Constitutional Provision of ‘Special Position of Malays’, a CRUTCH or a TAMING SARI?

Yesterday was the NOMINATION DAY for the Hulu Selangor Parlimentary Bye-election. Tens of thousands of supporters of BN and Pakatan candidates turned out, painting the normally quiet town of Kuala Kubu Baru into various shades of BLUES, and turning it  into HELL OF FESTIVITIES. In a week time, the voters would use their VOTING POWER to choose their new Member of Parliment.

The voters’ choice is not so much about Kamalanathan, Zaid Ibrahim, or the other two independent novices. It’s more about the POLICIES upheld by the parties they represent. On this count alone, the two independent novices stand NO CHANCE whatsoever. The bye-election boils down to the ONE-OF-TWO CHOICES, the BN or the Pakatan, which is represented by the PKR.

The BN represents the embodiment of the spirit of the SOCIAL CONTRACT among major races, agreed upon prior to the independence of Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, in English, the Federation of Malaya, in 1957, which became Malaysia in 1963 upon the addition of Singapore, Sabah and Sarawak. Singapore was EXPELLED in 1965 when their PAP’s ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ stand was AT ODD with the rest of the Federation.

The Pakatan, represented by PKR, stands for the same concept  ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ which was rejected by Perikatan under Tunku in 1965. ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ concept was inherited by the DAP from their Singapore-based predecessor, the PAP of Singapore. Although the ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ concept was the trade-mark of DAP, both the Malays-centred PAS and PKR were seen to have been TAMED by DAP to swallow it without complains.

In 2008 General Election, there was a SIGNIFICANT swing among non-Malay voters, particularly the Chinese, towards ABANDONING the Social Contract, hence significant gains to the Pakatan coalition.  However, the 2008 results have strengthened the resolve of Malays in protecting their rights as ENSHRINED in the Federal Constitution, in particular the provision of SPECIAL POSITION OF MALAYS. Its not surprising that Malays have been voicing out their concerns through NGOs like Perkasa, which, based on latest surveys, are supported by at least 70% of Malays.

To the non-Malays, the SPECIAL PROVISION FOR MALAYS are ‘crutches’ to help the Malays, especially in business, during the formative stages of the country. To them, the Malays are now STRONG ENOUGH and do not need the ‘crutches’ any more. However, how accurate they are in their assessment, when over 80% of TOP 100 RICHEST PERSONS in Malaysia are NON-MALAYS, and over 85% of the country’s wealth are in the hands of NON-MALAYS too.

However, to the MAJORITY OF MALAYS, SPECIAL POSITION OF MALAYS are not about ‘crutches’. To them, the provision of SPECIAL POSITION OF MALAYS was inserted in our Federal Constitution, IN EXCHANGE for granting of CITIZENSHIP to the THEN Chinese and Indian immigrants. To them, SPECIAL POSITION OF MALAYS will remain forever, as recognition of Malays as the original people and rulers of Tanah Melayu, which later became Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, and then MALAYsia.

To the Malays, the SPECIAL POSITION OF MALAYS is more compatible to the mystic keris TAMING SARI, the keris entrusted by the Sultan of Malacca to Hang Tuah, Laksamana Melaka, to protect and defend the Kesultanan Melayu Melaka, the symbol of Malay Authority, or KETUANAN MELAYU, rather than the ‘crutches’ as used by the injured or handicapped people.

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2 Comments on “Constitutional Provision of ‘Special Position of Malays’, a CRUTCH or a TAMING SARI?”

  1. maju fikir Says:

    hi tmk ,

    i think there are 2 issues in which u wish to share .

    a) the hulu selangor by-election
    b) the malay special provision

    let me share my 2 cents on :-

    a) the by-election is all about pkr and bn ….i think this is one of the greatest mistakes of pkr ..putting zaid ibrahim ..he is sticking his neck and reputation …it is like if u have a bad moral past and lots of misdeeds known to a few in the political circles , you are now giving the opportunity for the enemies to unfold and tell the whole world …if i were him ..i would shudder to even think of standing in the election …this is a by-election and not a general election ….the whole focus will be on him personally ….i think it is not on policies of bn viz-a viz pr .

    he is going to face a bliztkrieg of a great proportions ..the fierce bombardments from not only bn machinery but also from his enemies from within . not to mention the guns which are already blazing from the mushrooming blogs which are now overwhelmingly anti pkr , anti anwar . even if zaid wins …his reputation will be smashed to pieces .. if i were him ..i would rather quit now and abandon it … he is a businessman ..should not ruin his future … that ‘s why he must think with his head . i’m not sure why anwar selected him some says that it was to be a “sacrificial lamb ” in order to annihilate zaid’s political future in preference for azmin ali…anwar’s only die-hard supporter …the other reason anwar faces a dearth of reliable leaders …who else can pkr select …with their hordes of leaders abandoning the party and are now loading their munitions to shoot back at their once- goliath of a leader …who is losing his credibility by the day …

    bn has to work hard …never rest on their laurels ..najib has shown what a leader he is …and what umno is made up of ….by giving way to an indian from mic …..the indians ( traditionally bn supporters ..and whose struggles can only be served by bn no matter what) are coming back to bn’s fold…after being taken for a ride in the pru 12 ..with unfulfilled promises ….so are the chinese moderates …they could see what najib and bn could do ..turned around the economy within a shot period ..and truly deliver the goods ..without any wasteful and meaningless ceramahs …..what bn can do now is to get all representatives from the parties to show solidarity in campaigning …show to the pretenders that despite their divisive and chauvinist campaigns Malayisians prefer to embrace the more meaningful 1 malaysia dreams …

    b) as for the Malay special provision it is already spelt out in the Constitution ….it is in fact not only good for the malays who formed the majority poor in the early 60’s but also for the other ethnic groups due to the spillover effects …the 80% wealth that you mentioned controlled by the chinese is a direct result of the DEB ….there are now no more or very few chinese bus drivers , lorry drivers , brick -layers , construction workers , fish mongers …these lowly occupations are now taken up by malays and indians and the immigrant workers …the chinese majority are now big towkays . successful professionals and the like …they have excellent business skills and networking ..and amassed so much wealth that any ASM public issues are snapped up within hours ! they should be thankful enough …and not to be too greedy by harbouring political control of the country as well as it is not practicable ..if they look at the medium and long term ….but they can share power with the bn partners ….whose big ship is on a mission to transform the country and its people into a first world class with negligible rate of poverty ..

    good luck kalamanathan …

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