Najib’s First Year PHENOMENAL Success

Yesterday marked the  full ONE YEAR of Najib’s tenure as the 6th Prime Minister of Malaysia. Not many would deny that the past ONE YEAR under Najib felt like A FEW YEARS, due to so many NEW IDEAS being introduced, discussed, debated and implemented. On DAY ONE of his premiership, Najib AWAKENED the nation with the ‘1Malaysia’ concept, and a day before his tenure reached the full one year, he BOLSTERED the nation with his bold New Economic Model(NEM).

Within ONE YEAR of his tenure as the Prime Minister of our multi-racial and multi-religious Malaysia, Najib appeared to have been able to convince  OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of Malaysians that he has charted the  RIGHT ROAD-MAP towards re-inventing GENUINE UNITY, and transforming TOLERANCE to MUTUAL ACCEPTANCE among all Malaysians, despite the diversity of races, cultures, languages, religions and ideoligies.

Until a few years back, UNITY was taken for granted in Malaysia. And, UNITY has led the nation to phenomenal PROGRESS and PROSPERITY. Malaysia has become one of TOP 20 nations in the world, and HOME to the tallest twin-towers on earth. However, not many among the younger generation of Malaysians realized that UNITY was a product of forward-looking POLICIES provided for in the Federal Constitution, the CORNERSTONES of the foundations of our nation.

However, since a few years back, the FOUNDATIONS of our nation were subjected to SERIOUS KNOCKINGS, by certain desperate politicians only interested in their own survival. Hence the urgent need to RE-INVENT the UNITY, which was part and parcel of our everyday life before. And, Najib is attempting to go beyond UNITY based on MUTUAL TOLERANCE, but UNITY based on MUTUAL ACCEPTANCE.

Latest polls, including by MERDEKA CENTRE, do reflect the fact that Najib has managed to win the heart and minds of the rakyat. According to MERDEKA CENTRE poll, approval rating for Najib has increased from 44% when he first took over from Pak Lah, to over 70% a year later.

WARISAN TANAH MELAYU KITA would like to take this opportunity to CONGRATULATE Najib for his SINCERITY and COMMITMENT in fulfilling the mandate and trust given by the rakyat.

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5 Comments on “Najib’s First Year PHENOMENAL Success”

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  2. maju fikir Says: doubt about it …najib is phenomenal ..i have predicted this the moment he took over the helm this guy had the necessary attributes of a great leader ..a combination of his own father and mahathir….he did not show it then out of respect for pak lah ..he waited for his turn that there were no squabbles in umno…(unlike the country’s numero uno pengkhianat as muhyudin put it bluntly ).

    it is simple to gauge a great leader in the making …if they have a vision for the country , for all races , for all religions , for the poor , for the economy for stability for positive international relations with the world…if he could see the bigger picture rather than be so immersed in personal glory , if he could articulate his reasoning rather than be swayed by populism , if he could synergize the ideas and feedback from the people …and understand the mechanics of the economy and trade relations and he is well- learned and well- informed ….coupled with his other specials like hardworking, meet-the-people habits and ever thinking of the future for the country and others …and of course if he is not morally decadent ( not involved in cheap political gimmicks , deceit , sexual trangressions , rasuah ,etc ) …then this sort of leader will soar like an eagle and it will be a matter of time that the goodies will come ..come what may even thousands of hate mail campaigns of lies …the above positive characteristics will self- neutralize the negative elements..

    so najib …let’s get on with the good work so far ….the economy is rising , there are signs of greater unity and harmony precipitated by his magical ” 1 Malaysia” ( surely it sounds better than the opposition’s “middle malaysia” how awful ) corresponding to the relatively more subdued opposition campaigns due in part to their own political turmoil and the increasing distrust of the public towards their leaders who have been proven to be nothing more than hot air or empty cans …who can talk and talk talk and ceramah and ceramah only ( reading from other blogs , i heard that these ceramahs are their good forms of pocketing money from the derma from the gullible public) as if they are still in the longest election campaign …

    needless to say a big SYABAS to najib . well done indeed.

  3. yeo siew lian Says:

    How does Chua Soi Lek treat his personal friends ???
    Yaks,Yaks,Yaks,He gets them to “hisap” his cigar,
    That is not the right way to treat your personal friends !!! CSL !!!
    Refer to CSL personal interviewon TV,
    Chua: I’m the one in sex video
    Jan 1, 08 4:32pm

    Health Minister Chua Soi Lek today openly admitted that he was the person featured in a video depicting a man having sex with a woman purportedly in a hotel room.

    Chua, 60, who is also MCA vice-president, made the confession at a press conference this afternoon in his parliamentary constituency in Labis, Johor.

    However, he said that he will not resigned as minister but will instead let Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to decide on his fate.

    The senior MCA leader, who is married with three children, also said that the 30-something woman featured in the video clip was a personal friend.

    Over the past three days, the Chinese dailies have reported that free DVDs – allegedly showing the politician in various sexual antics with a woman – were first distributed in Muar and later, Batu Pahat and Seremban.

    The scandal first broke on Saturday when copies of the DVD were anonymously placed in various streets in Muar town for people to collect. Some copies were even distributed by unknown individuals to a number of shops in the area.

    As a fellow doctor in dental specialist line I would like to share these thoughts with you,
    Personal friends are people who stands by through all thick and thin episodes of this life..
    They rejoice with you in all your happy occasions,
    They lend you their shoulders to cry upon during your saddest moments,
    They are concerned for your heart,mind and soul,
    That is the way my personal friends treated me when I went through the messy divorce papers with my senior politician and sexually wayward husband,
    I am a dentist and I tell you that the mouth is a wonderful creation,
    It is meant to eat,talk and sing,
    It is meant to kiss your lover,
    Read through the wonderful lives of the Four Great Beauties of China,
    They brings joy and happiness to their men without having to hisap their cigar,
    I am very angry that the past eras Japanese egoistic men asked their women to kneel in front of them,
    But now in the woman’s rights 21st centuary how can the head of Malaysian Chinese Association forces a beautiful woman to hisap his cigar ???

  4. Keris warisan Says:

    Syabas Najib dan barisan kabinet nya ….anda semua telah dapat mengeluarkan negara dari kancah kemelesetan ekonomi dan mengelakkan kekacauan kaum yg sengaja dicetus oleh konco konco pembangkang yg tidak malu mengaku diri mereka rakyat malaysia…tetapi tak henti 2 menjual negara …..yg peliknya ada yg mewar warkan nak tinggalkan negara nak berhijrah kenegara lain sebab
    kata mereka tiada peluang utk mereka dinegara ini tetapi masih tidak berangkat lagi …tidak ada siapa yg menghalang …sebab malaysia tidak perlukan rakyat begini tiada kualiti langsung …buang masa layan mereka ni..lagipun org2 beginilah yg akan lari dulu jika negara diserang ..mereka ini sentiasa bertanya apa mereka akan dpt bukan apa yg mereka boleh berikan kpd negara …..

    syabas Najib dan BN …semoga M’sia mencapai kecermelangan,

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