Chinese Dilema – How To Reject ‘Racism’ BUT Accept Dilecticism.

The New Sunday Times, in yesterday’s edition, in covering the upcoming MCA party elections, revealed a very interesting insight into Chinese DIALECT GROUPS, which reflect from which part of China the forefathers of the particular DIALECT GROUP originated from.

The report, which was based on National Census 2000, Department of Statistics Malaysia, the HOKKIENS are the largest DIALECT GROUP with 2,020, 868 members, followed by the Hakkas(1,092,854), the Cantonese(1,067,994), the Teochews(497,280), the Hainanese(141,045), followed by other smaller dialect groups including the Kwongsais, the Foochows, the Henghuas, the Hockchias and others.

It is well-known, not only among the Chinese, that all the dialect groups would be BOUNDED by their respective DIALECT-BASED ASSOCIATIONS like the Federation of Hokkien Associations of Malaysia, Federated Teochew Association of Malaysia and the Federation of Hainan Association of Malaysia. And, it is well-known, not only among the Chinese, that such associations would look after the welfare and interests of their members, including providing business capital or business loans.

Despite Chinese-centred political parties like DAP labelling UMNO, MCA, MIC and other race-based parties as RACIST, they never question the existence of the sub-race DIALECT-BASED GROUPINGS. Infact, none of the multi-racial parties ever label DIALECT-BASED GROUPINGS as racist, the way they label UMNO, MCA and MIC.

The way I see it, the existence of DIALECT-BASED GROUPINGS to serve the welfare and interests of their members, is very much similar to the existence of Malay RACE-BASED NGOs and political parties like the United Malays National Organisation(UMNO) , an umbrella organisation of the Malays in Malaysia, who look after the welfare and interests of Malays in the country.

To those Chinese who label race-based NGOs and political parties as NECESSARILY RACIST, I hope they would review their NAIVE STAND on the issue. If they can accept the DIALECT-BASED groupings, and never consider them as racist, they have to equally accept RACE-BASED NGOs and political parties too.

As I pointed out times before, it is NOTHING RACIST about having race-based NGOs or political parties. It is the way the NGOs and the political parties conduct themselves which will determine whether they are racist or not. The fact that race-based parties like UMNO, MCA and MIC can work together in a multi-racial set-up like the Alliance Party and the Barisan Nasional(BN) is clear indication that they ARE NOT racist.

On the other hand, certain party may have overwhelming majority of members from certain RACE GROUP, and minority from other race groups combined, and hand-picked leaders from the minority groups as ‘icing on the cake’. Despite their multi-racial posture, they may still be MOST RACIST of all.

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