Had Anwar Attempted Coup d’etat?

As an NST editor put it, the former PKR Chief of Penang, MP for Bayan Baru, YB Zahrain, was the STAR of this week’s Dewan Rakyat, with revealations even BATTLE-HARDENED Anwar found it too unbearable to remain in the Dewan.

Congratulation YB Zahrain for your gallant ANWAR-BASHING, which you have every right to inflict on him, after what he has done to his own supporters like you, the Malays, Islam and the country, Malaysia.

From his body language,  and other incidences surrounding the Anwar’s 16th September BOOST, I believe YB Zahrain was telling the truth, NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH.

That being the case, Anwar may have ATTEMPTED A COUP D’ ETAT which miserably failed, and are inviting  APPROPRIATE ACTIONS from the Government according to the Laws of the Land. Anwar may have DASHED OUT to England to escape the possible WRATH OF THE LAWS.

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One Comment on “Had Anwar Attempted Coup d’etat?”

  1. maju fikir Says:

    tmk ,

    i do not think that he was staging a coup de tat..far from it as the army was entrenched in support of the govt.

    he was only manipulating his ways …and fooling everyone else including the senile nik aziz , the power-crazy hadi, lim kit siang , karpal singh and all others including zahrin himself and umno and other bn mps as well that they would seizw power once the bn mps jump ship …it was just to spark a bewilderment amongst the bn mps so that they would lose confidence and might possibly abandon ship ..

    that the fact they pkr leaders went tracking the bn mps to taiwan to persuade them and possibly dangled monetary or position offers showed how low was their sense of morality ..it was so low that they did not feel ashamed and guilty about it ..

    but they pretended when it did not materialize ..but power-crazy overzealots had the cheek to condemn zharain for telling all showed what hypocrisy is all about .

    it is appalling that respected PAS leaders like nasaruddin chose to keep quiet about all this ….they must realize that in order to be accountable to Allah whihc is above politics they should take a stand .be brave enough to speak out …even at the expense of losing your seat or being reprimanded by your supporters ..

    Great leaders of yesteryears often dared to put their heads under the guillotine or be in the line of firing squads in theri struggles to achieve independence or freedom ..and not to be timid after being intimdated . it is freedom of thinking and allowing oneself to be shackled by offers of positions etc. that would make one a true fighter…otherwise there is no point talking in ceramahs on how good a leader they are ..it is just hot air or empty gas or tin kosong

    In the light of the revelation and expectedly more can of worms soon , not only PKR bt also PAS nad DAP mps and aduns should abandon the parties …it does not matter if they join bn or be independents ..but that’s the best moral stand they can take in order to show how detestable they are at being taken for a ride all this while by their power-hungry leaders ..

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