DAP and Chinese Extremism

The past few days, our newspapers highligted our Government’s concern about the possible come back of ‘terrorism elements’ into our PEACEFUL multi-racial society, including among lecturers in our IPTAs. Recently, a number of foreign and local students were arrested under ISA for having links with ‘world’ terrorist organisations, like the Al-Qaida and the Jamaah Islamiyah.

Non-muslims and non-Malay bloggers were fast to link FANATICISM, EXTREMISM and TERRORISM with Islam and the Malays. UMNO and PERKASA were labelled as EXTREMISTS and RACISTS. However, before they are drowned into their prejudices, let us put things in their proper perspective.

FANATISM, EXTREMISM and TERRORISM have NO RACE. They can emerge from any race, depending on time and circumstances.  If we look back at events in Sri Lanka, Northern Ireland, Palestine, southern Philipines, southern Thailand, Spain and others, obviously, EXTREMISM and TERRORISM do not point to any particular race or religion.

PAS was once at the verge of becoming EXTREMISTS like the Taliban or Al-Qaida. PAS President, Hj Hadi, used to decree that those working with non-Muslim parties became INFIDELS, or UNBELIEVERS, and as such, they can be fought against, and even killed. And PAS used to decree, which they have not retracted,  that those who die fighting UMNO would die as SYAHID, or MARTYRS.

Another Muslim organisation, the Al-Arqam used to attract strong followings among Muslims. They believed that their founder, the late Ustaz Shaari would by certain MIRACLES, become the 5th PM of Malaysia, Malaysia would become fully Islamic State, and Ustaz Shaari was designated as the PEMUDA BANI TAMIM, whom they claimed to have been referred to in religious prophecies, would receive the ‘flag’ from Imam Mahdi, the SAVIOUR. Al-Arqam members were willing to die for their cause.

The essay on terrorism linked to Malays and Muslims in Malaysia will not be complete without mentioning the ‘bombings in Indonesia’ by the Malaysian-born Nordin Md top and his operatives in Indonesia.

However, The Chinese community in Malaysia should not forget that, they used to, and maybe still are, supporters of FANATICISM, EXTREMISM and TERRORISM too. Even lately, DAP is still behind the idea of bringing back the ‘elderly’ MALAYSIAN TOP TERRORIST, Comrade Chin Peng. Chin Peng was the leader of the Malayan Branch of the Communist Party of China. The ‘Bintang Tiga’ Malayan Communist Party(MCP) first tried to seize power in Tanah Melayu upon the surrender of the Japanese in 1945. And again, they decided to insurrect ARMED STRUGGLE against the formation of Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, the transition government on the road to full independence. Overwhelming majority of Chinese were supportive of MCP, hence their strongholds in areas like Ipoh, Batu Gajah, Slim River and other Chinese-majority areas.

Chin Peng’s MCP atrocities were well recorded in our history, During over 10 years of intense ‘guerilla warfare’, thousands of their own mainly Chinese fighters(better-known as CTs) were killed, maimed or injures. And they incurred thousands of deaths and injuries to the rakyat and armed services personnels through their indiscriminate bombings of public utilities, and ambushes. Compared to other Malaysian terrorists, Chin Peng STOOD OUT by leaps and bounds.

Co-incidently, most of the ‘black areas’ which were the strong-holds of MCP, are now the strongholds of DAP. Its fair to believe that former members and supporters of MCP are now KEY SUPPORTERS of DAP. The question is, how to erase the strong culture of FANATICISM, EXTREMISM and TERRORISM from the members and supporters of DAP.

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