac 2008, a known CLEAN GOVERNMENT was suddenly be perceived as CORRUPTED, a multi-racial BN were suddenly perceived as a grouping of RACIST PARTIES under the DOMINANT UMNO, and a nation of GREAT OPPORTUNITIES and PROSPERITY was suddenly perceived as  causing difficulties to the rakyat by the highways toll hikes, periodic increases in petrol prices and  rising prices of basic necessities of the rakyat. Out of NO WHERE, over a hundred thousand demonstrators clad in yellow T-Shirts jammed up the Kuala Lumpur streets demanding ELECTION REFORMS, followed by the unprecedented sight of over 20,000 Indians making their presence felt in the KL City Centre, FIRED up by certain BASELESS REPORTS of ethnic cleansing against their community and demolition of their temples.

All seemed to point to well ORCHESTRATED chain of events and ‘incidences’ in the run up to the GRAND FINALE, the 12th General Election in March 2008. For political survival and BURNING AMBITIONS of a few, the rakyat was robbed of their PEACEFUL, STABLE and PROSPEROUS past, of over 50 years, perhaps to a point of no return.

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14 Comments on “UNDERCURRENTS Behind Political Tsunami 2008”

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  4. majufikir Says:

    tmk .

    the analyses on the main causes of the political tsunami were already comprehensively put forward , discussed , brainstormed , post-mortermed, soul-searched or whatever we named it all were done ..by even amongst UMNO leaders and members themselves who were not used to this kind of “beating” before .

    apart from complacency and weaknesses within UMNO and other component parties then there were also some bad decisions like increasing the fuel prices which had irked the rakyat .

    by then the biggest single factor was due to the super efficient propaganda machinery of the PR alliance.

    all parties must realize that Propaganda wars are quite lethal in any elections . Even Hitler acknowledged that Propaganda was a tool to get the people to give their souls to him ..whether it is right or wrong ..and he established quite a super efficient propaganda machinery that also included persecution for those who dissented.

    In China during Mao’s era .. propaganda posters were quite effective in rallying the peasantry to revolt agaisnt the japanese invadign forces , against the western imperialists etc .and to rally for the people’s support for the Cultural Revolution ..

    Propaganda can be described as an art of persuasion to get the people or masses to agree to our side of the story rather than the opponents’ …..

    A good propagandist is one who can even manipulate anything which is against him back to his advantage . however , an unethical propagandist is one will use whatever means such as deceit , exaggeration , cooked -up stories ,unrealistic promises which they can’t keep , etc

    whilst UMNO and BN were lulled and comfortable with their typical and generic “pembangunan , prosperity, unity ” campaign slogans which proved to be the winning formulae in previous elections…the PR propagandists had effectively utilized their broad array of munitions in the form of ceramahs by their iconic leaders ( then ) and the more effective manifestos that drove home the points that the rakyat could relate to such as free water, free this free that , no 4 D’s , no arak ..etc ..

    however , promises or lies cannot be kept long …as they say …we can fool people sometime but we cannot fool them all the time .

    i have long predicted that when PR parties kept on with their ceramahs and tolerated their unfettered and irresponsible blogs day in day out rather than concentrating on delivering what they had promised in their manifestos or start working looking for ways and means to create more jobs …they are bound to fail when the rakyat start to verify their deeds so far .

    the danger of over-promising and under-delivering will always back-fire . that’s why when pas promised to rid selangor of arak and 4 D …but failed miserably ……no body is going to believe them the next time around .

    Hence UMNO and BN must learn this lesson …set up a better propaganda machine …and deliver what you have promised otherwise don’t promise …as the rakyat once cheated or taken for a ride will never trust whatever we say afterwards ….and PR in Penang , Perak and now Selangor are each experiencing this expensive lesson that their own propaganda is back-firing on them now with droves of supporters leaving PR …

    • warisan tmk Says:


      I fully agree with you that PROPAGANDA is an art by itself. As you highlighted, it can be a determining factor in politics, and even in warfare.

      However, the term ‘propaganda’ has traditionally been associated with NEGATIVE co-notations, like DECEIT, CHEAT, FABRICATED STORIES and BASELESS ACCUSATIONS and such like.

      No doubt, those are the areas where the PR coalition are at their BEST, apart from giving empty promises.

      Anyway, its a great PITY if a government is decided based on which party has BETTER PROPAGANDA MACHINE….

      • maju fikir Says:

        tmk ,

        i agree with u that the word propaganda has a negative connotation ..whatever it is BN must ackowledge that PR has a “better” machinery to churn out issues which attract the minds and hearts of the voters….even if their concocted lies and unrealistic promises appear to be so glaring to the thinking electorates.

        i agree that BN does not have to resort to these “machiavellian” ( tendencies to lie) tactics but BN must improve the way they dessimninate info ..and they must be quick to counter any issue raised by the PR.

        One good point as I’m not sure though but Ibrahim Ali has been so effective in attracting big crowds whenever he speaks …i sense that people are attracted to listen to “off the cuff “,simple and hard hitting approach but witty rather than the usual “boring : speeches .

        there must be more such road shows ..as m’sians tend to love listening to these kind of roadshows ..just as they love to “lepak “at the mamak stalls for teh tarik …get more ” ibrahim ali’s” …but BN speakers must speak within the law …no slandering or fitnah …

        UMNO must cut down on the red tape on the protocals esp when they give speeches. They must do away with the lenghty salutation i their opening speeches . No need to mention the tan sris , the datuk sris , the datuks, datins , all those .it is so annoying ..try sitting and do a time managemetn and u will know what i mean..

        the most important people are the attendiong public…just like when we sell our products the king is the customer …so greet them first …as they are the ones who are buying .
        Rais Yatim did mention this before although there has been improvements i still hear this kind of protocol … unless the attending audience is the King or Sultans yes we have to mention as a mark of our revered tradition.

        apart from this i suggest that that all BN -friendly blogs like yours to get together to act in unison ..this will overwhelm the opposition’s blogs …

        the role of the lectuers and the intellectuals must not be underestimated… as their views are more sought after. …there are more open but pro-govt lecturers now compared to 1998 …and that’s good news ..they are coming in force to speak out their minds which were self-muted before.

        finally …all BN members in opposition-held areas must turun padang ..show ur faces . no need to wait for elections …do ur good deeds for all races …sincerley ..and the rewards will come later..

        …tq sir

  5. majufikir Says:

    The Kelantan factor

    I am not a kelantanese and am not familiar with the kelantanese mentality when it comes to politics …but having scores of kelantanese friends ..of all backgrounds be they rich or poor , intellectuals , business people ,etc i knew that kelantanese by nature
    – enterprising and more independent – are the best best to spearhead the Malay business agenda . it’s not that the other malays from other states were not good in business but rather as a community collectively the kelantanese fare much better.

    i have long visualized that once UMNO could wrestle kelantan from PAS one day and with it bring in the pembangunan projects in kelantan , UMNO could bring in assorted wealth -creation projects that could be
    allocated to the kelantanese …who – being entrprising- would grab the opportunities ….Infrastruture projects like highways, rail-roads , bridges , housing , manufacturing , educational etc could be given to the local kelantanese …they would in turn create more spin-off effects in the state …and in the process develop it …eventually kelantan could become a model progressive malay state….and would be an inspiration to the rest of the malays in the other states ..Hence , the kelantanese would be a catalyst to speed up the malay business agenda .

    however , BN and all successful kalantanese professional, intellectual and business people must get together to brainstorm this out. The mind-set of the people needs to be changed. The PAS -driven promise of going to heavens by just voting for PAS needs to be slowly replaced with ” the more zakat and charity i give as a result of being successfful in busness the better the cjance for me to go to heavens ” . In fact this is one of the reasons why the “mamak’s” ( Indian Muslims) businesses in the country could prosper ..Their understanding that ” in order for me to go to heaven , besides the rituals, the more charity , good deeds , zakat that i render the better the chance ..and in order to achieve that i must make as much profit as i could ”
    was responsible for the mushrooming of the mamak businesses in the country .

    UMNO must go down to inspire the kelantanese that they have the capabilities and the talents if given the opportunity but all this while they were unfortunatey smothered by pas narrow policies and rigid understanding of the economy ..

    UMNO which is more dynamic in wealth-creation and a proven facilittor to business development that has spurred the country to greater heights within a short span of time , i’m sure the kelantanese could develop their state at a much faster rate as they have the collective ability ..which is a pre-requisite ..if UMNO is given the chance to lead the state .

    Once the kelantanese Malays could grab and handle all the business opportunities in all areas …then this would be a great impetus to the rest of the Malay populace …and M’sia then propser at a much faster rate in achieving the vision 2020. by then we could see a reverse migration of other malays to kelantan seeking greener pastures.

    Hopefully , the kelantanese could spare a thought to this assertion seriously …

    • warisan tmk Says:

      Quality of leadership has GREAT BEARING on the development, prosperity and well-being of any country, or even a state.

      Tun Mahathir managed to put Malaysia into TOP 20 TRADING NATIONS IN THE WORLD, and under his POLITICAL WILL, the country used to be the HOME of the tallest building in the world.

      Malacca used to be called SLEEPY TOWN. But under the leadership of Rahim Tamby Chik and Ali Rustam, Malacca has been transformed into one of the most attractive tourist destinantions in the world.

      Kelantan has all the INGREDIENTS to be one of the most developed states in Malaysia, except for the HUDUD-OBSESSED PAS LEADERS, which had slowed down developments to almost a HALT.

  6. Keris warisan Says:

    Salam TMK,

    Betul tu sperti pendapat Majufikir

    Rata-rata orang Kelantan memang pandai berniaga . Kaum hawa nya pun ramai yang berkecimpung dalam perniagaan dan ramai sudah berjaya . Dan ini baru belum dibawah pemerintahan UMNO. Walaupun dibawah kerjaan PAS yang tidak berapa bijak mentadbir dari segi ekonomi orang Kelantan masih rajin berniaga ..waimma kecil-kecilan.

    Apalagi apabila dibwah UMNO nanti ..dimana projek2 besar boleh dikendalikan oleh orang Kelantan nanti lagi hebatlah rakyat Kelantan .Tidak perlu nak kecek royalti minyak .

    Ini lah perubahan yang mesti orang Kelantan fikir-fikirkan . Lonjakan besar didalam ekonomi boleh berlaku jika orang Kelantan memilih UMNO . Lagi cepat lagi bagus …Inysallah

  7. maju fikir Says:

    Keris adalah warisan pusaka pendekar2 melayu . pada saya ia bukan saja melambangkan ke Melayuan bangsa malah ia adalah senjata sangat digeruni . apatahlagi di digunakan dgn seni silat pertahanan yg cukup seni ,licik dan berbahaya. Oleh itu keris dan silat tidak dapat dipisahkan oleh orang Melayu . pertahankan warisan ini . ia mampu menjadikan simbol ketahanan jiwa kita , dan sentiasa berwaspada serta harus melangkah dgn pandangan yg jauh demi bangsa dan agama dlm menongkah arus yg dicanangkan oleh musuh yg nyata dan berselimut.

    Seharusnya anak2 kita dilatih dgn seni silat ….ia mampu menjadi daya jati diri , boleh menjauhkan dai najis dadah dan lain gejala dan boleh menjadi benteng pertahanan negara serta sebagai penjagaan kesihatan

    Bayangkan jika judo lambang seni Jepun , Tae Kwan do
    orang Korea dan kung fu orang China maka kita harus memampatkan seni silat Melayu .

    UMNO harus mainkan peranan lebih giat utk mengenengahkan seni ini disemua cawangan2 . Mulai lah dari sekarang …..sebab negara memerlukan pemuda pemudi yg kuat dan bijaksana selain dari progresif mengejar ilmu , kemahiran dlm semua bidang
    dan kekayaaan duniawi dan akhirat .


    • warisan tmk Says:


      Benar sekali, seni silat adalah antara warisan Melayu yang ‘original’, yang sewajarnya diperturunkan kepada segenap lapisan bangsa Melayu dan disuburkan perkembangan nya sepanjang masa dan zaman.

      Tidak hairanlah jika sdra Fairus, bekas Timbalan Ketua Menteri 1 Pulau Pinang, bekas orang kanan Anwar dan PKR, memilih satu majlis PERSILATAN untuk mengumumkan kembalinya ke pangkal UMNO, satu-satunya wadah perjuangan Melayu/Islam di Malaysia.

  8. maju fikir Says:

    tmk ,

    itu satu yg bagus ..tetapi kita kena lakukan dgn cepat dan war-warkan keseluruh negara.

    lagi satu saya kongsikan ..semasa saya turun keselatan dan melalui bandar muar terpampang bunting dgn ” kempen
    pendaftran pengundi ” di sebuah dewan swasta kaum tionghua ditepi jalan dan nampak org ramai berpusu 2 ..

    inilah kesedaran kaum tionghua pada tanggungjawap mereka pada negara …

    namun saya tidak pernah nampak pun kempen begini dikelolakan oleh umno …kita perlu lebih terbuka .biar semua org nampak ..jgn buat tempat tersorok .
    ini adalah servis pada org ramai ….apa mereak nak undi itu hak mereak yg pasti umno mesti kedepan.

    lagi satu …jika tuan bertanay pada org2 muda .tahukah mereka cara nak cari ahli umno dan bagaimana nak daftar sebagai pengundi ..rata2 ramai tak tahu …jadi inilah kita kena fikirkan …turun padang ..cari jalan utk memudahkan mereka mendaftar …

    kita tak mahu mereka berslogan “satu M’sia” tetapi tidak pergi mengundi …

    sekian ..tkasih

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