Between RACISM and Defence of Malay Rights

Chinese politicians and bloggers have been extremely ‘generous’ in showering UMNO/BN leaders and Malay NGOs like Perkasa with terms like RACIST and RACISM whenever they defend MALAY RIGHTS as enshrined in the country’s Constitution.

Terms like RACIST and RACISM have been very much mis-used or misquoted, in the same way terms like TERRORISM. If we look at the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the west tend to label the PLO and HAMAS freedom-fighters as ‘terrorists’ for their continuous struggle for their Palestinian State. While, to the Palestinians and the Muslim world, they regard PLO and HAMAS as FREEDOM FIGHTERS. Instead, they regard Israel as ‘Terrorist State’, for their indisciminate air-raids and shellings of Palestinian towns and villages, killing both the FREEDOM FIGHTERS and innocent civilians.

Chin Peng, the leader of the Chinese-centred Parti Komunis Malaya(PKM) used to describe himself as FIGHTERS FOR INDEPENDENCE of Malaya from the British. While, for the Malays and Malayans/Malaysians, Chin Peng and his platoons of ‘bandits’ were seen more as COMMUNIST TERRORISTS or the CTs.

Today, in 2010, the Chinese would regard any UMNO/BN leaders talking about certain provisions of our Federal Constitution as ‘racist’. Talking about NEP is regarded as ‘racist’. Talking about history of the IMMIGRATION is regarded as ‘racist’. Even talking about the history of old Malay Kingdoms like Langkasuka, Srivijaya and Malacca is regarded as ‘racist’ .

What the Chinese expect Malays to do, at a time when they are HIDING behind terms like democracy, ‘keadilan’, transparency and others to systematically DISMANTLE the terms of Social Contract agreed upon by the leaders of major races in the run up to the country’s independence in 1957.

Malays had stood up UNITED in the face of MALAYAN UNION, introduced by the British, which would have removed the ‘Keris Taming Sari’ from the Malays. Malays stood up again UNITED, beside the British, in ‘repulsing’ the politically AMBITIOUS Chinese, who attempted to take over the country ‘by force of arms’ under the guise of COMMUNISM.

Malays will continue to defend their rights to the last drop of their blood. As the old Malay sayings go, ‘Biar puteh tulang, jangan puteh mata’. It does not matter if the Chinese term it ‘racist’ or ‘racism’. We are very sure, the Chinese in China would do the same thing, ie. defending their ‘Chinese rights’,  had 50% of Mainland China be swarmed by FOREIGN RACES.

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8 Comments on “Between RACISM and Defence of Malay Rights”

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  3. coolooc Says:

    It is undeniable that malays are stupid, incapable and lazy. Why don’t they just humbly admit the facts and repent and learn from other races especially Chinese?

    What is the point to argue here and wasting time again?

    From the first onwards we were merely telling the truths. It wasn’t us who think that way but their own Badawi as well.

    All malays should go and read the newspaper, even Badawi is ashamed of maintaining the NEP after 34 years of implementing it and these malay baboons are still asking for it.

    Even Badawi wanted them to compete on a level playing field.

    So what does all these tell the world? It sends a very clear message that it is malays themselves who are incapable and lazy and they don’t even want to admit it and make a change!

    That is the biggest shame of all.

    Can’t you see, it is all back to square one. Year in, year out, some talk for half an hour, some one, some two. Some sing, many belt out their most recent released ‘pantun’.

    After all. Malays are good at that. Suggestions after suggestions, some good, some impossible to realize.

    But, do you see any of these materialised? Hardly. Why, why and why???

    Because the malays can never change. Never! Why?

    The leaders forgot it or were they simply didn’t want to address and admit that the actual disease is the malays and the remedy itself is also, the malays. They can never change. What is it about the malays?

    Firstly as you all know, they are a lazy species. Since the beginning of time they have been like that. Even the encyclopedia called them as lazy people. I think those British with their accent tried to call them ‘malas’, and if you put ‘y’ in, it becomes ‘malays’.

    Embracing Islam make them a worse lot. Now they have a license to kill anything that gets into their way.

    Malays are ungrateful lot. In reality, they just can’t live or open their minds for others. When Mahathir said that they are complacent, they put him in jail. When Mahathir encouraged them to learn English language, they got angry with him, saying it is a ‘bahasa penjajah’.

    When other races ‘maju’, they got angry with them too. That was why at the end of Mahathir his regime, he said this, “I have achieved greatness as a prime minister, but I only fail in one thing, changing the malays.”

    Well, nothing to be surprised about anyway since Mahathir is not really a malay, and I guess that was why the malays were angry with him.

    Drug abuse, hate, incest, liberal extremism (culture of miniskirts and gay marriages), murder, parochialism, racism, rape, religious fanaticism, snatch theft, spoilt bratty behavior, tribalism, wife abuse, child abuse, all that is associated with the malay race.

    To them, malay is the biggest impediment towards building a truly Malaysian nation, and should be chucked into the dustbins of history.

    A genetically flawed race cannot be fixed by politically. Nature will take its course and globalization will put them out to pasture.

    What have we got now?

    Brain drain, economic disparity getting wider, poor education system, racial segregation, widespread corruption, inefficiency and uncompetitive on the government departments and others.

    Sad. Sad. Sad. The question asked by many of my fellow Chinese is this – Why can’t you just tell the malay peoples to adopt Chinese culture which is superior?

    From research, this peninsular was part of the Siamese empire way before these malays from Indonesia invaded it.

    Still so thick skin, don’t want to go back to Indonesia!

    • warisan tmk Says:

      Hai coolooc,

      I’m quite impressed by your HONESTY and FRANKNESS. From your comments, obviously you are in a state of DENIAL, about the status of Malays as the INDIGENOUS people of Tanah Melayu, and your forefathers as the IMMIGRANTS to this country.

      Despite its HUGE land mass and population, China was NEVER a peaceful country. Centuries of in-fighting among its war-lords have made China a country of HELL. Such predicaments were made worse by the natural disasters like floodings and famines, which killed millions.

      Both man-made and natural disasters had made China a week nation. Prior to the rise of the Mings,not long before the rise of Malacca Empire in the MALAY ARCHIPELAGO, China were even colonised by the Manchus and Mongol herdsmen from the north for over 300 years.

      Those with a bit of GUTS from among the Chinese, braved the high-seas, to find PEACE, SHELTER and OPPORTUNITIES in the MALAY ARCHIPELAGO, an area which covered the whole of Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Brunei, and part of Thailand and the Philipines. Those without GUTS and MEANS to migrate, remained as POOR FARMERS in China UNTIL TODAY.

      There was/is NOTHING GREAT about the Chinese, and China, for that matter. Despite massive investments by the OVERSEAS CHINESE, including those living in Malaysia, since the past two decades, RURAL CHINA is still a picture of destitude and poverty. Infact, rural Malay farmers in Malaysia are doing MUCH BETTER than the rural farmers in China.

      For those who think Chinese are ‘superior race’, please look again into the mirror. How could ‘superior race’ seeked PEACE, SHELTER and OPPORTUNITIES in the MALAY ARCHIPELAGO, something which they NEVER found in their own backyard. Fortunately for them, the CULTURED Malays were hospitable HOSTS. Islam taught them to be kind to TRAVELLERS in need of shelter and help.

      Before the ‘Chinese Diaspora’, the Malays were doing very well in the MALAY ARCHIPELAGO. They were UNDISPUTED RULERS of this part of the world SINCE TIME IMMEMORABLE. Even when Ptolemy, the Greek explorer, sailed this region in 2nd Century, he was received by the Malay Courts, with well-established political structure. Arab and Chinese explorers sailed in much much later.

      Since the Malays were the UNDISPUTED RULERS for thousands of years, there was NO NEED to talk about KETUANAN MELAYU. KETUANAN MELAYU was taken for granted by the RESIDENT MALAYS and FOREIGN TRADERS alike.

      Since there was then NO THREAT of ALIEN RACES trying to compete with or grab opportunities fron the INDIGENOUS MALAYS, there was NO NEED then for AFFIRMATIVE ACTIONS like the DEB, the QUOTA SYSTEM, the SPECIAL POSITION OF MALAYS and such like.

      Malaysians who are descendents of the 19th & 20th century IMMIGRANTS to Tanah Melayu should STOP trying to CHANGE FACTS OF HISTORY, because the Mainland China is still generally POOR, and is not yet in position to receive their OVERSEAS SONS/DAUGHTERS back.

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  5. KerisMelayu Says:

    Hi Guys ,

    let me share with u on why the jews were /are hated so much by christians and other anti-semites in the west ..wherein during the first crusade thousands of jews were killed by christians and even hitler singled out jews in his ethnic -cleansing ..if you click “the jews” on the net …one of the charactersitics of a jew is that they are so aloof and seek only to enrich themselves i.e their community irregardless of the natives of the land that they migrated and settled in .they are so selfish and do not bother about others ..

    similarly a book entitled ” the jews of the east” written by a gwailo ..has likened the oversea chinese or the immigrant chinese as the “jews of the east “…they bear the same semblance …diligent hardworking, good in business but only bothers about their race …they are so aloof and materialistic ..they do not have a spirit of nationhood…to them as long as they got the riches and exploit the natives like in indonesia, thailand ,phillipines etc that’s all they care about …they are single-minded about monopolizing businesess for themselves , they talk about corruption but are themselves the biggest crooks ..they do not possess nationalistic feelings at all ..they want all the rights for themselves without considering others’ plight …they wont care if others are poor …to them go to hell with them ..and demand that the govts in these countries bestow them land and facilities ..but look at them whereever they are when there is a war or chaos …they will be the first to leave the country ..and look elsewhere …
    this is what the great confucius says in his analects as ” the little petty men ” ..who go for riches for themselves always complaining ..little do they know that those riches are nothing but fleeting clouds …for what makes a great people are the pride of being a citizen and the willingness to sacrifice for the sake of the majority ….

    however , i do agree that the malays must learn from their chinese brothers esp in business the chinese have mastered the art via thousands of years
    of civilization ….the malays who were before Independence mainly agrarian ..need time…it does not take 20 OR 30 years as this involves a metamorphosis and a learning curve ..for if the malays remain agrarian and not in the mainstream of the economy surely this will lead to dissatisfaction in the future …..the chinese brothers need to come forward too …and offer their expertise …..years ago the Chinese business guilds had offered to guide budding malay businessmen …and this was good …we need to see more of such cooperation …so that the suspicions against each other will not prevail into our future generations ..and let’s all build this great country …

  6. warisan tmk Says:


    Interesting observations about the RESEMBLANCE between the Jews and the Overseas Chinese.

    The Chinese outside the Mainland China belong to the ‘Overseas Chinese’ fraternity. Together they hold ‘capital reserve’ bigger than either China itself, or Japan. This reserve would be used to ‘capitalise’ Chinese businesses all over the world, through various trade guilds and business associations.

    The Chinese in Malaysia are seeking ‘absolute equality’ in business and other fields, including to remove whatever AFFIRMATIVE ACTIONS in favour of the INDIGENOUS Malays/bumiputras.

    However, what the Chinese would as ‘absolute equality’ ACTUALLY means FAVOURABLE TO THE CHINESE due to their HUGE Overseas Chinase capital reserve which are easily available to Chinese-owned companies, operating in any part of the world, including Malaysia.

    In comparison, Malays-owned companies have not got such luxury of capitals, despite availibily of certain business loans like the one by MARA, which are ‘chicken feed’ compared to Overseas Chinese INTERNATIONAL POOL OF CAPITAL.

    Malays should be extra cautious with ‘absolute equality’ Chinese-styled.

  7. KerisMelayu Says:

    It is a fact that the Malays and the Indians can never compete with the might of the chinese economic superiority namely ‘cos of their excellent network among themselves and the financial power that they collectively hold ..look at the speed at which the Wawasan 2020 govt shares were snapped up just within 2 hours whenever it is launched …whereas the malays despite the allocation still have plenty left after 2 weeks ….just imagine if they are let open free to all….the malays and bumiputeras will own nothing in their own motherland …that’s why the govt need to do re-distribution of wealth amongst malaysians…however i do support that a segment of poor indians should be given some kind of allocation …and some unfortunate chinese although i hardly can find one to be rendered assitance.

    if u happen to read an article in utusan m’sia 2 days ago on the performance of china and india in their handling of child malnutrition and mortality rate ..china fared distinctly better by reducing the rate to 7% of the populace whereas india could hardly achieve below 45% . china had openly done a massive re-distribution of wealth to the poor masses in the interior by rendering govt assistance besides other introducing other policies like ‘one child one family ” and “husband-wife to work policy ” , free education etc ..which had reduced the poverty rates …..whereas India is still in a deep quagmire of political and social problems …ever in-fighting between political parties and the rate of corruption is insurmountable despite the fact that they have produced hundreds of billionaires and thousands of millionaires in certain areas …by rendering state’s assistance china has produced wealthier populace and a growing middle class ..this is what m’sia has been trying to achieve …there is a credible success though but the gap is still there …what with the creation of the new urban poor brought about by rsing cost of living …incidentally the highest proportion of this is the malays ….

    in indonesia the chinese population density is only 5% of the 2oo million native indonesians …however it was reported that a whopping 95% of the wealth of indonesia belongs to this ethnic alone ……yes they worked hard to become rich …and only enriched their own the big cities and towns ….

    i am not sure about indonesia’s programmes on re-distribution of wealth policies to the natives indoensians ….we learn from history on the dutch various crop plantation policies mainly to plunder the wealth of the country and left them in poverty …. and we do know that lots of indonesians seeking to beat their centuries of vicious cycle of poverty dared to cross the high seas to seek greener pastures in their host countries like m’sia and the middle east…this was similar to early chinese immigrants ….who escaped the warring brutalities in china and the death due to famine and natural catastrapohies…they were welcomed by teh host countries and thru their industry they made it good and rich …but some chose to ignore this fact .that they would not be here if the malays did not want them here …some are so arrogant and aloof and some even harbour the ambitions to take over the ruling power ….

    nonetheless …..being a person with lots of chiense and indians friends and colleagues ..i dare say that the majority of chinese are moderates …the only problem is they are susceptible to the opinions as voiced by their more vocal anti malay anti umno anti DEB politicians who more often than not seek to sow hatred rather than constructive inputs …..the same can be said of PAS politicians who do not teach religion but seek to sow hatred agaisnt umno and non muslims’ faiths ….that if people like ‘coolooc’ were to do an honest analysis he would appreciate that in the final analysis it is umno and bn which seek to protect the interests of the non malays and their religion ..

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