Behind MCA Failure In Hulu Selangor

Based on various sources available to date, over 70% of Chinese voters in Hulu Selangor GAMBLED their votes for PKR, compared to about 65% in the 2008 General Election. At a time when overwhelming majority of Malays are giving their support to UMNO/BN, and  MASSIVE swing back to the BN among the Indians, the Chinese are obviously moving in the opposite direction, DISTANCING themselves further and further away from the MAINSTREAM Malaysians.

Since MCA is the only Chinese-based party in the ruling BN coalition, the level of Chinese support for the BN reflects either their success or failure in providing leadership and direction to the Chinese community. The bye-election in Hulu Selangor obviously EXPOSED MCA’s loosening grip on the community they are supposed to represent.

The early founders of MCA were very clear on the mission and vision of MCA, formed as an alternative to the MILITANT Chinese-centred Communist Party of Malaya(PKM). They were equally clear on position of MCA within the Alliance Party, and the position of Chinese in relation to the INDIGENOUS Malays. Infact , they were the ones who , together with UMNO and MIC leaders, engineered the so-called SOCIAL CONTRACT among major races.

As time lapsed, and leadership of MCA passed down to later generations, the voices of dissent among rank and file became more pronounced.  Younger leaders, in trying to stamp their mark in leadership of the party, began to out-do leaders of other Chinese-centred parties like DAP and Gerakan. MCA leaders began to adopt stands very similar to that of the chauvanist and extremist DAP.

However, such DAP-like stands did not help MCA. It only helps MCA to be IRRELEVANT among the Chinese community. MCA are caught between their attempts to champion the CHINESE CAUSE, while at the same time PRETENDING to be loyal to BN long-held policies, guided by the terms of SOCIAL CONTRACT which had become part and parcel of the Federal Constitution. MCA’s apparent NEITHER HERE NOR THERE postures have made the party less attractive to their own community.

At the moment, MCA is not the rallying point of the Chinese community. In Chinese-majority constituencies, like Bukit Bintang, Kepong and Seputeh, MCA have always been second-fiddle  to DAP. The harder MCA trying to be DAP-like, the more IRRELEVANT they become. If MCA is really keen to follow the DAP line of political struggle, it  is only logical for MCA to be dissolved and their members migrate en-mass into DAP.

The question is, HOW TO MAKE MCA RELEVANT in the Malaysian political stage. To answer this, present MCA leaders have to look back, deep into their past, to re-discover their point of relevance to the Chinese community. They have to look back and re-discover WHY MCA was formed at the first place.

Malaysians have ENJOYED over 50 years of PEACE, STABILITY and PROSPERITY, as a result of forward-looking understandings and compromises among  UMNO, MCA and MIC who formed the Alliance Party, which were later enlarged to become Barisan Nasional, or the BN. MCA have to go back to the BASICS, educating their community the MERITS of upholding the terms of SOCIAL CONTRACT, which had been the SECRET behind the tremendous development, progress and prosperity of the country.

MCA have to provide leadership among their community, and educate them to SHARE their skills and wealth with other races, and not to be overwhelmed by SELFISHNESS and GREED. Besides that, they have to educate their community the FOUNDATIONS of our nation, and certain provisions in the Federal Constitution, to ensure lasting PEACE, STABILITY and PROSPERITY.

MCA has to uphold visions and missions of their founding leaders. MCA SHOULD NOT BE ANOTHER DAP to the Chinese. Only then, MCA will be relevant to their community and Malaysians as a whole. Only then, their community will flock around them, like what they used to do during infancy years of our nation.

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