MALAYs Before MALAYsia

Lim Kit Siang, the advicer to DAP, tried to create A STORM OUT OF A TEA CUP recently by inducing Muhyiddin to commit a stand that ‘He is Malay first…. then Malaysian’ . DAP and Pakatan leaders and bloggers are USING Muhyiddin’s answer to claim that his thinking is not in line with the ‘1Malaysia’ concept introduced from DAY ONE of Najib’s premiership. After days, the echoes of the debate is still loud and strong.

The question by Lim Kit Siang, and the answer it induced, attracted certain degree of interest, especially among those who have been seeking to ‘uncover’ the slightest hair-line difference between Najib and his deputy Muhyiddin. After failing to find any after over a year, they finally ‘got’ something, out of nothing though…

All Malaysians, DAP supporters included, are fully aware that after over 50 years of independence, the multi-racial Malaysia HAS NOT blended into a single new MALAYSIAN RACE, its  multi-religious population HAS NOT blended into a single MALAYSIAN RELIGION, and its multi-cultural society  HAS NOT blended into a single MALAYSIAN CULTURE.

Despite that, Malaysians have been living together in PEACE and HARMONY, and until quite RECENT PAST, had seldom raised questions with regards to what had been agreed among the forefathers of major races in the run up to FULL INDEPENDENCE of Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, or the Federation of Malaya, in 1957. They have been working  together  for themselves, and indirectly for the country, and together they built Malaysia into one of ECONOMIC TIGERS OF ASIA, catapulting it into one of TOP 20 TRADING NATIONS on earth, and by mid-1990s,  became HOME to the tallest TWIN-TOWERS in the world.

All were possible due to the prolonged PEACE, STABILITY and PROSPERITY.  Malaysia has been a showcase of  UNITY DESPITE DIVERSITY. However, Malaysian approach in achieving UNITY DESPITE DIVERSITY is much more liberal compared to other Southeast-asia neighbours. In Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand, their citizens from among DESCENDENTS OF IMMIGRANT CHINESE were ‘forced’ to assimilate into the CULTURE of the indigenous people. They have to change their names to indigenous-sounding names, they have to speak in the NATIVE LANGUAGE, and they have to send their children to NATIONAL SCHOOLS where the medium or teaching is in INDIGENOUS LANGUAGES. As such, in those countries taking the route of ASSIMILATION, all the decendents of both the IMMIGRANTS and the INDIGENOUS were identified as Indonesians, Philipinos and Thais respectively. The Chinese in Indonesia, the Philipines and Thailands do not have to be identified as Indonesian Chinese, Philippines Chinese or Thailand Chinese anymore, as they have been ASSIMILATED into their respective INDIGENOUS CULTURES.

The Chinese in Malaysia are MUCH LUCKIER. They are given ABSOLUTE FREEDOM to speak their various CHINESE DIALECTS, live their life according to their culture and religion,  have the option to send their children to Chinese-typed schools, the Chinese New Year has been made PUBLIC HOLIDAYS for all Malaysians. Malaysian Federal Constitution even protects the use of vernacular languages , including VARIOUS CHINESE DIALECTS and allowed them even to run their own schools in their vernacular languages.

Since Malaysia managed to have UNITY DESPITE DIVERSITY, is there a necessity to compel everybody to speak the same NATIONAL LANGUAGE in their everyday life, in Malaysia its Bahasa Melayu? And is there a necessity to force every soul to adhere to one NATIONAL RELIGION, in Malaysia its ISLAM. And is there a necessity to make everyone to forget their vernacular cultures, and adopt one single NATIONAL CULTURE, in Malaysia its the Malay culture?

That seems to be what most, if not all, Malaysians want. The Malays prefer to speak Bahasa Melayu in their daily life, practice Malay culture, and adhere to the religion of Islam. The Chinese prefer to speak their Chinese dialects, follow the culture of their forefathers and adhere to various religions and beliefs. The same goes to Indians and other ethnics of Sabah and Sarawak.

BUT, if Malaysians were to agree to SPEAK THE SAME LANGUAGE, LIVE THE SAME CULTURE and ADHERE THE SAME RELIGION, fit to be called MALAYSIAN LANGUAGE, MALAYSIAN CULTURE and MALAYSIAN RELIGION, inevitably they have to be based on Bahasa Melayu, Malay culture and religion of Islam. After all, its only the Bahasa Melayu, Malays and Islam, which have featured PROMINENTLY in our Federal Constitution. 

Until all races and ethnics can readily accept the Malay-related language, culture and religion, Malaysians will remain polarised by their respective languages, cultures and religions. Until then, all will identify themselves more as Malays, Chinese, Indians and other ethnicities, before they identify themselves as MALAYSIANS.

Since Malay-related language, culture and religion has been the most prominently FEATURED in our Federal Constitution, and the most WIDELY practiced in Malaysians everyday life, they will inevitably the MOST APPROPRIATE basis for single NATIONAL language, culture and religion. Without Malay-related language, culture and religion, there will be NO SINGLE national language, culture and religion.

In this sence, Malays comes first, then Malaysia.

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9 Comments on “MALAYs Before MALAYsia”

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  3. majufikir Says:

    tmk ,

    the elder lim lately has not been in the news ..only anwar , nik aziz , karpal and even his younger lim (in his DAP dynasty) have stolen the limelight albeit for the wrong reasons .

    therefore , there is a need for him to seem to be relevant and therefore since they have run out of issues ..whatever he can pick up will do ..

    what is so big an issue about this malay first malaysia second only reflects his heavily skewed mindset …so deep in racist or racial overtones . the aim is to garner votes from the chinese voters …to make him popular as a chinese champion .

    we dont want to question his malaysian-ness ..the test is :is he prepared to defend and die for the country if required ? or will he jump onto first avaiable flight just the like rest of those who incessanty shouting that they want to emigrate as there are no opportunities here but they own all the luxuries that money can buy .

    another test is : if really he loves the country as any normal citizen would , would he join the other PR leaders to smear the good name of the country overseas so that the investors and tourists will not come to m’sia and therefore affecting the livelihood of fellow malaysians including his own family . if he would not join …would he tick off these unthankful leaders .

    the third test is : to what extent has he helped the govt so far by encouraging the chinese youth to join the police and civil service so that there is a racial balance in these sectors in… order to reflect a more m’sian identity …if he has not then why it not important just because the pay is very low ? if that is so ..then what good is there to talk about malaysian-ness … isnt this more of selfishness ? does he know that the malays do not mind the low pay because they love their motherland more… they will not leave the country in case of wars but will defend it …in contrast to those itching to emigrate after making tons of money and to make more overseas ..these are the people whom Confucious says in his analect as the little petty people whose main concern is wealth …which according to Confcucius is just like a fleeting clouds…meaningless . To those who vociferously say they want to leave we should say plse do so …as malaysia do not need this type of low quality citizens …if there are takers for them why not ..

    kit siang , nik aziz , haji hadi are past their prime ….they are in their own world ..not in touch with the reality that the younger generation are more open to the One Malaysia concept …and identify themselves as m’sians wholeheartedly ….the poisons that these detractors sow by belittling it …will not work fact is counter-productive to PR …

    the general impression of the populace now is that One Malaysia is good and is worth it ….the rakyats of all races now are opening up ….so there is no point running it down ……in fact the “middle malaysia ” sounds so awful …and vulgar to say the least .


  4. warisan tmk Says:


    Yes, we should all identify ourselves as Malaysians. Yet ‘1Malaysia’, still allows vernacular identifications and DIVERSITY in language, culture and religion.

    Whether MALAYness, CHINESEness or INDIANness come before MALAYSIANness, or the other way round, depends on from which direction we look at things.

    Those travelling from Penang to Singapore will first past Ipoh, then KL and then JB, before arriving in Singapore. While those travelling from Singapore to Penang will first come accross JB, then KL, and then Ipoh, before arriving in Penang.

    Lim Kit Siang seems to see things from ONE CHAUVANISTIC DIRECTION. He seems destined, or fated, to remain OUTCAST in a country FOREIGN to his forefathers.

  5. anak merdeka Says:

    TMK ,

    Tiada lebih buruk seseorang itu apabila dia sudah bangkrap idea ..ia lebih buruk dpd bangkrap dlm bisnes.

    Sebab org yg bangkrap dlm perniagaan boleh bangun kembali dengan belajar dari kesilapan dan mencari jalan membaik pulih ..

    Namun bagi org yg bangkrap idea , harapan , cita-cita , wawasan untuk membina negara hilang nilai diri mereka sebagai seorg rakyat . Apa lagi jika niat hati mereka bertambah busuk ..apabila sanggup membuat fitnah , tipu daya , pecah belah dan angkara …dan menggadai bangsa dan negara.

    Sungguh malu jika org begini masih berada dibumi bertuah ini . selalunya mereka bangga dgn negara lain ..betapa hebat nya negara2 lain sperti tiada korupsi , semua rata , dll …namun yg peliknya kenapa masih lagi berada dibumi ini dan masih menghirup udara …

    Lantas ,kalau diperhatikan air muka mereka ini tiada seri langsung oleh kerana kebencian yg mereka taburkan sekian lama terkesan akhirnta pada diri sendiri ..

    semoga Lim Kit siang sedar hakikat ini …

    • warisan tmk Says:

      anak merdeka,

      Amat bersetuju dengan sdra bahawa muka-muka seperti Lim Kit Siang memang TIDAK ADA SERI, dan seakan-akan menyembunyikan seribu dendam dan konspirasi.

      Tidak keterlaluan jika saya mengatakan bahawa, selepas muka Chin Peng, muka Lim Kit Siang adalah yang PALING MELOYAKAN umat Melayu.

  6. maju fikir Says:

    hi ,

    is that so ? probably he is still living in his past in which the chinese in the 60’s and 70’s were so deeply known to be chauvinistic and so aloof ..he still spots this aloofness and arrogance in his expression .

    it was during this period that the MCP staged their deadly armed struggles to wrest control of tanah melayu and talking about MCP according to past records the communist cadres were roaming the streets at will not only in the jungles causing security problems …our police and security personnel were gunned down mercilessly …. if not for the perseverance of the security forces and of the intelligence and magnanimity of UMNO in running the country there would have been havoc to this date…

    kit siang must reflect himself in the mirror …..times have changed . even he himself has aged . the younger generation of malays, chinese , indians kadazans, dayaks are so proud of this country …so do not poison their minds with your racist and manipulative comments . this applies to even malay or indian leaders pro govt or otherwise

    as we age it is good to do a reflection of what we have done for the country all this while …and not what the country can do for u lest once he leaves the world ( die lah ) he will be fiercely remembered as an anti melayu , anti perlembagaan and chastised and hated by the rakyat..esp the malays .

    this applies to haji hadi too and other PR leaders and of BN leaders who are not performing and those who makan rasuah and create disunity or sell off the country …..all these count for nothing ( sia -sia) when you die …it is the glory to serve the country that you should aspire …take the Q from Razak , tan siew sin , sambathan , mahathir , Najib , Muhyudin , Lee Chong wei , Misbun , siti nurhaliza , lee lam thye , rajagobal , mokhtar dahari , and there so many more ..and not to forget our security and police personnel…who sacrificed their lifes …they never asked for money or datuk or tan sri or praised or to be in the limelight in newspapers or tv’s ..they left behind their widows ,children to fend for themselves but they did not die in vain when they got killed .as their souls are among the glorified in heavens even if they are never remembered ..

    But to those detractors now who are sowing discords and hatred so that there will be chaos in the country hope no further …as u are destined to be in the deepest abyss in hell ..even if u talk democracy or wearing white skulls talking religion but full of lies and hatred …for Allah mengetahui yg hak dan yg batil …

    Hidup 1 Malaysia !!!

  7. Bei Suu Lan Says:

    To: All Malaysians with a One Good Heart,
    From: Ms Bei Suu Lan, NGO for Natives, KK, Sabah,
    Subject: Help the poor natives of Sabah,
    I came from Kedah to settle down in Sabah twenty years ago.I have seen with my own eyes the natives descending from prosperity to the living in the sewers.The politicians grew from rags to riches.The natives descend from a decent simple work status to living to the sewers.
    It is because illegal immigrants has been given Real Residential Documents.They have been made real citizens.
    This enables them to compete and take away the jobs from all the local natives.
    I am in the hotel IT management line.I found that all my hotel clients employs immigrates with real documents.When they conduct job interviews they will just talk to the natives as a goodwill gesture.Then they will throw away the documents into some big box in the store.They will give all the jobs to illegals.I have seen it a million times.
    Look this is what is happening to the Sabah youths of today and the Sabah leaders of tomorrow. The future of Sabah has been sold to the foreigners by today’s politicians,

    Thursday February 25, 2010
    Scores of Sabah youths living like beggars in KL after losing jobs
    KOTA KINABALU: They sleep along roadsides, parks or buildings and have to forage for leftover food.
    About 400 homeless Sabah youths are loitering around Jalan Masjid India, the Dayabumi Complex, Klang bus station and Bukit Nanas in Kuala Lumpur.
    Most of them come from the interiors of Sabah. One of the youths, Apai John from Tenom, said he had been without a job for four years.
    Their plight has been highlighted by the Catholic church and NGOs like the Kechara Soup Kitchen Society (KSK) and Street Fellowship.
    The NGOs claimed that the Sabahans roamed the streets and relied on free meals after they lost their jobs or were cheated by bogus employment agents.
    Bleak future: Some of the Sabahans seen loitering nearby Dayabumi Complex. Picture courtesy of Kechara Soup Kitchen Society.
    “Most of them are young – 16 to 25 years old – and are hoping to seek employment in the Klang Valley,” said KSK treasurer Julia Tan who leads her group of volunteers to distribute food to the homeless every Saturday and Sunday.
    “Those who are still unemployed mingle with the homeless in the city,” she added.
    “When I ask them why they choose to stay on, they said there are more opportunities here for them to earn a living,” she added.
    Yang di-Pertua Negri Tun Ahmadshah Abdullah recently said the Sabah government should assist homeless Sabahans to return home if the cases were genuine.
    Chief Minister Datuk Musa Aman said state Community Development and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Azizah Mohd Dun and state Resource Development and Information Technology Minister Datuk Dr Yee Moh Chai would investigate the claims.
    “We will come out with some assistance to bring them home,” Musa said.
    “They can then find employment in the state,” he said.
    Musa advised Sabahans to be cautious about agencies offering jobs in other states or overseas.
    “They should only go to government-approved labour agencies.”
    He said some of these youths had become drug addicts.
    “As a result, they have lost their jobs,” Musa said.

    To all Malaysians,
    Please report all corrupted politicians,government officers and private people to the following agencies by phone and by emails,
    1) SPRM at Tel: 1800886000 and email:
    2) Prime Minister Office at Tel: 0388888000 and email:
    3) Bukit Aman Police at Tel: 0322626222 email:
    4)Registration office:
    6) Bank Negara:
    7)Income Tax:
    8)Home Affairs: pro@mois,
    9) MITI:
    10) Sabah local police:

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