PAS – Parti Ajaran Sesat(PAS)

PAS leaders were IGNITED when an UMNO leader, as reported, called PAS ‘Parti Ajaran Sesat’.

Actually, this not the first time UMNO leaders and followers RIDICULED that PAS stands for ‘Parti Ajaran Sesat’, literally means ‘Deviant Teachings Party’. However, the term ‘sesat’ in Bahasa Melayu may also be interpreted as ‘lost’, like when some one ‘lost his way’.

I believe, UMNO members have sufficient JUSTIFICATION to call PAS ‘Parti Ajaran Sesat’, in other words, a party who ‘have lost their way’. PAS have been seen by many to have lost their way, after over 50 years on the political stage in this country.

In a way, PAS was ‘created’ from the ‘rib of UMNO’. A few years after the establishment of Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, to replace the EJECTED Malayan Union, UMNO under Onn Jaafar, its first President, decided to gather MALAY MUSLIM SCHOLARS to join UMNO. They were grouped under a kind of sub-committee called PERSATUAN ISLAM SE-MALAYA(PAS). The sub-commitee was headed by a RELIGIOUS SCHOLAR by the name of Hj. Mohd Fuad, a staunch supporter of Onn Jaafar.

It was around this time that Onn Jaafar, under heavy persuasion from the British, became inclined to the idea of opening up UMNO membership to non-Malays. The idea was rejected STOCK AND BARREL by the UMNO rank-and-file, which ended up into Onn Jaafar not defending his post as UMNO President when his two-year terms expired. Instead, he set up a new party by the name of Independence Malaya Party(IMP). This was the time when Hj. Mohd Fuad, an Onn Jaafar man, decided to bring the PAS out of UMNO, and registered a new party, Parti Islam Se-Malaya, or ‘PAS’. This new entity became IMP-friendly due to the ‘special relation’ between Hj. Mohd. Fuad and Onn Jaafar.

Prior to 1982, PAS was an ULTRA MALAY party. PAS was STAUNCHLY against UMNO working together with non-Malay parties like MCA and MIC, so much so, their ulamas(including Nik Aziz) used to issue ‘fatwa’ that whoever take non-Muslims/non-Malays as partners would become KAFIR, or being INFIDELS or NON-BELIEVERS.

With ‘Young Turks’ like Hj. Hadi and Fadhil Noor taking over the leadership of PAS by early 1980s, PAS ‘vision and mission’ changed almost totally. From then on, they started to call for the ESTABLISHMENT OF ISLAMIC STATE in Malaysia, to be modelled after the Islamic Republic of Iran, and Saudi Arabia.

However, weeks before the voters went to the poll in 2008 GE, PAS decided to DROP their ISLAMIC AGENDA, in favour of being accepted to be partners of DAP and PKR in the Barisan Alternatif(BA), which was later changed to Pakatan Rakyat(Pakatan).

From the very beginning, PAS have taken the Malay/Islam road, but had miserably LOST their way. Finally PAS decided to hitch a ride from DAP and PKR. At the end, PAS is fighting NEITHER for Malays, NOR for Islam.

PAS simply has LOST their way. PAS has become ‘PARTI AJARAN SESAT’.

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