Will Chinese Voters Gamble On Malay Disunity Again?

HEARTIEST CONGRATULATION to Kamalanathan for winning the Hulu Selangor parlimentary seat for the BN. So much have been said and commented about the BN EPIC VICTORY, and I will have my own analysis and assessment of the BN victory very soon.

However, let me first put forward what I’d written just HOURS before the polling in Hulu Selangor began, but for certain ‘technical reasons’ were withheld.


WITHIN a few hours, about 80% of Hulu Selangor voters will start streaming to their polling stations to cast their votes to choose their new MP, the MP for Hulu Selangor. Their choice is either Kamalanathan of the BN or Zaid Ibrahim of the PKR.

PKR is a component party of the opposition Pakatan coalition, besides DAP and PAS. Ever since the three parties with diverse, even contrasting, policies got together after making significant inroads in the 2008 General Election, they have not formed a single party like the BN, hence PKR contesting under PKR flag.

The Malays make up 53% of voters in the Hulu Selangor Constitutency, followed by the Chinese(26%) and the rest Indians. Based on the statistics, had the Malays been united, they alone would give victory to any candidate. If Malays alone are capable of determining the winner in Hulu Selangor despite its 53% majority, Malays would have even more convincing say in other parlimentary constituencies with even larger Malay majorities.

The Malays used to demonstrate their UNITY AT ITS BEST in 1946, in their rejection of the British-imposed MALAYAN UNION. The Malayan Union would have usurped the powers of the Malay sultans, and would have put the INDIGENOUS Malays on ‘equal’ footings as the Chinese and Indian IMMIGRANTS brought in by the British to work in tin mines and rubber estates. Infact, it would not have been equal footing at all, considering the Malays were mainly rural, and the Chinese were mainly urban with generations of business experience.

MALAY UNITY, under the United Malays National Organisation(UMNO) and the Raja-Raja Melayu,  forced the British to rescind the Malayan Union, to be replaced by the Persekutuan Tanah Melayu,  in English Malaya,  in 1948. Persekutuan Tanah Melayu was agreed upon by the British, UMNO and Raja-Raja Melayu, as a TRANSITION GOVERNMENT of a nation on the road to full independence.

Then, most of Chinese and Indians were still IMMIGRANTS. Despite that, the Chinese-centred Parti Komunis Malaya(PKM) , then a branch of the Communist Party of the People’s Republic of China, under Chin Peng, demonstrated their EVIL DESIRES on Tanah Melayu by taking to the jungles to start ARMED INSURRECTION against the British and the TRANSITION GOVERNMENT engineered by UMNO and Raja-Raja Melayu.

Chin Peng-led PKM failed miserably due to the UNITY of Malays in combating the PKM.

However, the unity of Malays were first COMPROMISED by the 1987 in-fighting in UMNO, which gave birth to the Parti Melayu Semangat 46 led by Ku Li. After going through two general elections, the party was dissolved, and the members  were accepted back into UMNO. This was followed by a more DAMAGING SPLIT among the Malays, following the sacking of Anwar Ibrahim from his post as Deputy Prime Minister, and Deputy President of UMNO, which gave birth to PKR.

Both happenings had allowed the Chinese-centred DAP to ‘lend their support’ to both the Parti Melayu Semangat 46, and the PKR, by offering them partnership in coalition. To DAP, the most convenient and viable way to fight UMNO is to make use of Malay-centred political parties OPPOSED to UMNO, like the PKR and PAS.

In the 12th General Election in 2008, overwhelming majority of Chinese TOOK THE OPPORTUNITY make big political grounds for themselves, at the expense of the spirit of the Social Contract. They seized the RARE CHANCE to take away policies favourable to Malays, by ‘putting their money’ on Anwar Ibrahim, the PENGKHIANAT BANGSA.

Despite the PKR-DAP-PAS ‘Pakatan’ coalition’s substantial gains in the 2008 General Election, they found out that managing success was much more difficult than achieving it. Anwar’s attempt to take over the Federal Government by inducing sufficient CROSS-OVERS backfired with the fall of Perak Pakatan State Government back to BN fold.

 Since then, there were series of CROSS-OVERS from PKR lawmakers to the BN. And in the latest bye-elections in Bagan Pinang, the BN retained the seat with LANDSLIDE VICTORY, with massive support from not only the Malays, but from the Chinese and Indians too.

With those backdrop, will the Chinese voters gamble on the disunity of Malays yet again in Hulu Selangor?

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2 Comments on “Will Chinese Voters Gamble On Malay Disunity Again?”

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  2. Yaa Siew Lian Says:

    What happens if you are caught in between a oral sex man and a anal sex man ???
    Answer: You are be screwed in the wrong holes simultaneously.You need good nasib not to get AIDS ( Acute Income Deficiency Syndrome ).Our economy is suffering from AIDS.
    Look at Tiong King Sing screwing the taxpayers of 12.5 billion ringgit.He is not even charged in court.Look at Chua Soi Lek.In Hokkien it means ” Bring in nasty characters “Look at the group of ” Soi Cai ” that he brought into Wisma MCA.I bet they are going to renovate a floor of Wisma MCA as MCA Health Center soon.
    So that they can relax under soothing hands,legs and mouths and talk politics.
    Look at Anwar being sold by his trusted members all over again and again like some cheap Chow Kit prostitute.

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