Latest MIC Saga

PWTC Management has made a wise decision to CANCEL the booking of PWTC to former MIC Youth Deputy Chief, Mugillan. Otherwise, it would have given wrong message to MIC , as if UMNO was supportive of Mugillan in his tussle against Samy Vellu.

PWTC Management’s decision RE-AFFIRMED UMNO’s long standing stand not to interfere in the ‘power-plays’ of the other component parties within the BN, unless invited to play certain mediation role, as a well respected ‘big brother’.

I believe Samy Vellu is still the MOST INFLUENTIAL leader in MIC. Even after MIC’s DISMALL performance in the 2008 General Election, Samy Vellu was re-elected as the MIC President without contest. Samy Vellu must have left GOOD MARKS  among the rank and file of MIC, who remain loyal to him. He must have played his role as the President of MIC, in uplifting the dignity and well-being of the Indian community, who had traditionally been loyal to the BN. Despite that, as Tun Mahathir put it, Samy Vellu should not over stay his welcome.

On the other side of the horizon,  aspiring young leaders in MIC should cherish MIC’s great traditions, and exercise UTMOST wisdom in leadership issues within the party. A lot can be learnt from UMNO, with its traditional smooth ‘handing over’ of leadership. As the Malay proverb goes, ‘Bagai menarik rambut dari tepung, rambut tak putus, tepung tidak berselerak’.

For the moment, there’s no other Indian-centred parties as well organised as MIC. MIC remains the HOPE of the Indians, whose forefathers arrived on the shores of Tanah Melayu for new opportunities and better life. Only a united MIC will be able to fulfils the HOPE and TRUST of the Indians.

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One Comment on “Latest MIC Saga”

  1. matang geluguk Says:

    tmk ,

    eventhough umno does not interfere in the affairs of mic ..however as an important component of bn’s performance will somehow be affected in the next pru13.

    to me it’s not the length of samy velu’s reign as the main issue here ..rather it is the fact that he can no longer unify the deeply fragmented indian community that poses as the main concern to all indians.

    hence whilst i agree that samy has contributed much to the indian community and the country he must pass the baton to the younger echelon – for the sake of the indians , the bn and the country .

    if he does so now it is going to be to his advantage in the sense that he will be fondly remembered as the contributing sons of m’sia mahathir , paklah and all ..however if he persists to be recalcitrant and sticks to his timetable which is not acceptable to the indians at large , then he risks being despised . in this case he must once start thinking with his head not emotions.

    if he look at mahathir now …postlife after PM he is enjoying life to the fullest and gaining respect wherever he goes.

    compare this with nik aziz and lim kit siang …look at them they stick to their positions like leeches …and are now being hated by more and more m’sians due to their divisive political antics ….these are examples of m’sians whom i can bet will not be remebered when they leave this world

    i suggest that samy velu must quit earlier …say by sept this year …do it like pak lah …he had set the timetble to step down much later earlier …and was bombarded bu umno members ..when he left earlier due to the pressure it gave the much needed time for najib to show his prowess …and now we can see the wisdom of the members ..umno has re surged forward whilst at the same time given pak lah the respect .

    so mr samy ….swallow your pride for once it wont hurt …look at hte bright side ..for the indian community and the country ….i say that indians can only be protected by bn umno understands indians better than dap or pas or pkr ..dap as we have seen is never sincere ..once they get the votes and the support from indians and malays and they gain power as in penang …these 2 ethnic will be sidelined…they forget their promises …

    therefore indians shud unite under a refreshed mic …under a new leader …

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