Malaysia IS an Islamic State

Earlier in the week, PAS was forced to a corner again by a statement by Karpal Singh, the Chairman of DAP, that Malaysia was ‘conceived’ as a SECULAR STATE. Such RE-STATEMENT was made despite PAS’s claims that their Pakatan coalition partners, DAP and PKR, understand and aware of PAS’s ISLAMIC STATE aspirations. Nik Aziz tried to close the lid over the potentially explosive issue by labelling Karpal Singh’s statement as ‘personal opinion’. However, PAS Youth leader, Nasruddin Hassan, was more honest, by hinting that PAS may review their partnership with DAP if such ‘backstabbing’ continues.

The skirmishes between Karpal Singh and PAS leaders attracted the attention of Professor Aziz Bari of UIAM, reputed to be an expert in CONSTITUTIONAL  laws, argued AGAINST Karpal’s contentions that Malaysia is a secular state. He also argued that, despite Tunku Abdul Rahman reportedly implying that Malaysia was a secular state, his actions like initiating the QURAN READING competition and setting up Islam Religious Departments point to his true understanding of the Constitution. Its interesting to add that Tunku was also responsible to establish other Islamic LANDMARKS in Malaysia including PERKIM, Tabung Haji, and even the Organisation of Islamic Conference(OIC).

Considering that the Article 3(1) of the Federal Constitution has clearly spell out that ISLAM IS THE RELIGION OF THE FEDERATION, besides other related Articles which empower the use of the Federal Funds to to administer and propagate the religion of Islam, empowering the Malay Sultans to be HEAD OF RELIGION OF ISLAM in their respective states, all point to the fact that Malaysia is NOT a secular state as repetedly argued by Karpal Singh.

Despite PAS’s views that Malaysia is NOT ISLAMIC ENOUGH to be called Islamic State, constitutionally, Malaysia is beyond doubt an ISLAMIC STATE.

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4 Comments on “Malaysia IS an Islamic State”

  1. JayCKat Says:

    At the same time article 11 of the Constitution states that Malaysians are free to choose their religion.

    And non-muslims are not govern by Shariah law, even though the Shariah system can regulate non-muslim affairs. The supreme law of the land in malaysia is the Federal law, not Shariah law.

    You must not confuse the crucial distinction between a nation in in which the majority are Muslims, and is thus an Islamic country, and a nation in which the supreme law is the Shariah, an Islamic state.

    • warisan tmk Says:


      I agree with you, to certain extent.

      Despite Malaysia being an Islamic country/state, all citizens enjoy RELIGIOUS FREEDOM. There is absolutely NO COMPULSION for anyone to become a Muslim or not to become a Muslim. And I agree with you that non-Muslims are not subjected to Islamic laws, unless they choose to.

      However, I do not share your view that ‘federal laws’ are above the Syariah Laws. The fact is, the Syariah laws is PART AND PARCEL of the ‘federal laws’. Our Federal Constitution provides for the parallel existence of the Syariah Courts to administer the Islamic Family laws matters, to such extent that, in matters affecting the Muslim Family laws, the Syariah Courts rule supreme.

      On top of that, there is nothing stopping our Parlimentarians to approve INCORPORATION of Syariah Laws into the main ‘federal laws’ for matters that have not been included in the ‘federal laws’. Who knows, with the support of PAS, the HUDUD laws may one day be part of the CRIMINAL laws of the ‘federal laws’. When that happens, the Syariah laws will be part of the SUPREME ‘federal laws’ of the land.

      Its NOT the supremacy of the Syariah laws which determine whether a country is an Islamic state or not. Muslim scholars have decided on certain basic criteria to decide on this. Some of the BASIC criteria include:
      1. The supreme ruler is Muslim.
      2. The security services, like the military and the police, are predominantly Muslims.
      3. The Muslims are free to practice their religion.

      With the exclusion of the CONFUSED PAS ulamas, most other religious scholars have concluded that Malaysia is ALREADY an Islamic State.

    • OnDaStreet Says:

      If you are talking about choosing nd practising religion, yes, the non-muslims are free to choose their religion (if you understand the conditions of Islam in regards of choosing religion).

      And just to highlight..there’s a difference between an Islamic State and not Islamic State enough..

      Islamic state is like a statement saying the country is Islamic (and in Islam, we allow non-muslim to practice their religion.. please refer to the formation of first Islamic Country – Madinah).

      Meanwhile, not Islamic enough is the foundation is there, but not complete yet.

      Analogy wise, a muslim have declared he/she is a muslim, but practice wise, he/she need to improve more to be a better muslim.

      Perhaps, you may understand the meaning of Islamic State in a simpler words. :)

      ~ OnDaStreet

      • warisan tmk Says:


        Totally agree with your comparing ISLAMIC PERSON and ISLAMIC STATE.

        Indeed, a person is accepted as Muslim just by professing the ‘syahadatain’, that ‘There is no God but Allah, and that Muhammad is His messenger’. Only upon entering the GATE OF ISLAM, the newly-converted Muslim will be taught the other religious understandings and practices.

        In comparison, by having the Article 3(1) of the Federal Constitution which clearly spells out that ISLAM IS THE RELIGION OF THE FEDERATION, the country is deemed to have ‘professed the religion of Islam’, and the Article becomes the GATEWAY to the implementation of wide-ranging Islamic programmes.

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