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Kongres Ekonomi Bumiputra 29 Mei 2010

May 30, 2010

Congratulation to Datuk Ibrahim Ali, Perkasa and the Majlis Perundingan Melayu(MPM) for organising yesterday’s LANDMARK Kongres Ekonomi Bumiputra in UMNO-owned PWTC.

The Congress was well attended by delegates representing all strata of the Malay community. Significantly, to the politicians, the Malays/Bumiputras make up 65% of our country’s voters. Those who ignore the ENXIETIES of the Malays/Bumiputras would do so at their own POLITICAL PERIL.

Najib fully realized this, as any GREAT POLITICIANS would do. Despite the day-time SALVOS against the NEM, Najib humbled himself to attend to officially close the Congress, and accept the AGREED RESOLUTIONS. Congratulations to Najib for the GALLANT GESTURE, and congratulations for RE-ASSURING the Malays/Bumiputras that he would not turn back on the ‘Spirit of NEP’ which was the brain-child of none other than his own late father, Tun Razak.

The gathering of over 75 Malay NGOs in PWTC yesterday reminds us of the gathering of 43 Malay NGOs in Sulaiman Club, Kampung Baru, over 60 years ago, in their fight against the Malayan Union, which gave birth to UMNO. Yesterday’s Congress was aimed at MAKING SURE that UMNO would remain on the right track, to continue defending the MALAY RIGHTS as provided in the Federal Constitution, besides ensuring the LEGITIMATE RIGHTS of the non-Malays, who are descendents of IMMIGRANTS who were granted citizenship of Persekutuan Tanah Melayu in 1950s.

The Malays will never forget that  the GRANTING OF CITIZENSHIP to the immigrant races  in 1950s was part of pre-independence understanding among major races known as the SOCIAL CONTRACT, which recognized the SPECIAL POSITION OF MALAYS as the original inhabitants and rulers of Tanah Melayu, which entitle them certain RIGHTS as specifically spelt out in the Constitution.

Unlike the situation in 1946 when UMNO was formed, UMNO today is the back-bone of the ruling BN, who have been in power, without any break, ever since the Persekutuan Tanah Melayu became an independent Nation, and later became Malaysia.  UMNO’s responsibility is not only towards Malays, but Malaysians as a whole. With UMNO at  the helm of power, Malaysia has for over 50 years enjoyed PEACE, STABILITY and PROSPERITY.

Despite that, the role of Malay NGOs are equally important, in voicing out the ENXIETIES and ASPIRATIONS of Malays, and keeping UMNO on track, as the nation continues the voyage into the future.


Latest MIC Saga

May 29, 2010

PWTC Management has made a wise decision to CANCEL the booking of PWTC to former MIC Youth Deputy Chief, Mugillan. Otherwise, it would have given wrong message to MIC , as if UMNO was supportive of Mugillan in his tussle against Samy Vellu.

PWTC Management’s decision RE-AFFIRMED UMNO’s long standing stand not to interfere in the ‘power-plays’ of the other component parties within the BN, unless invited to play certain mediation role, as a well respected ‘big brother’.

I believe Samy Vellu is still the MOST INFLUENTIAL leader in MIC. Even after MIC’s DISMALL performance in the 2008 General Election, Samy Vellu was re-elected as the MIC President without contest. Samy Vellu must have left GOOD MARKS  among the rank and file of MIC, who remain loyal to him. He must have played his role as the President of MIC, in uplifting the dignity and well-being of the Indian community, who had traditionally been loyal to the BN. Despite that, as Tun Mahathir put it, Samy Vellu should not over stay his welcome.

On the other side of the horizon,  aspiring young leaders in MIC should cherish MIC’s great traditions, and exercise UTMOST wisdom in leadership issues within the party. A lot can be learnt from UMNO, with its traditional smooth ‘handing over’ of leadership. As the Malay proverb goes, ‘Bagai menarik rambut dari tepung, rambut tak putus, tepung tidak berselerak’.

For the moment, there’s no other Indian-centred parties as well organised as MIC. MIC remains the HOPE of the Indians, whose forefathers arrived on the shores of Tanah Melayu for new opportunities and better life. Only a united MIC will be able to fulfils the HOPE and TRUST of the Indians.

Should Citizenship of Immigrants be Revoked?

May 23, 2010

 Most of the IMMIGRANTS, whose decendents were accepted as CITIZENS of Persekutuan Tanah Melayu and Malaysia, arrived on our shores less than 100 years ago, the bulk of it after the Cultural Revolution in China in 1949.

At that time, Persekutuan Tanah Melayu was set up to replace the much-opposed Malayan Union. Only the Malays were OPPOSED to the Malayan Union, hence, it was ONLY the Malays and their kings who forced the British to set up the Persekutuan Tanah Melayu. The Chinese were then still IMMIGRANTS, most of whom were supportive of the ARMED INSURRECTION launched by the Chinese-centred Malayan Communist Party, a branch of China’s Communist Party.

Persekutuan Tanah Melayu was set up to be TRANSITIONAL GOVERNMENT, pending full independence. Prior to the granting of full independence, the British ‘persuaded, which the Malays had to obey’ that 1.2 million Chinese immigrants and 0.3 million Indian immigrants be granted citizenship. Full independence materialised in 1957, with Tunku Ab. rahman as the FIRST Prime Minister. 

In retrospect, it was a BIG MISTAKE to have granted citizenship to the IMMIGRANTS who had arrived here just to ‘cari makan’ at the first place. No country in the world will remain peaceful for long with HUGE IMMIGRANTS population. Even Lee Kwan Yew were reported to have said that the minorities in Singapore should not exceed 15% of the island-state population.

Many believe that, given freedom of choice, the UMNO leaders would not have agreed to the granting of citizenship to the 1.5 IMMIGRANTS in one shot. As history were written, the Malay leaders were given the condition, were forced into a DEAL, ‘accept the IMMIGRANTS as citizens, and we will give you independence’. In short, Malay leaders were given NO CHOICE. The Malay leaders had to agree UNDER DURESS, under threat that the much cherished independence may be withheld much longer, unless they agree to the British terms. 

Had Malay leaders not agreed to the British, more and more IMMIGRANTS would have been allowed in….. through Penang, Malacca and Singapore…. and the indigenous races could have been outnumbered by the IMMIGRANTS, like what happened in Singapore. Malay leaders HAD TO AGREE then in order to close the FLOODGATE of IMMIGRANTS.

Despite that, the Malays had demanded protection of their rights as the ORIGINAL OWNERS of Persekutuan Tanah Melayu. They demanded, and agreed by the British and non-Malays, that the IMMIGRANTS who were granted citizenship should recognised ‘Ketuanan Melayu’, by agreeing to certain provisions in the Constitution of Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, including the SPECIAL POSITION OF MALAYS.

Despite having to agree to the British ‘under duress’, the Malays still observed their part of the understandings which were known as the SOCIAL CONTRACT. Unfortunately, the Chinese are DEFAULTING on their part of the CONTRACT, and their ‘voices of dissent’ against the provisions which favoured the Malays/Bumiputra are becoming louder and louder, day by day.

 Under such circumstances, its only fair that the citizenship of the IMMIGRANTS be revoked. Malay-centred political parties and NGOs should now unite, to garner whatever means at their disposal, to force the Chinese to remedy their DEFAULTS. Otherwise, its only fair to start LEGAL PROCESSES, and other recource, to revoke the citizenship of the IMMIGRANTS. Once the citizenship of the IMMIGRANTS are revoked, all citizenship of their DESCENDENTS would be deemed NULL AND VOID too.

A Week After Sibu

May 22, 2010

By this time, last Saturday, all signs were pointing to DAP taking over Sibu, one of the Parlimentary constituencies in Sarawak, where the Chinese voters make up over 65% of the numbers.

Prior to 1901, the indigenous people including Melanaus, Malays and Ibans were the MAJORITY in what was originally called MALING, one of the territories under the Malay Sultanate of Brunei, before it was handed over to the BROOKS dynasty. Sibu gave birth to Rosly Dhobi, one of the Malay nationalists who were hanged by the BROOKS for defending the rights of his community.

Under the BROOKS, flood-gate was opened to IMMIGRANT Chinese, who started to arrive in 1901, followed by waves of IMMIGRATION which followed. Now, the Melanaus, Malays and Ibans, who used to be the majority, are now overwhelmed in term of numbers by the FOOCHOWS Chinese.

There was NOTHING ‘miracle’ about the DAP narrow win in Sibu. Overwhelming majority of Chinese had made up their minds months before the 2008 General Election, that DAP was their only hope of achieving MALAYSIAN MALAYSIA, a concept similar to the MALAYAN UNION which met UNITED OPPOSITION by the Malays under UMNO in 1946.  DAP was their only hope of taking away the SPECIAL POSITION OF MALAYS/BUMIPUTRAS.

Under such threat, not surprising, there have been significant swing of Malays/Bumiputras support towards Malay/Bumiputras NGOs and UMNO/BN. The Chinese and Malays/Bumiputras are on the OPPOSITE ENDS of the pole, and they are drifting further and further apart, month by month, week by week and day by day.

A week after Sibu, the future of Malaysia is more shrouded with UNCERTAINTY and FRIGHTENING POSSIBILITIES.

UMNO, the Flagship of Malay ARMADA.

May 11, 2010

Today, 11th May 2010, is the 64th ANNIVERSARY of the formation of United Malays National Organisation, or UMNO. UMNO has become ‘blood and soul’ of MOST Malaysians, as the party has been the BACKBONE of the ruling Alliance Party and later Barisan Nasional(BN), which have CONTINUOUSLY been ruling the country since the independence of Persekutuan Tanah Melayu in 1957 and the formation of Malaysia in 1963.

UMNO was officially launched on 11th May 1946, in Istana Johor,  by over 40 Malay-based NGOs. Earlier in that year, the Malays were OUTRAGED by the British Military Administration(BMA) for their imposition of a new political structure for the MALAY LANDS, the infamous MALAYAN UNION. MALAYAN UNION was supposed to enable the British to centralise the administration of the individual Malay States. However, the British has seized the opportunity to ROB the Malay Kings of their traditional powers, and grant the IMMIGRANT non-Malays citizenship of the country and make them EQUAL CITIZENS to the indigenous Malays, in every sense of the word.

By then, the Malays were MORE POLITICALLY CONCIOUS, after experiencing 2-weeks of HELL under the rule of the Chinese-centred Communist ‘Bintang Tiga’ militias, who seized power in several major towns, during the ‘power vacuum’ period immediately after the Japanese surrender and the ‘come back’ landing of the British marines in Port Klang. Despite most of the Communist guerillas were still IMMIGRANTS then, they showed NO SHAME to grab power from traditional rulers of the Malay Lands. 

The Malays were then made aware that, unless they unite and make known their OPPOSITION to the MALAYAN UNION,  Malays may forever lose out, not only to the British, but to other IMMIGRANT RACES which had nearly outnumbered the INDIGENOUS RACES, in the Malay Lands then.  Under such CRITICAL CIRCUMSTANCES, the role of the Malay NGOs in forming UMNO and organising RESISTANCE against the MALAYAN UNION, and FORCING the British to replace it with Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, was to become a VERY IMPORTANT EPISODE in the history of  the Malays, Persekutuan Tanah Melayu and Malaysia. 

In the run down to the  2008 General Election, it appears to the Malays that the 1946 scenario may RE-VISIT this country, which had enjoyed PEACE, STABILITY and PROSPERITY for over 50 years since independence. Certain quarters are increasingly vocal in expressing their RESENTMENT against the terms of agreement known as the SOCIAL CONTRACT among major races prior to the independence of Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, and are trying hard to REMOVE them by ‘democratic means’. One of their strategies has been to make use of DESPERATE MALAYS, to cause in-fighting and disunity among the Malays.

Praise be to Allah. Allah, the God Almighty, has blessed the Malays with UMNO and Islam. The Malays FLAGSHIP UMNO, and its ARMADA consiting of FLOTILLA of Malay NGOs, will continue their VOYAGE around the region, to ensure that the Malays will rule SUPREME in this lands of their forefathers. The ARMADA will weather waves and storms, even tsunamis, and keep the ‘enemies’ at bay. As Malay proverb goes, ‘MEMBUJUR LALU, MELINTANG PATAH’.

A BIG THANK YOU to UMNO, their leaders, rank-and-file members and supporters, for their ASSURING voyage within the region, to ensure PEACE, STABILITY and PROSPERITY, to the nation and its children, for years, decades and centuries to come.



Between RACISM and Defence of Malay Rights

May 1, 2010

Chinese politicians and bloggers have been extremely ‘generous’ in showering UMNO/BN leaders and Malay NGOs like Perkasa with terms like RACIST and RACISM whenever they defend MALAY RIGHTS as enshrined in the country’s Constitution.

Terms like RACIST and RACISM have been very much mis-used or misquoted, in the same way terms like TERRORISM. If we look at the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the west tend to label the PLO and HAMAS freedom-fighters as ‘terrorists’ for their continuous struggle for their Palestinian State. While, to the Palestinians and the Muslim world, they regard PLO and HAMAS as FREEDOM FIGHTERS. Instead, they regard Israel as ‘Terrorist State’, for their indisciminate air-raids and shellings of Palestinian towns and villages, killing both the FREEDOM FIGHTERS and innocent civilians.

Chin Peng, the leader of the Chinese-centred Parti Komunis Malaya(PKM) used to describe himself as FIGHTERS FOR INDEPENDENCE of Malaya from the British. While, for the Malays and Malayans/Malaysians, Chin Peng and his platoons of ‘bandits’ were seen more as COMMUNIST TERRORISTS or the CTs.

Today, in 2010, the Chinese would regard any UMNO/BN leaders talking about certain provisions of our Federal Constitution as ‘racist’. Talking about NEP is regarded as ‘racist’. Talking about history of the IMMIGRATION is regarded as ‘racist’. Even talking about the history of old Malay Kingdoms like Langkasuka, Srivijaya and Malacca is regarded as ‘racist’ .

What the Chinese expect Malays to do, at a time when they are HIDING behind terms like democracy, ‘keadilan’, transparency and others to systematically DISMANTLE the terms of Social Contract agreed upon by the leaders of major races in the run up to the country’s independence in 1957.

Malays had stood up UNITED in the face of MALAYAN UNION, introduced by the British, which would have removed the ‘Keris Taming Sari’ from the Malays. Malays stood up again UNITED, beside the British, in ‘repulsing’ the politically AMBITIOUS Chinese, who attempted to take over the country ‘by force of arms’ under the guise of COMMUNISM.

Malays will continue to defend their rights to the last drop of their blood. As the old Malay sayings go, ‘Biar puteh tulang, jangan puteh mata’. It does not matter if the Chinese term it ‘racist’ or ‘racism’. We are very sure, the Chinese in China would do the same thing, ie. defending their ‘Chinese rights’,  had 50% of Mainland China be swarmed by FOREIGN RACES.

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