PAS Moving On Uphill Journey

Well, well… For over 50 years PAS have been PLOTTING to win over Malay votes from UMNO. So, there is NOTHING NEW about their latest rethorics in their National Convention in Kota Bharu.

The way I see it, after 2008, PAS will no longer be a serious threat to UMNO for Malay/Muslim votes, like they used to be.

Prior to 2008, PAS’s  trademark struggle for the establishment of ‘Iranian-styled’ ISLAMIC STATE  in Malaysia, including the implementation of HUDUD, the Islamic Criminal Laws, which will condemn SEX OUTSIDE MARRIAGE(including prostitution) to 100 strokes of ‘rotan’ in case of unmarried, and DEATH if it involve married persons.

 Such heavenly objectives had been their main attraction to Muslim youths, who would cherish becoming SYUHADA in the path of Allah, in their religious struggle, the JIHAD, to achieve those objectives.

However, PAS made the BIGGEST MISTAKE in their 50 over years history by throwing away their ISLAMIC STATE  and HUDUD objectives, in exchange for DAP Chinese support. Its just like a religious scholar ‘throwing their robes after being SUCKED TO FINISH by a China-doll prostitute’.

Due to their sinful acts, PAS leaders are NO LONGER guided by religious wisdom. That led them to allow non-Muslims to be members of their party, to enhance their support among the non-Muslims. The big question is, what make them support PAS, but not becoming Muslims? Could it be that PAS is no longer seen as representing the ISLAMIC IDEALS?

To the Muslims and Malays, after 2008, PAS will never be the same again.  They lost their credibility, and worst still their VISION and MISSION. The path infront of them is UPHILL, and they’ll never ever reach Putrajaya.

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One Comment on “PAS Moving On Uphill Journey”

  1. critical thinker Says:

    tmk ,

    u’re right . PAS has prostituted their struggles for want of power to putrajaya. they have finally undressed themselves and show their true colours and people can see for themselves what PAS leaders are made up of unless they are besieged by their denial syndrome.

    they have literally thrown their islamic state visions into the drain . you can’t hear them now talking about hudud and all …if they do and unashamedly people will laugh their heads off in disbelief . but they can still talk about it in kelantan to their die-hard unthinking fanatical supporters …

    by them associating with anwar ibrahim whose liwat case is becoming more credible to the m’sian public due to anwar’s numerous attempts to delay the case now they are indeed seen as condoning the sinful God-forbid acts . they have embraced the machiavellian’s “ends justifies means” . as long as they achieve power it is ok to make use of the now -no-popular anwar as logn they get some votes. this is surely not what islam teaches..they know it but they are smothered by their inability to think with their heads .

    and by them blindly supporting DAP …whose sworn-over-my dead body ‘s anti -islamic state and anti DEB and bumiputera ‘s and malay rulers’ rights they have been seen now as the strangest party whose leaders cannot see the repurcussions …how can u work with an enemy of an islamic state ? it is so incomprehensible that so many PAS leaders do not have the basic thinking skills of cause and effect .

    it is high time that PAS young leaders who are more discerning and having their own minds to up rise against the follies of their eler leaders most of whom are downright politically senile and have gone completely astray from the real Islamic teaching. they should for once be brave to tell them off . it is the duty of all muslims to call for the sacking of nik aziz , haji hadi and the rest of the pseudo ( false) ulamaks not for the sake of PAS but for the sake of the sanctity of Islam..

    Perhaps the other apolotical ulamaks who are not involved in PAS gutter politics should get together and decree that to support the present PAS leadership means a ticket to hell …then only the die hards will stop to think …but i bet they won’t as their souls have been so much adulterated with the mantra of hatred against fellow muslims in UMNO.

    Generally speaking as you have said above ..PAS’ credibility in the eyes of the Malays has nose-dived . They can’t even manage a state well …the states’ -as in selangor – coffers are drying up ..and they now turn to the rakyat to squeeze their living by increasing rentals and impose compounds on small little offences . It is amazing that their ” negara kebajikan” manifesto still remains a mere slogan …with no meaning …..and they still go on what they do best …CERAMAH , CERAMAH AND CERAMAH . Their leaders can’t just get away from the microphone …they must talk and talk and talk …that’s why they think less and less and less. How could the states prosper …? How could the rakyat benefit ?

    I think the rakyat should not wait for PRU13 to sack their ADUNS AND MPS ….as by then the damage is already done….they must speak up and speak for change ….and let the party which can deliver to rule back …

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