Merits of UMNO Youth Chief NOT Appointed Minister

The most notable OMMISSION in Najib’s cabinet, including the latest re-shuffle, is the UMNO Youth chief, Khairy Jamaluddin. Khairy is one of the most highly-educated UMNO Youth leaders, and his OUTSTANDING performance is Parliment has been ‘duri dalam daging’ to the opposition. That raised certain question as to WHY he is not yet appointed as a minister, or at least a deputy minister.

For those who understand the traditional role of the UMNO Youth wing, there is nothing abnormal about the OMMISSION. UMNO Youth used to have LEGENDARY leaders like Syed Jaafar Albar and Datuk Harun. During their days, UMNO Youth played the role of ‘party within a party’, or ‘opposition within the party’. They become ‘watchdog’ to the Government, and at the same time VOICE OF THE RAKYAT.

However, such role began to diminish, especially when the leader of UMNO Youth was made Deputy Minister or Minister. When an UMNO Youth leader becomes Minister, it creates a position of CONFLICT OF INTEREST. As a member of the cabinet, he has to abide by cabinet decisions. While, as an UMNO Youth leader, he has to be the VOICE OF THE RAKYAT, which may not be in line with the Government, at times, if not all the time.

Of late, Malay NGOs like Perkasa are becoming very vocal in defending MALAY RIGHTS, and criticising Government policies, and the PM too. An UMNO Youth leader, who is also a minister, may find it difficult to criticise his own boss in the cabinet. Its not surprising that based on a recent survey, over 70% of Malays SUPPORT PERKASA. UMNO Youth would be lucky if they can garner 50% of such support.

I believe, Najib has GOOD REASONS not to appoint Khairy as one of his cabinet ministers. Najib used to be an UMNO Youth leader himself. UMNO Youth has huge responsibility to educate young voters of the history of our country, the SOCIAL CONTRACT, the NEP and such like. UMNO Youth has a duty to answer WHY certain section of young voters who received benefits from NEP could be tricked into supporting the opposition.

An UMNO Youth leader is automatically the BN Youth chief. As such, a BN Youth leader, he  has to spend a lot of time  co-ordinating and strategising with other BN component parties’ respective youth leaders HOW to ‘outreach’ for the support of young voters among the non-Malays . in this ‘cyber age’, it has become an ABSOLUTE NECESSITY for members of UMNO/BN youths to master the necessary skill to communicate with young people by means of websites, blogs, facebook etc.

Back to the role of UMNO Youth. UMNO Youth should not be seen as YES MAN to the government all the time. If they continue doing that, more organisations like Perkasa will appear on stage, to be the MOUTH-PIECE of the rakyat. UMNO Youth should go back to play their TRADITIONAL ROLE as people’s hero, people’s hope, and people’s mouthpiece. In other words, JUARA RAKYAT.

This can only happen if the UMNO Youth leader is OUTSIDE the Government.  Congratulation to Khairy for his STEADFASTNESS in fulfilling the duties entrusted upon him by over 700,000 UMNO Youth members in the country, without the ‘glory’ of a cabinet post.

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