Sex Scandal PROMOTED Chua To MCA Presidency

There is an English expression, BLESSING IN DISGUISE. This fit well into what had FURNISHED the ‘later-part’ life of Chua Soi Lek, the newly-elected President of MCA.

 A few months before the last General Election, CSL lost almost everything, after his ‘sexual misendevours’ became public. He openly admitted his GUILT, and relinquished all his Government and party posts. Fortunately for him, his wife did not leave him, infact remain supportive and loyal to him.

His open admission of GUILT was seen by some as NAIVE and STUPID. But, as later chapters of his life unfolded, his open admission somehow managed to protrude his HONESTY, and at the same time, win some sympathy. This was proven when he capitalised on his predicaments to push himself up the POLITICAL LADDER by winning the contest for the Deputy President of MCA at the end of 2008.

And, last Sunday, in the arguably THE MOST CLASSIC contest for the MCA Presidency in its history, Chua managed to garner enough support to push himself up to the TOP OF THE LADDER, by being elected the 8th President of MCA, defeating both the immediate past-President, Ong Ka Ting, and the serving-President, Ong Tee Keat.

Had there been no such public ‘humiliation’, Chua could have been satisfied with the vice-President of MCA and a ministerial post to look after. And, with Ong Tee Keat almost 10 years younger than him, there would be a very slim chance for him to move up the ladder.

To many MCA observers, they believed that Ong Tee Keat charted his own downfall by INDUCING the sacking Chua from his post as Deputy President, which he won despite the earlier sexual misendevours. OTK was then seen as ‘takut dengan bayang-bayang’, literally means ‘afraid of the shadow’. Chua must be COLD FROZEN, before he could spread his influence and support up and down the country.

And last Sunday, the VICTIM of political ‘marginalisation’ within MCA has become the VICTOR.

To some extend, the sex scandal has indirectly PROMOTED Chua up the political ladder. Challenges have successfully been turned into opportunities. Fortunately for Chua, in MCA, ‘adulterous life’ or ‘extra-marital affairs’ seem to be regarded only as ‘small sins’.

However, Chua must learn his lessons well. Turning challenges into opportunities, may happen some time, but not all the time. The delegates may be sympathetic to your open admission, and expressions of guilt, when things may have been uncovered the FIRST TIME. But if such ‘misendevours’ were to happen again, there will no longer be any mercy on you.

Another sex scandal will definitely BOOT YOU TO HELL.

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10 Comments on “Sex Scandal PROMOTED Chua To MCA Presidency”

  1. […] Read the original:  Sex Scandal PROMOTED Chua To MCA Presidency « Warisan Tanah Melayu … […]

  2. […] Sex Scandal PROMOTED Chua To MCA Presidency « Warisan Tanah Melayu … […]

  3. majufikir Says:

    tmk ,

    u put up arguably good points …however i’m not sure whether the statement viz adulterous life in mca is considered as small sins as appropriate…..i’d rather say it is not a small sin definitely otherwise he would not have stepped down in the face of the public humiliation when the scandal was revealed .

    however , the fact that he had admitted that it was him in the compromising position and he had apologized to his wife and the nation , people quickly rationalized and accepted .

    i would totally be a different ball game altogether if he had denied that it was him and started to go on roadshows telling the world that it was a conspiracy against him …i remember him saying he knew who were responsible to conspire to kill his career but he could not do anything about it as it was true . this admission is probably one of the best principles of a good leader . if he did not admit , i reckon it would be the worst disaster for him as more attacks will be directed him until he goes bonkers . u are right by admitting this he gained symphatetic votes .

    compare this with anwarr ibrahim ..he did not admit committing the sodomy but refused to sumpah laknat in the mosque , but chose to delay the trial numerous times and start attacking the govt for conspiring to topple him . Toppling him from what , i wonder …

    hopefully all the party leaders winners and losers to start closing ranks and deliver to the masses …

    • warisan tmk Says:

      Whilst Muslim men, under strict conditiond, can have more than one wife,there is prevailing perception that Chinese men, especially the well to do, tend to keep mistresses, sometimes multi-misresses.

  4. maju fikir Says:

    well , honestly yes i have heard of that too ….but i have a no of chinese friends who are sworn monogamous
    and keep themselves chaste and loyal to their wives .

    but since we are talking about this individual …i think since the majority of the delegates have chosen him …despite his sexual transgression …let’s hope that he could restore mca into a stronger partner in the BN….

    i dont mean to say that that his past was acceptable lest it would invite all other leaders to jump on the bandwagon ..and would freely engage in extra-marital affairs although to muslims that is strictly taboo…that will be the end if they commit “zina” ( adultery)…

    much worse if a leader is accused of engaging in sodomy …in which muslims believe will incur the wrath of Allah to the whole community just like the ummah of prophet Lut pbuh …

    that’s exactly the whole issue at hand in our politcal landscape …that whether anwar did sodomize …if he did and we non-chalantly elect him as our leader than just wait for the wrath of god to befall the country and us all…muslims snd non muslims,..

    if he did not that’s fine…however how can we be sure that he didn’t do it ..we cannot listen to the
    nik aziz and lim it siang ..they will simply deny anything before we speak up..neither can we believe what comes out from those anti anwar …the best thing is to hear it in the court of law…

    but whatever it is truth will eventually prevail…as Allah commands ” and say : the truth has come and falsehood vanished . surely falsehood is ever bound to vanish ” ( Quran 17:81 ).

    Let’s wait for this case …as it is much bigger than chua soi lek’s or even tiger wood’s sexual transgression …as the charge is so serious as it has a bearing on the country’s future …

  5. Yeoh Leei Eng Hock Says:

    To: Chua Soi Lek
    From: Yeoh Leei Eng Hock
    Agenda: Please bring MCA to Sarawak to save the good people from organised chinese criminals.
    Subject: Ever since there were Chinese people on this earth there were gangsters who enforce their rules by an iron fist in the criminal business world.They made their fortunes from prostituition,gambling,illegal 4 Digits,loan sharking, smuggling,psychotropic drugs and others.By and large they do not touch the law abiding common people.
    In Sarawak it is totally different.They collect one ringgit frpm every tray of egg that the people consumed.They collected 50 cents from every gas tank that the populace used in their house.The victims can be a single mother with five kids or a poor mountain man.The gangsters do not show any mercy.All the old homeless people collecting scraps from the dustbins have to sell their materials to these gangsters at half price.If any of these people shows any resistence molotov cocktails would be thrown at either their million dollar house or card board shacks.They show no fear,favor or mercy to anybody other than their own big bosses.
    I have been to chinatowns around the world.There is no group of chinese gangsters that terrorise their own people in the same ways.
    Only a evil chinese emperor will tax their own chinese population in those methods. We, Chinese in Sarawak are in the hands of an evil chineses.
    Come and save us.,

  6. Keris warisan Says:

    Adakah ini suatu fenomena baru .Apa yg terjadi di Sarawak? Jika ia benar …inilah akan terjadi jika pemimpin asyik bertelagah sesama sendiri ..nasib rakyat akan terabai.Jika kerajaan terpaksa melayani kerenah2 orang 2 politik yang tak habis 2, masa untuk mendengar rintihan rakyat akan terkesan …

    Mungkin MCA dan rakan2 dlm Barisan Nasional akan melihat rintihan sdr Yeoh ini …kajian harus dijalankan ..bagaimana perkara ini boleh berlaku didlm bumi bertuah ..carilah jalan agar ia cepat diatasi ..Jika sejak PM Najib mengambil iniasitif memerangi janayah kadar jenayah nampak ada penurunan di semenanjung bagaimana pula di sabah dan sarawak ..boleh kan ia dilakukan sama ?

  7. yeo siew lian Says:

    How does Chua Soi Lek treat his personal friends ???
    Yaks,Yaks,Yaks,He gets them to “hisap” his cigar,
    That is not the right way to treat your personal friends !!! CSL !!!
    Refer to CSL personal interviewon TV,
    Chua: I’m the one in sex video
    Jan 1, 08 4:32pm

    Health Minister Chua Soi Lek today openly admitted that he was the person featured in a video depicting a man having sex with a woman purportedly in a hotel room.

    Chua, 60, who is also MCA vice-president, made the confession at a press conference this afternoon in his parliamentary constituency in Labis, Johor.

    However, he said that he will not resigned as minister but will instead let Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to decide on his fate.

    The senior MCA leader, who is married with three children, also said that the 30-something woman featured in the video clip was a personal friend.

    Over the past three days, the Chinese dailies have reported that free DVDs – allegedly showing the politician in various sexual antics with a woman – were first distributed in Muar and later, Batu Pahat and Seremban.

    The scandal first broke on Saturday when copies of the DVD were anonymously placed in various streets in Muar town for people to collect. Some copies were even distributed by unknown individuals to a number of shops in the area.

    As a fellow doctor in dental specialist line I would like to share these thoughts with you,
    Personal friends are people who stands by through all thick and thin episodes of this life..
    They rejoice with you in all your happy occasions,
    They lend you their shoulders to cry upon during your saddest moments,
    They are concerned for your heart,mind and soul,
    That is the way my personal friends treated me when I went through the messy divorce papers with my senior politician and sexually wayward husband,
    I am a dentist and I tell you that the mouth is a wonderful creation,
    It is meant to eat,talk and sing,
    It is meant to kiss your lover,
    Read through the wonderful lives of the Four Great Beauties of China,
    They brings joy and happiness to their men without having to hisap their cigar,
    I am very angry that the past eras Japanese egoistic men asked their women to kneel in front of them,
    But now in the woman’s rights 21st centuary how can the head of Malaysian Chinese Association forces a beautiful woman to hisap his cigar ???

  8. Penyedar Says:

    Hi Yeo ,

    You ‘re dead right ..i agree with you should treat their personal friends rightfully …however in politics the world over…the best of friends one day can be the worst of our enemies some day .

    Mao Zedong knew this ..he was almost toppled by his best general who actually conspired to bring him down . The general was subsequently killed in an airplane crash ..even his actress wife ( one the Gang of Four ) had a mission to seize power .

    Amwar Ibrahim – who was personally groomed by mahathir to take over the PM’s post – had openly declared his personal love for mahathir in an UMNO’s AGM just a few mths before he was sacked had betrayed this so-called friendship .

    And now Anwar’s own personal friends when they were in PKR had played his backside …as they say what comes round will come around ….

    Even in the religious PAS , there are foes within each wanted to bring down each other for positions and not friends but God has taken a backseat for them

    So , you dont have to be pissed off over all these personal friends . it is just a sweetener .

    There will be more coming ..friends killing friends in all the parties ..when positions are up for grabs ..

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