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August 31, 2010

Today is our 53rd INDEPENDENCE DAY. The celebration in Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil, was low-key by any standard, partly to allow key performers some energy to reserve in this fasting month of Ramadhan.

Despite its scale, the organisers have to be congratulated, for infusing FRESH AIR into the way such occassions are celebrated. Audio-visual effects used to the full, which were only possible in an enclosed stadium, have allowed the audience,  leaders and rakyat alike, to feel their blood-flow infused with PATRIOTIC FERVOURS. On their way home, both the participants and the audience, must have cherished the occasion as ONE OF THE BEST Independence Day celebration for a long long time.

31st August every year has been regarded as MALAYSIA DAY, or INDEPENDENCE DAY. However, many may have overlooked the fact that MALAYSIA was only formed on 16th September 1963, with the merger of the states of Persekutuan Tanah Melayu and other British colonies of Singapore, Sabah and Sarawak. 

The date 31st August 1957 was infact the Independence Day of PERSEKUTUAN TANAH MELAYU, in English ‘MALAYA’.


Racial Uneasiness Clouding 53rd Independence Day Celebration

August 31, 2010

It must be a GRAVE CONCERN to all Malaysians that the dawn of our 53RD INDEPENDENCE DAY will be much over-shadowd by the ESCALATING RACIALLY-CHARGED EXCHANGES among politicians, bloggers and people-on-the-street.

Obviously, remarks by teachers in Johor and Kedah, did not come out in isolation of CHAINS OF RACIALLY-CHARGED EXCHANGES which have dominated our political scene, since the run up to 2008 GE.

Lim Kit Siang and Anwar Ibrahim must be VERY HAPPY, that the SEEDS OF RACIAL HATRED they planted in the run-up to 2008 GE have grown into stems, branches, leaves and fruits.

There were hardly any RACIALLY-CHARGED EXCHANGES prior to 2007… and almost NONE when Anwar was the UMNO Deputy President and the Country’s Deputy PM. But, ever since he was SACKED by Tun Dr Mahathir in 1998, HELL SEEMS TO HAVE BROKEN LOOSE.

Lim Kit Siang must be one of the HAPPIEST POLITICIAN overseeing how his BOMB is developing. In his book ‘The Time Bomb’, Lim had long predicted a time when there would be a HUGE EXPLOSION, the RACIALLY-CHARGED EXPLOSION. Lim knows very well, he was the DESIGNER of the bomb.

According to the Laws of Physics, ‘for every action, there will be a reaction’. The way I see it, remarks made by certain individuals recently are REACTIONS to previous chains of actions, including proposals to abolish the Malays/Bumiputras equity, calls to abolish Bumiputra discount in purchasing properties, and the BIGGEST ACTION of all, DAP’s long-held ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ which would practically abolish the 153 Article of our Federal Constitution which provided for SPECIAL POSITION OF MALAYS/BUMIPUTRAS and related policies.

On this 53RD INDEPENDENCE DAY, Malaysians of all walk of life should ponder, and ask the QUESTION, why all the present RACIAL UNEASINESS were almost non-existent prior to 2007.

Only Lim Kit Siang and Anwar Ibrahim know the answers.


August 29, 2010

Leaders are normally SPOTTTED in times of crisis.

When the Malays and their Kings were about to be robbed of their KETUANAN MELAYU soon after the Japanese surrender, Onn Jaafar was SPOTTTED as the right leader to unite the Malays. He took the initiative to gather more than 40 Malay NGOs to fight against the British-imposed MALAYAN UNION, which culminated in the formation of United Malays National Organisation(UMNO).

Within just over 10 years after independence, the Chinese-centred opposition parties, DAP and Gerakan, demonstrated their ‘once hidden’ HATRED towards Malays when they took took to the streets of KL in ‘victory parades’ immediately after the 1969 GE. They shouted VULGARITIES, displayed PROVOCATIVE gestures, and hurled ABUSIVE remarks against Malay onlookers, for two consecutive days, before HELL BROKE LOOSE and KL engulfed in FLAMES for weeks.

Under such testing circumstances, a new Malay ‘saviour’ emerged, Tun Abdul Razak. Within a few years, normality was restored, and the nation is back to the road towards PEACE, STABILITY and PROSPERITY, under the leadership of the newly founded BN.

2008 GE produced many surprises. The biggest surprise is the STAB IN THE BACK by Chinese and Indian voters against UMNO/BN. We can understand the feelings of Indians after being STIRRED UP by Hindraf into believing that the Indians/Hindus were being the objects of ETHNIC CLEANSING by UMNO. But, we do not really understand WHAT THE CHINESE ARE UP TO.

2008 gave birth to many Malay NGOs, including Perkasa. The Malays are back to the same 1946 and 1969 predicaments, where the role of NGOs were very crucial in shaping the the future of the country. While Najib is the PM of Malaysia, Malays are SPOTTING a new leader to speak out for their interests and RIGHTS. Obviously, the Malays are now looking up to Perkasa and its leader, IBRAHIM ALI,  to persue their aspirations, defending their RIGHTS, and fight off encroachments by others.

Tips To Keeping MCA Relevant

August 21, 2010

Latest ‘brotherly skirmishes’  between UMNO and MCA has attracted much attention in the last few days. It all started during the recent Chinese Business Congress, when MCA proposed for the gradual removal of the 30% Bumiputra equity requirement in certain sectors of the economy.

In justifying ‘poking his fingures’ on the hyper-sentive issue, MCA President Chua Soi Lek among other things stated:
…….” MCA is sensitive of its role within the Barisan Nasional but we have a role to play as Chinese-based party so that we can continue to be relevant. …..”

By reading ‘in-between the lines’, obviously, the main issue here is MCA would like to remain RELEVANT. And it goes without saying that CSL would like to see himself, and other MCA leaders, to remain RELEVANT to the Chinese community.

If that’s the main concern of CSL, then why take the short-cut way… by trying to be like DAP…. by trying to deny the Malays certain policies related to the ‘code 153’?

In a way, I think CSL is SHORT-SIGHTED. Had he looked a bit deeper into the PAST, before 2008, he should ask himself, WHY MCA WAS RELEVANT THEN?

The simple answer is, MCA has failed to educate the Chinese community the HISTORY OF THE REGION, the FOUNDATIONS OF THE COUNTRY, and matters such as the SOCIAL CONTRACT AMONG RACES.

MCA’s negligence has allowed the DAP to sow SEEDS OF HATRED towards the Malays, by instilling ideas that the Chinese are discriminated against….. despite the Chinese DOMINANCE in the private sector.

To emulate the ‘dances’ of DAP will only bring MCA closer to IRRELEVANCY.

To remain relevant, MCA has to go back to the BASICS. MCA should not be embarrassed to reflect on the history of CHINESE IMMIGRATION into the then Tanah Melayu in the 20th century, and how they were eventually granted citizenship, by having some understandings with the Malays.

And then, how they work alongside the Malays to build the country in a WIN-WIN formula. And the path taken by the MCA founders have enabled the Chinese to develop and prosper by LEAPS AND BOUNDS.

Lets not be bogged down by the code-153. Just look at the bottom line and ask this questions: Is there anywhere else in the world where the chinese are better off than their counterparts in Malaysia?????

Malaysia may not be THE BEST, but not many will dispute that Malaysia is AMONG THE BEST place under the sun for the Chinese, especially those who are CITIZENS OF MALAYSIA.

Malays are NOT against the Chinese. They are only against WHOEVER who are inclined to encroach into the SANCTITY of the code-153.

Chinese Going Back To China?

August 21, 2010

 Resolutions in MCA-sponsored Chinese Economic Congress, reactions by Perkasa, and alleged ‘racist’ statements by two school teachers have turned our Malaysian political scene into TENSE STAND-OFF MODE.

Whilst certain people tend to pin-point specifically on the alleged ‘racist’ remarks, I believe the matter should be viewed in isolation of other preceeding ‘political indulgences’ by others.

In the run up to the 2008 GE, Anwar and Lim Kit Siang was ‘successful’ in inducing HATRED towards UMNO, the party supported by the MAJORITY OF MALAYS. The induced HATRED led to substancial gains by Pakatan in the poll. The effect of the induced hatred can be felt strongly if we care to read the PROVOCATIVE, ABUSIVE and often VULGER postings by Chinese bloggers in in cyber-space.

 As in the Laws of Physics, ‘For every action, there is reaction’. Whilst Anwar and Kit Siang managed to attract more Chinese voters, more and more Malays who were sympathetic to PKR and PAS before are coming back HOME, to UMNO. Malays did not have much problem with the Chinese before 2008 GE. However, Malays felt STABBED IN THE BACK by the Chinese in the GE, the same feeling they felt when the Chinese-centred Communist Bintang Tiga attempted to take control of the country in the immediate aftermath of Japanese surrender in 1945.

The HATRED IN RETURN of the Malays towards the Chinese are building up, especially after seeing how the Malays in Penang are MARGINALISED by DAP, and how even MCA President were seen  KNOCKING on the MALAY RIGHTS.

The SOCIAL CONTRACT among races were AGREEMENT AMONG MAJOR RACES, which were enshrined ‘in writing’ in our Federal Constitution. The main essence of the Agreement was that, ‘in return for agreeing to the granting of citizenship to the IMMIGRANTS, the IMMIGRANTS-CONVERTED-CITIZENS, and their descendents, recognise the SPECIAL POSITION OF MALAYS’.

Of late, there are STRONGER and BOLDER voices from among the Chinese community, spearheaded by DAP, questioning policies related to the SPECIAL POSITION OF MALAYS.

For the Malays, the Chinese are DEFAULTING on the SOCIAL CONTRACT. Under such circumstances, its not surprising if certain Malays VENT OUT their frustration against the Chinese who fail to honour their part of the SOCIAL CONTRACT, and suggested that the Chinese go back to where their IMMIGRANT FOREFATHERS originated from.

Merits of Banning DAP

August 1, 2010

While ‘voyaging’ certain friendly and unfriendly blogs on a quiet Sunday afternoon, I was SPELL-BOUND by the boldness and frankness of  YB Zulkifli Nordin, one of the former MOST TRUSTED key-persons of Anwar Ibrahim, who posted an article in his personal blog as follows:

Salam 2 all.

Cadangan mutakhir pemimpin DAP, Tony Pua, Ahli Parlimen DAP (PJ Utara) untuk memansuhkan diskaun bumiputra dalam sektor tertentu pembangunan sekali lagi membuktikan sikap cauvinis, rasis, anti Melayu dan anti perlembagaan yang dianuti oleh kepimpinan DAP. Dan yang paling malang, orang Melayu saperti Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim boleh bersetuju dengan cadangan bodoh saperti itu.

Persoalannya bukan isu diskaun bumiputra, tetapi soal prinsip perlembagaan dan keharmonian kaum yang telah dibina sekian lama. Perkara berkaitan hak istimewa Melayu telah tercatat dengan jelas didalam Perlembagaan dan tidak perlu dikupas. Dan ini adalah antara formula kepada perpaduan dan keharmonian agama dan kaum selama ini.

Kepimpinan DAP kini semakin angkuh dan kurang ajar didalam mempersoalkan perkara asasi Perlembagaan. Mereka seolah-olah lupa sikap cauvinis dan rasis yang mereka amalkan adalah punca terjadi rusuhan kaum 1969. Dan bila kita mengingatkan supaya peristiwa hitam 13 Mei itu dijadikan iktibar, maka pemimpin DAP lah antara yang paling bising menyalak mendesak supaya peristiwa itu tidak diungkit-ungkit lagi. Kerana apa? Kerana mereka tidak mahu rakyat khususnya generasi baru mengetahui sejarah hitam mereka!!

Saya membaca lapuran Majlis Gerakan Negara (NOC) bertarikh Oktober 1969 yang membutirkan secara terperinci apa sebenarnya yang berlaku sebelum 13 Mei 1969. Kenyataan saperti “Melayu sudah tidak berkuasa”, “ini negeri bukan Melayu punya”, “halau Melayu keluar” dan macam-macam lagi yang dibuat selepas DAP memenangi beberapa kerusi di Selangor akhirnya mencetuskan perasaan marah orang Melayu dan berakhir dengan peristiwa berdarah itu. Dan ada antara petualang DAP yang aktif pada masa itu masih hidup dan melalak kesana kemari hari ini.

Kalau tahun 1969 mereka tidak mendapat sokongan orang Melayu, tetapi hari ini bukan sahaja Melayu haprak, pak janggoat-pak janggoat pun turut menyokong mereka. Maka bertambah besarlah kepala mereka, makin menjadi-jadi kesombongan mereka. Tambah pulak ada Melayu yang tergamak menawarkan jawatan Timbalan Perdana Menteri kepada puak-puak cauvinis ini. Hanya kerana nafsu serakah mahu menduduki Putrajaya!! Dan yang lebih teruk, Melayu haprak dan pak janggoat-pak janggoat inoi disamatarafkan dengan sahabat Nabi saw!!

Cuba bayangkan kalau tahun 1969, lebih 40 tahun lepas, mereka meraikan kemenangan kecil itu dengan memaki hamun dan menghina bangsa Melayu, cuba bayangkan apa yang akan mereka lakukan kalau mereka menguasai kerajaan persekutuan, apatah lagi menjawat jawatan Timbalan Perdana Menteri!! Tengok sendiri apa yang mereka buat di Pulau Pinang, Selangor, dan buat seketika di Perak. Dan yang paling malang, ada orang Melayu yang sanggup bersekongkol dengan pelampau-pelampau cauvinis dan rasis ini.

Dan ada antara Melayu haprak ini yang sanggup menipu diri sendiri dengan mendakwa persekongkolan ini adalah demi dakwah dan mendekatkan DAP kepada Islam. Apa yang saya nampak, mereka yang makin lama makin terikut-ikut rentak DAP. DAP semakin tegar dengan semangat anti Islam dan anti Melayunya. Kenyataan terbaru “mursyidul am” DAP Karpal Singh menolak sama sekali gagasan penubuhan negara Islam jelas membuktikan DAP masih dengan sikapnya. Dan ini sepatutnya sudah cukup menyedarkan bangsa Melayu yang beragama Islam bahawa mereka sedang bermain dengan api apabila rela diperkudakan oleh kafir harbi ini. Tetapi tidakn segelintir bangsa Melayu ini sanggup sekali lagi menipu diri sendiri dengan mendakwa kenyataan Karpal itu adalah kenyataan peribadi dan bukan pendirian DAP. Betapalah bangsa yang punya Al Quran ditangannya boleh menjadi begitu bodoh! Memang kebodohan itu bukan suatu jenayah, tetapi kebodohan itu akan membawa kemusnahan kepada agama, bangsa dan tanahair sendiri!!

Pada saya sikap cauvinis, rasis, ala komunis, anti Melayu, anti Islam dan anti Perlembagaan kepimpinan DAP ini semakin melampau. Hari demi hari mereka mengasak umat Islam dan orang Melayu dengan pelbagai isu. Daripada isu tanah, isu biasiswa, isu hak istimewa, kini menular kepada mempertikaikan institusi Islam, Raja-Raja Melayu, badan kehakiman, Polis DiRaja Malaysia, SPRM, SPR, Mahkamah Syariah membawa kepada isu-isu negara Islam, kalimah ALLAH dan lain-lain.

Sekiranya tidak dibendung segera, saya yakin sikap melampau kepimpinan DAP ini akan menjadi barah kepada kestabilan dan keharmonian agama dan kaum yang telah lama kita nikmati selama ini.

Atas alasan itu, saya percaya sudah tiba masanya kita bertindak tegas terhadap kepimpinan DsAP ini. Saya mencadangkan supaya Pendaftar Pertubuhan mengambil tindakan untuk membatalkan pendaftaran parti DAP ini, ianya hendaklah diisytiharkan sebuah pertubuhan haram yang membahayakan rakyat dan negara ini. Rakyat Malaysia tidak memerlukan kepimpinan yang cauvinis, rasis, berfikiran ala komunis, anti Melayu, anti Islam dan anti Perlembagaan saperti DAP. Meminjam kata-kata Presiden Ahmadinejad, “kepimpinan DAP ini wajib dihapuskan daripada peta politik negara ini”!!


Zulkifli Bin Noordin
18 Sya’ban 1431
29 Julai 2010

My comments:

First of all, may I congratulate YB Zulkifli, for coming out with something like a HUGE EXPLOSION, reminicient of BOOBY TRAPS planted by the Communist Terrorists during those Emergency Years, to kill or injure our armed forces personnels fighting to restore PEACE.

Despite its SUDDEN BURST, what have been highlighted by YB Zulkifli is NOTHING NEW, at least in the heart and minds of Malays, who have for a long time been wondering WHY DAP is allowed so much freedom to spread its CAMPAIGN OF HATE against Malay establishments, and provisions seen in favour of Malays in the Federal Constitution. Older generation of Malays still remember how, only days after taking part in its first General Election in 1969, DAP supporters were involved in  ‘victory parades’ in KL City Centre, during which HUMILIATING WORDS, DEREGATORY REMARKSand INSULTIVE GESTURES were shown and shouted at Malays, which ended up into KL City Centre been engulfed in flames.

The suggestion by YB Zulkifli is SIGNIFICANT, as he  is a typical Malay/Muslim intellectual and professional who was DUPED into supporting Anwar Ibrahim, but later discovered that Anwar is working against the interest of Malays and Islam. Zulkifli was like HUGE number of Malays/Muslim intellectuals and professionals who were initially SYMPATHETIC to Anwar Ibrahim when he was  dropped by Tun Mahathir from the post of Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister, and then sacked as UMNO Deputy President and member.

However, when Anwar  linked up with DAP, the party known to have anti-Malay aspirations, the initial SYMPATHY had changed to ANGER AND FRUSTRATION. Anwar could have waited patiently to climb back into UMNO leadership, and corridors of power. However, he decided to chose to link up with DAP, which is perhaps one of the BIGGEST MISTAKES  Anwar have ever made in his life.

DAP was the Malaysian off-shoot of PAP Singapore. PAP Singapore was the ruling party in Singapore, under Lee Kwan Yew, when Singapore became part of Malaysia. From day one of joining Malaysia, PAP became the THORN IN THE FLESH, or ‘duri dalam daging’ of the then ruling Alliance Party, made up of UMNO, MCA and MIC.

PAP sought to establish what they termed as ‘Malaysian Malaysia’, where ALL MALAYSIANS enjoy ABSOLUTE EQUALITY, regardless of whether they are descendents of IMMIGRANTS-CONVERTED-CITIZENS or INDIGENOUS MALAY/BUMIPUTRAS.  This concept is very similar to the MALAYAN UNION introduced by the British in 1946 which were WHOLE-HEARTEDLY OPPOSED by the Malays.

The then Prime Minister Tunku Ab. Rahman and UMNO leaders were far-sighted. ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ concept is principly OPPOSED to numerous provisions of our Constitution which was an embodiment of the SOCIAL CONTRACT among major races before the independence of Persekutuan Tanah Melayu in 1957, six years before the formation of Malaysia. To allow PAP to stir up anti-Malay feelings would inevitably lead to backlash from Malays, which may result into DISASTERS to the country.

Tunku and UMNO leaders made a very difficult but easy decision to EXPEL Singapore from Malaysia. Afterall, Singapore had only joined Malaysia for two years. They must have made such decision in reference to certain medical comparison that, ‘cutting off a leg is sometimes NECESSARY to save the rest of the body…’.

The UMNO/Alliance leadership in 1965 decided to EXPELSingapore just because its dominant party, the PAP, were so passionate in preaching ‘Malaysian Malaysia’, which if it went on unchecked , would have spelt disaster to the NEW NATION.

However, upon expulsion of Singapore, PAP’s off-shoot within Malaysia, the DAP, had ‘picked up’ the same ‘disease ‘ and have since been spreading the same disease, first among the Chinese, but by now, among the Malays and Indians too.

If Singapore was EXPELLED for preaching ‘Malaysian Malaysia’, what’s the rational that DAP is accorded so much freedom to spread its ANTI-MALAY objectives…. worse still, making use of MALAY-TRAITORS to achieve the evil designs.

The Government of Malaysia, in particular the Home Ministry, have to study the ‘objective clauses’ of political parties like DAP. Any party with objectives NOT IN LINE with the ‘spirit’ of the foundations of our ILLUSTRIOUS NATION should be forced to drop such objectives, or face DE-REGISTRATION.

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