NEP Never Failed


Nazir Razak, the younger brother of our Prime Minister DS Najib Tun Razak was reported to have criticized the NEP (New Economic Policy), saying that the policy is unfair to the majority of Malays and that the government should protect the interest of the majority of Malays and not just the selected ones.

Had the reports been correct, Naziz Razak must be OUT OF TOUCH with the Malay masses. Many would question why he highlighted only certain comments by a single  MALAY he met in London, but not thousands of Malays in KL and elsewhere in the country.

Nazir Razak has to understand the ‘sensitivity’ of his position, being the brother of our the PM, who is also the President of UMNO. The way he carried himself so far, I believe he would do Najib more service by concentrating on what he is BEST AT, business and banking activities, and not to make statements like politicians, lest he may put Najib in difficult situations.

First and foremost, Nazir should NOT dwell too much into the IMPLEMENTATION technicalities of NEP. He should see  the LARGER PICTURE, the END RESULTS of NEP. Has NEP benefitted the Malays as a whole. Let us just take a small example. Based on latest statistics, the number of Malay/Bumiputra professionals have increased tremendously since the NEP. At the start of NEP, Malay Architects, Engineers, Land Surveyors, Lawyers and other key professions were barely 10-20% of the total number of members of their respective professions. Today, the Malays make up MORE than 50% of Architects, Engineers and Surveyors in the country.

The MAIN TARGET of NEP was MALAY EQUITY, not MALAY EQUALITY…. In order to increase Malay equity, the Government had to produce MALAY BUSINESS LEADERS, the likes of Tan Sri Wan Azmi, Tan Sri Halim Saad, Tan Sri Shamsudin, Late Tan Sri Nasimuddin and many others. Yes, they may have been given more opportunities than others, but are we going to deny the HUGE IMPACT people like them have on other Malays/Bumiputras?

Take the case of Tan Sri Halim Saad , who led UEM, the Bumiputra company which constructed the Projek Lebuhraya Utara Selatan(PLUS). During their heydays, UEM and its subsidiaries and associated companies employed not less than 20,000 engineers, technocrats, managers etc, of which over 95% are Malays/Bumiputras. I doubt whether there is any Chinese-owned PLC who would employ more than 20% of their employees from among Malay/bumiputras.

And, the QUOTA SYSTEM for scholarships and places of TERTIARY EDUCATION has been responsible for MASSIVE TRANSFORMATION of Malays/Bumiputras in the field of Education. Nowadays, most  Malay households would have at least one or two of their siblings studying in IPTA/IPTS, and then finding good jobs either with the Government or  the private sector in KL. This transformed their families from being poor rural kampong folks, to that of HIGHER INCOME bracket.

Nazir should not be misled to think that UNITY was the ONLY OBJECTIVE of NEP. The stated objectives of NEP was:
1. To eradicate poverty.
2. To re-structure the Malaysian society.

It was believed that, by eradicating poverty, and re-structuring society, there would NOT be any more HUGE DISPARITY among the RACES, not among individuals. HUGE DISPARITY  among races was identified as the most likely RACIAL FLASHPOINT, which would one day destroy all that the nation has built.

 Since NEP, Malays/Bumiputra equity has increased from mere 2.5% of National Wealth in 1970 to 18%  in 1990. NEP targetted Malay/Bumiputra equity to increase to 30% by the year 1990.

NEP may have not fully achieved the TARGET. But, that does NOT mean it was not successful. The 30% equity target , within a span of 20 years, could have been set  TOO HIGH for Malays/Bumiputras to achieve, taking into consideration that we are operating in CAPITALISTIC ECONOMY where  the norm is THE RICH GETS RICHER, THE POOR GETS POORER.


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2 Comments on “NEP Never Failed”

  1. majufikir Says:

    TMK ,

    I think this is the best article i have read so far on the success of the NEP. i totally agree with you on your viewpoints ..whilst nazir has the right to express his views critical of the NEP , he should also come out with solutions or suggestions on how to spread the benefits to the larger malay populace .

    your arguments are certainly correct…generally all malays have benefited from the it directly or indirectly . in fact if you ask any well-to-do malays now were their fathers before the NEP ,chances are most malays before NEP were downright poor and uneducated. even the recalcitrant PAS leaders and their families have benefited…look at the thousands of kelantanese sons and princes studying in universities local and abroad under the the federal govt sponsorship …the UMNO ‘s NEP does not discriminate PAS long as they are malays and fulfill the stringent qualification but lack the funds …the govt will assist .

    as such only malays “yang sudah lupa jasa NEP ” will conveniently choose to downgrade NEP…they have gained but wanting more …and exhibit their arrogance in their debates …such mentality is best described as ” tidak bersyukur pada Tuhan dan tidak berterima kasih pada org ( UMNO) yang berjasa “…worse still they bite the hands that fed them .

    having said this ..yes there are lot more unfortunate malays …especially in the rural areas and now a phenomenally the urban poverty circles. and they must be helped along with other non-malays especially some segment of indians who were formerly rubber estate workers .

    people like nazir and whoever they are who are critical of the NEP must always come out with better ideas is easy to pinpoint mistakes of others or to generalize things like NEP is meant for a select few UMNO members as often being drummed up by the opposition parties which are full of lies and hati busuk but distinctly lack any tangible ideas ( ples refer to the selangor govt now )….but it is much more respectful if we extend our ideas on how to resolve them …and if we are better off now due to the fruits of the NEP …plse learn to be thankful
    … is so easy to “yes …i have benefited from NEP ” . what is so degrading about that…even our top m’sian chinese billionaires and so many multi-millionaires shoudl be thankful of the NEP…as they are the eventual benefactors of the NEP…THINK .

    and people like lim kit siang …who are against he NEP must THINK and RELATE …compare the chinese before NEP ..they were largely lorry drivers , contract workers ..petty business .people ..and look at them now …you can hardly find a chienese lorry driver or bus driver or taxi driver on the road …they re driving mercedez benzes and bmw’s and live in super luxury homes and condominiums meantfor the rich ..

    but most m’sians fail to rationalize
    our leaders must always learn to justify with facts and not just to talk off the cuff just to drwa attention

  2. majufikir Says:

    ..continuation …

    they re driving mercedez benzes and bmw’s and live in super luxury homes and condominiums meant for the rich and patronize clubs and superstores for high income earners.

    but most m’sians fail to rationalize or have the ability to relate their success and the harmony in the country to the NEP…they prefer to listen to the ceramahs put up by PAS and DAP ..who knew nothing about nation building but dwell on destructive thoughts on how to shoot down the NEP..

    they are like what Confucius says in his analects ‘ a gentleman helps others to succeed and never causes them to fail . a petty man does the opposite ” . how right was this great master ..if you look at the opponents of the NEP they never cease to exhibit their true ill feelings ..for they are as what Confucisus says the petty little men

    and of PAS almost daily ceramahs ..refer to another analect ” those who gather for small talk all day long without speaking of what is right or true , but only to display their petty cleverness will not accomplish anything ” ( on duke ling of wei 15.17).

    isn’t this typical of PAS AND DAP …their daily ceramahs and their blogs ..all are nothing but displaying their empty arrogance …but will never achieve anything ….just see kelantan …and now selangor ….and penang ….

    confucius was born more than two thousand years ago …but he could see that human beings are the still the same …they are never satisfied ..

    till then ..

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