Light At the End of MCA Tunnel

Malaysian Chinese Association(MCA ) was one of only TWO founder members of the Alliance Party, besides the United Malays National Organisation(UMNO), before they were joined at a later stage by the Malaysian Indian Congress(MIC). After the 13th May crisis of 1969, the Aliance Party was enlarged to receive new members including PAS, Gerakan, and several other Sarawak-based and Sabah-based parties, to form a larger coalition, renamed Barisan Nasional(BN).

Besides being one of the founding partners in the Alliance Party, MCA is the SECOND largest party in the BN coalition. MCA was formed in early 1950s, at a time when a huge section of the Chinese community were sympathetic to the Malaysian Communist Party(MCP) under the leadership of Chin Peng, a branch of the Communist Party of People’s Republic of China. In contrast to the MCP who insurrected armed struggle against the  formation of ‘transition government’ of Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, which were jointly engineered by UMNO, Raja Melayu and the British, MCA chose to work alongside UMNO, Raja Melayu and the British, to chart the road-map to full independence of the Persekutuan Tanah Melayu.

Factional split within MCA was NOTHING NEW. Even Gerakan was born out of a split within MCA, in mid-1960s. And there were further splits in the party in later years. However, the relevance of MCA to the Chinese community, and the wisdom of the party’s delegates, proved times and again, that MCA has the INNER STRENGTH and RESILIENCE to recover from their internal bickerings. There were RELATIVE stability in the party during 15 over years Presidency of TS Ling Liong Sik, before he resigned in 2003, and taken over by Ong Ka Ting. During OKT  5 years tenure as President, MCA must have enjoyed one of the most peaceful periods in their history. Despite that, the ‘political tsunami’ of March 2008 did not spare MCA, except in certain major strongholds, prompting OKT to tender his resignation as the party President, in the aftermath of it.

Almost immediately after the major setback, MCA’s partner, UMNO, the backbone of the BN, started to ‘reorganise its columns’, and by March 2009, a year after the ‘tsunami’, Tun Abdullah Badawi handed over the baton to DS Najib Razak, who almost immediately  introduced multiplicity of measures to REGAIN the support of the rakyat, including introducing the 1Malaysia ‘rakyat didahulukan, pencapaian diutamakan’. After only six months of Najib’s takeover, his APPROVAL RATING among the rakyat had tremendously soared, to over 70% among the Malays and Indians, and almost 50% among the Chinese. BN even managed to get early bonuses by the fall of Perak back to the BN fold, and estounding victory of  UMNO/BN candidate Isa Samad in the Bagan Pinang bye-election.

While UMNO is back in full battle-gear, in FULL STATE OF ALERTNESS, to re-capture BN lost territories in the 2008 General Election, MCA has been deeply embroiled in INTERNAL SQUABBLES. ‘Kopitiam talks’ seem to point to the PERSONALITY CLASH between President Ong Tee Keat and Deputy President Chua Soi Lek as the SOURCE of the problem this time round. It appeared that CSL’s ‘sexual misendevours’ was used by OTK to sack CSL from his Deputy President Post. Almost co-incidently, OTK were put in equally DIFFICULT POSITION, after being accused of receiving RM10m ‘political fund’ which were NEVER recorded in MCA official account book. 

At a time when both OTK and CSL are both perceived as PROBLEMATIC and may not be able to lead MCA to full recovery to serve the rakyat, let alone regaining the support of  the Chinese community, and while the most ‘eligible’  Vice president, Yeow Tiong Lai, still regarded by many as too young for the Presidency, the idea of BRINGING BACK Ong Ka Ting as ‘the saviour’ of the party seems to be TIMELY and  may provide the long-awaited light at the end of MCA tunnel.

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8 Comments on “Light At the End of MCA Tunnel”

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  2. Ken Says:

    For MCA, lights at the end of the tunnel most likely will be an incoming train…

  3. majufikir Says:

    ha ha ha …that’s satirical ken ,

    on the positive side it shows that mca is still alive and kicking …that there is a power struggle shows that the confidence of the chinese in this biggest party representing the ethnic in bn is still brimming with hope as opposed to the common belief that the chinese all embrace the chauvinism as espoused by dap . it tells that our chinese brothers ans sisters do value the harmony and prosperity brought about by the only party that can deliver

    let the leaders fight fight it out for this is democracy …let it be known that this mca is not a father and son party or about the struggle of one man in achieving his personal ambition.

    let all the grudges out aganst each other ….and lets find a winner after that…a leader who can guide the community for a better representation in the govt and who can bring about better unity among races …there will be factions though after every contest..but let it not be a distraction ….learn from the battle-hardened umno for how teruk the challenges were to the extent of being deregistered and being bitten by those desperate, power-crazy former dpm remains steadfast..and keep learning and improving ….and never let loose sight of the objectives …

    that’s why how ferocious were the attacks against umno both internally and externally …it will not crumble…

    at this juncture ..the country needs a strong mca to help bn steering for a better tomorrow ..

    good luck

  4. Trebla Says:

    Hi Ong.

    You are the one that has been rejected by the rakyat since election 2008. But yet, still dare to guide MCA for another general election? What you want people expect? MCA representatives all lose? Hope you will consider this question before you want to continue your election. Thank you.

    • warisan tmk Says:


      Many are with the opinion that poor showing by MCA in 2008 was more to do with CHINESE VOTERS who BECAME GREEDY with the IMPOSSIBLE TO FULFIL promises of Anwar Ibrahim to do away with the DEB and SPECIAL POSITION OF MALAYS.

  5. Trebla Says:

    Warisan tmk,

    From your word, you should just blame on to our Chinese voters. But you need to remember that although about 10 by election has been held, but yet 90% of the seat is still maintained by the Pakatan Rakyat. Until the BN government in Perak steal the power from the Pakatan Rakyat without the agreement from the whole rakyat. Another one is that you just want to let the Port Klang matter continue to help the MCA to get less vote? I hope that Ong should consider clearly before he can give any explaination to me.

    • warisan tmk Says:


      Agree with you that the bye-elections after the 2008 General election have NOT altered the composition of seats, except for the Kuala Trengganu parlimentary seat which changed hand from BN to PAS.

      However, the pattern of voting showed a WIDENING GAP between the Malay and Chinese voters. Higher percentage of Malays are RALLYING around UMNO/BN, while more Chinese are GAMBLING for Pakatan.

      Since the 2008 General Election, whilst Pakatan only gained an additional Parlimentary seat through BYE-ELECTION, BN gained 4 parlimentary seats and at least ‘half a dozen’ state seats through DEFECTIONS by Pakatan MPs/ADUNs, including the 3 ADUNs in Perak which caused the downfall of Pakatan state government.

      The pattern among Indian voters clearly shows a SWING BACK to BN, by about 50%, despite NO CHANGE in MIC leadership. From such pattern, and what has been happening in MIC, it can be deduced that the swing towards the Pakatan, and swing back towards the BN, has nothing to do with leadership of MIC.

      I believe, the pattern of Chinese voting HAS NOTHING TO DO with the leadership of MCA or Gerakan too.

  6. Trebla Says:

    In short, just hope that Ong will not coming back in this Sunday. Since old people should retired already. And no more “Ong” or “Ong brother” dynasty in future. Thats what I as one of MCA member hope for.

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