Lee Chong Wei and Spirit of ‘Old Time’ Malaysia

CONGRATULATION Lee Chong Wei, for winning for HIMSELF and MALAYSIA, the much covetted All-England Badminton Single Title, in Birmingham, England, yesterday. Its a rare achievement, accomplished only by a few other Malaysians and Malayans before. The whole nation were glued to their TV sets, at some moments almost OUT OF BREATH, in unison with Chong Wei, in overcoming the spirited opposition.

 From the life transmission beamed from England, Chong Wei was well supported by Malaysians multi-racial crowd of  supporters, who were united in PUSHING  ON Chong Wei in achieving hard-earned points, under watchful eyes of coach Misbun Sidek, himself a runners-up in similar tournament during his playing years.

 As Malaysians, we are VERY PROUD of Chong Wei, Misbun Sidek and the multi-racial Malaysian supporters, whose shouts of MALAYSIA BOLEH were clearly heard in Malaysian homes. What more, when Chong Wei, drapped in Malaysian JALUR GEMILANG went up the rostrum to receive his HONOURS.

It was another Malaysian SUCCESS STORY. It epitomised the ‘old time’ spirit of Malaysia, which had united the Malaysians from the early years of independence, in building the nation, and in overcoming adversaries. It was the same spirit shared by all Malaysians for the first 10 years of our independence in wading through the EMERGENCY YEARS. Despite the DISTURBANCES of 1969, similar spirit were restored, and even enhanced further, ensuring PEACE, STABILITY and PROSPERITY for the following  30 over years.

However, the spirit of  good ‘old time’ Malaysia seems  to be part of our history too, rather than remaining as the present. Certain IRRESPONSIBLE  ELEMENTS in our society, for their narrow personal interests, are ‘robbing’ the Malaysians of the ‘old time’ spirit of Malaysia.

Thanks for the TOWERING LEADERSHIP of DS Najip, for his ideas in bringing back to life  the ‘old time’ Malaysia, under a new banner of ‘1MALAYSIA’. And thanks to Chong Wei for giving us the PRIDE and OPPORTUNITY to embrace and congratulate each other in the spirit of  ‘old time’ Malaysia, now re-named ‘1Malaysia’.

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2 Comments on “Lee Chong Wei and Spirit of ‘Old Time’ Malaysia”

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  2. maju fikir Says:

    Yes !!! Malaysia Boleh !! Lee Chong Wei Boleh !!

    How proud i was when yet another M’sian held aloft the coveted trophy last nite.

    When some as u say “irresponsible elements” in the society were making fun of Malaysia Boleh and Satu Malaysia due to their narrow political agenda that only serve to reflect their low self-esteem as a M’sian …million others who were watching the match were gasping and praying that this young athlete would win in straight sets ..but harboured the confidence that Chong Wei Boleh …..

    When we saw the Jalur Gemilang being proudly won by Chong Wei and beamed world-wide to millions …our hearts grew fonder for this country ….whereas those ” negative ” hearts as they normally are were busy telling the whole world how bad the country is …..but go and check what bungalow houses they are living in , what flashy luxury cars they are driving , what fat salaries and profits they are earning …and yet they cry foul …and tell lies and bigger lies about the country each day …such hypocrisy is so shameful …and sinful ..

    but let us leave these unguided souls behind ….and keep on drumming the Boleh and satu M’sia spirtis .

    Our younger generation simply love Boleh and Satu M’sai ….and we will soon see M’sains excelling in major sports , in science etc that will make us a force to be reckoned with internationally by 2020.

    So ..let’s say thanks to Chong Wei and Misbun for making us proud ..

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